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The hook-nosed old man’s expression changed drastically, before he finally smiled, “Sir, you must be joking. If I’m not wrong, you should have already advanced to the Mortal King Stage, right?”

“That’s right!” Qin Hai’s reply was concise and concise.

The hook-nosed old man’s eyes lit up as he clasped his hands together and bowed deeply towards Qin Hai. “So it’s the Human King who has arrived. I’ve been too slow to welcome you!”

Qin Hai asked curiously: “Aren’t you going to take revenge for Xu Wenchang and Kui Da?”

“Life and death will always be tied to fate. Wealth will always exist in the heavens. Therefore, it didn’t matter who they died to. This was their fated fate, and only humans could save them. Furthermore, they have offended you, so they deserve to die.

The hook-nosed old man boasted shamelessly and clearly, while Qin Hai gasped in amazement.

“What you said really makes sense!” Qin Hai smacked his lips and could not help but laugh.

The hook nosed old man laughed and cupped his hands again, “I am the Gu Clan’s Ma Wenqiang, currently I am the Gu Clan’s Hall Master Feng, may I ask your esteemed name!”

“Qin Hai!”

“Mr. Qin should not be from Sichuan province. It has been a long time since there has been a Mortal King Stage expert in our province, and a young Mortal King Stage expert like Mr. Qin is unheard-of. Mr. Qin is truly a hero among men, it is admirable!”

Qin Hai smiled faintly. This Ma Wenqiang had repeatedly refreshed his impression of the people in the Gu Sect. He was truly a weirdo.

However, he had always firmly believed in one principle. The older an old fellow was, the more they would be unable to slip away. This Ma Wenqiang was an old fox like that.

Therefore, the more Ma Wenqiang’s smile was fawning, the more wary Qin Hai became.

“No!” Qin Hai said indifferently.

Ma Wenqiang’s smile did not lessen, “Actually, if our Sect Leader Peng finds out that Mr. Qin has come to Sichuan Province, he will definitely personally come to see you. Sect Leader Peng likes to befriend a young and handsome man like you. Since you are both Mortal King Stage experts, it will definitely be beneficial for you if you can exchange some pointers. Of course, if Mister Qin is willing to head to our Gu Sect’s headquarters, our Sect Leader Peng will definitely entertain you with the most etiquette! “

Qin Hai asked with a smile that was not a smile, “You want me to go with you to the Gu Sect headquarters?”

Ma Wenqiang said with a stern expression, “If Mr. Qin is willing to go, I can guarantee that this trip will be worthwhile!”

Then, he explained, “It’s mainly because our Sect Leader Peng has been in seclusion for the past few days, so it’s not convenient for him to come see you. If he finds out that you came to Sichuan after he came out of seclusion, he’ll definitely blame me for not telling him in advance. “

“Your Sect Leader Peng is really hardworking!” After Qin Haiyu ridiculed him, she suddenly changed the topic and asked, “Pavilion Master Ma, do you know about the Seven Star Gu?”

Ma Wenqiang rolled his eyes and asked, “Mr. Qin, do you have a friend who has been infected with the Seven Star Parasite?”

“Yes!” Qin Hai frankly admitted, “A friend of mine was implanted with a Seven Star Gu by Quetta, do you have any way of helping her get rid of it?”

A hint of happiness flashed through Ma Wenqiang’s eyes. However, his face revealed an awkward expression as he said with a wry smile, “Mister Qin, you’re making things difficult for me.” The Seven Stars Gu is a Gu worm unique to our Sect Leader Peng, and it has only been pa.s.sed down to that kid Kui Da so far. Now that Kui Da is dead, only our Sect Leader Peng knows how to remove it. So, I suggest that you come with me to our sect’s headquarters, or you can stay here for a few days, and when our sect master comes out of seclusion, he will definitely come to see you! “

“How long will it take for your Peng Sect to come out?”

“I’m not too sure about that. Normally, it would take three to five days or half a month.”

Seeing the worry on Qin Hai’s face, Ma Wenqiang continued to persuade him, “I think you should bring your friend back to the headquarters with us. That way, when Sect Leader Peng comes out of seclusion, we can immediately remove the Seven Stars Gu from your friend’s body.”

Qin Hai nodded, “That’s for the best, but I need to ask my friend’s opinion first.” “Pavilion Master Ma, if it’s convenient, I’ll send you a message tomorrow.”

Ma Wen Qiang said happily, “Then I’ll wait here for Mister Qin to arrive!”

Qin Hai nodded and left the room. He brought Baifeng, who had been waiting in the yard, back to the hospital.

After sending Bai Feng back to the guest room to reunite with Ali, Qin Hai returned to his room. He saw that Shen Meng and Du Meiqi were still awake. Seeing him return, the two ladies’ faces lit up with happiness as they hurriedly went up to him.

“How is it? Have you seen the people from the Gu Gate? ” Shen Meng asked.

Qin Hai nodded and told him what happened earlier. Finally, he smiled and said, “This Ma Wenqiang is wholeheartedly trying to get me to go with him to the Gu Sect. He definitely harbors malicious intentions. “But I happen to be going, so I might as well go with the flow. Tomorrow, I will go with them into the mountains to meet that Sect Leader Peng.”

“Then I’ll go with you!” Shen Meng firmly said after pondering for a moment.

“I’ll go too!” Du Meiqi raised her hand as well.

However, Qin Hai shook his head. “No, it’s too dangerous. You all stay at the hospital, I’ll be fine by myself.”

Du Meiqi pouted and said, “Didn’t you say you’re very powerful and aren’t afraid of that Gu door? Could it be that you’ve been bragging all this time, but you’re also afraid of them?”

“Meiqi, don’t talk nonsense!” Shen Meng stared at Du Meiqi and said, “It’s getting late, you should go back and rest. With Qin Hai here to accompany me, you don’t have to worry.”

Under Shen Meng’s persuasion, Du Meiqi left in a depressed manner.

Qin Hai sat down beside Shen Meng, holding her hand and said gently, “Sister Shen, you don’t have to worry about me. I will definitely be fine. Even if I can’t beat them, they won’t be able to catch up to me.

Shen Meng smiled, “Since you’ve already decided, I won’t say anymore.”

After hesitating for a moment, she suddenly said, “I don’t want to stay here tonight. Can you accompany me back to my room?”

Qin Hai asked curiously, “Why do you suddenly want to go back?” Isn’t it fine here? “

As the hospital’s president, Shen Meng naturally enjoyed the highest level of treatment. The ward she lived in was the best special ward in the hospital, and it wasn’t too far from the luxury suite at the Star Tavern.

Shen Meng smiled, “I just wanted to go back suddenly. Can you accompany me?”

Qin Hai naturally didn’t have any problems with that. After packing up and changing his clothes, he accompanied Shen Meng back to her single apartment.

Ever since that incident last time was clarified, the windows in Shen Meng’s room had already been repaired. The room was also tidied up, and not a single trace of filth could be seen.

After entering the room, Shen Meng looked at the familiar room and a relaxed smile finally appeared on her face. “It’s better to come back and be more comfortable!” With that, she turned around and said to Qin Hai, “You’ve been tired all day. Go take a bath first.”

Qin Hai agreed, took some clothes and went to the washroom.

Ten minutes later, when Qin Hai came out from his shower, he found that all the windows were closed and the curtains were drawn tightly. There was no light coming through the window, so it could be said that the room was pitch black.

However, Qin Hai’s eyesight was extremely good, and he could still see a human figure protruding from the blanket on the bed. Presumably, Shen Meng had already fallen asleep.

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