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Qin Hai was greatly surprised. Hou Zhengkun colluding with Ji Wuhua to betray the Buried Flower Palace could be said to be the culprit that caused the entire Burial Flower Palace to fall into Ji Wuhua’s hands. He didn’t expect that not long after, he would have a falling out with Ji Wuhua.

Other than Ji Wuhua and Hou Zhengkun, there seemed to be a third person in Ji Wuhua’s room. However, this person had not spoken and Qin Hai was not able to determine his ident.i.ty.

The reason why this fella agreed to join hands with Ji Wuhua was mainly because Ji Wuhua had promised her many generous conditions. However, when Ji Wuhua took control of the Buried Flower Palace, she seemed to have chosen to ignore the promise and Hou Zhengkun was rather dissatisfied with her decision. Therefore, he chose to work with the outsiders to remove Ji Wuhua from his position as Palace Master of the Buried Flower Palace.

Ji Wuhua suddenly sneered, “What a joke! Hou Zhengkun, you’re not young at all. It’s a pity that you’re still alive at such a young age. You and Xie Jianfeng are cooperating. Even if you kill me, do you think you can become the Palace Mistress of the Buried Flower Palace? Even if you become the Asgard Master, what do you think would be the difference between you and one of his dogs in the future? “

Xie Jiufeng!

Qin Hai was shocked. He finally knew who the third person in Ji Wuhua’s room was. It was the Sect Leader of the Sect, Xie Jianfeng, who had turned the Sect into a devil.

Hou Zhengkun had fallen in love with Xie Jianfeng again!

Honestly speaking, Qin Hai had never thought that Xie Jianfeng would be here. He was very clear about the secret trade between the Buried Flower Palace and the Pill Sun Sect, which meant that there was some kind of exchange of benefits between Ji Wuhua and Xie Jianfeng. No matter how he looked at it, Ji Wuhua and Xie Jianfeng would not become enemies at this moment.

At this moment, the voice of the third person finally came from Ji Wuhua’s room and Xie Jianfeng finally opened his mouth.

“Wu Hua, I really want to help you. As long as you cultivate together with me, not only will you be able to reach perfection in the future, you might even be able to do it in the future. When that time comes, the sky will be vast, and we’ll be able to roam freely. To us, personal cultivation is the most important thing, everything else is meaningless. Therefore, I was actually helping Elder Hou also helping you. As long as you give up your position as Palace Master of the Burial Flower Palace, I guarantee that you will be able to get your breath together as quickly as possible. “

“Hahaha …”

Ji Wu Hua suddenly laughed out loud. After a long while, she laughed and said, “Xie Jian Feng, Xie Jian Feng, do you think that I, like Hou Zhengkun, am a fool that can be instigated by you with just a few words? Don’t waste your breath, don’t think that you’re the only one who knows about the Nine Nether Record, I already know your intentions clearly. The only reason why you want me to cultivate with you is because you want to find a chance to make me your blood slave. “

In Ji Wuhua’s room, Xie Jianfeng gradually appeared from within the darkness. His eyes flashed with surprise as he asked indifferently: “Wuhua, what do you mean by that? You should know that I’ve always wanted you to marry me, so how could I possibly hurt you? “

Ji Wu Hua sneered, “You like me? Do you think I would believe it? “Alright, even if you really like me, it’s like you said earlier. In front of a person’s cultivation, everything else is meaningless. Would you waste your time because of a woman?”

“I like you, so there’s no conflict between that and cultivation. In fact, as long as we work together and work together, the cultivation speed will be even faster than if we cultivate alone. Wu Hua, you really misunderstood me, I do not have any malice towards you! ” Xie Jianfeng continued.

Ji Wu Hua glanced at Xie Jianfeng, “You don’t need to say anymore. When you agreed to help me deal with Chang Jue Yue, you simply wanted to capture her and turn her into your blood slave. Now that Chang Ye has run away, you are once again plotting against me. Xie Jianfeng, oh Xie Jianfeng, do you really think that everyone else is a lot stupider than you? “

Xie Jianfeng narrowed his eyes and stared at Ji Wuhua, and suddenly started laughing out loud. As he clapped, he said, “Alright, Wuhua, you are smarter than I thought, and I like you more. If I had not cultivated the Nine Nether Records, I would have wanted to do everything I can to marry you off. What a pity. “

“Even if you didn’t cultivate the Nine Nether Records, I still wouldn’t have married you. Do you really think that no one knows about you killing your brothers and taking their sisters? ” Ji Wu Hua looked at Xie Jian Feng with a mocking expression.

Xie Jianfeng’s expression suddenly changed, his gaze turned sharp as he stared at Ji Wuhua, his voice also becoming extremely cold.

“So what? How much better is your Ji Wu Hua than me? It is rumored that you and your disciple were having a secret affair, and many of the elders in the Flowerless Palace are also having an affair with you, what face do you have to talk to me like that? “

Ji Wu Hua laughed out loud once again, “Even if I am a man of my word, I did not kill my own brother, nor did I commit any wicked or wicked acts. So, even if you didn’t cultivate the Nine Nether Records, you are still a devil that a person could kill. You and I are definitely different. “

“Enough!” Xie Jianfeng roared with an ashen face, “Wu Hua, you forced my hand!”


Xie Jianfeng struck out with his palm, and Hou Zhengkun, who had been caught unprepared, was struck so hard that blood gushed out of his nose and mouth. Hou Zhengkun even spat out many pieces of his internal organs.

After falling to the ground, Hou Zhengkun struggled to raise his hand to point at Xie Jiufeng. Before he could even finish his sentence, he collapsed and no longer moved.

Ji Wu Hua looked away from Hou Zhengkun and looked at Xie Jian Feng mockingly, “Aren’t you the devil? Why do you still care about killing your brother to steal my wife? “If you kill Hou Zhengkun, do you think you can kill me alone?”

“Originally, I wanted to use this idiot to distract you, but in the end, he was really too stupid. You saw through him in one move, so what’s the use of me keeping him around?” Xie Jianfeng’s voice was just as cold as his gaze, “Actually, I still have one thing I haven’t told you. I’m already half-step into the Qi Condensation realm.”

Ji Wu Hua’s expression changed drastically as he quickly retreated. However, Xie Jian Feng was even faster and caught up to him in a blink of an eye.

Qin Hai, who was hiding in the secret pa.s.sageway, heard a series of loud bangs from outside. It was obvious that the fight outside was extremely intense.

Curious, he pushed the board over his head and found that it worked. With a little more force, the wooden board opened up a crack.

Through the gap, Qin Hai was able to see the situation outside clearly. The place on top of his head was actually under Ji Wu Hua’s bed.


Right at this moment, Ji Wuhua’s left shoulder was suddenly hit by Xie Jianfeng’s palm. He fell heavily onto the ground and rolled all the way to the bedside.

Looking at the s.p.a.ce under the bed, Qin Hai and Ji Wuhua were both stunned.

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