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After returning to the hotel, Qin Hai opened the door and handed He Jianwen’s luggage to her. He asked, “Are you leaving now?”

He Jiaven thanked him and asked, “What about you? Have you finished your work?”

“Just a bit more, I think I’ll have to stay here for a while longer.”

“I also want to stay here for a few more days. The scenery here is so beautiful, I haven’t really enjoyed it yet!” He Jiaven went to the window and leaned on the windowsill to admire the scenery outside. It was just dusk, and the afterglow of the setting sun had dyed half the sky red. It had also dyed the lake water red, making it unbearably beautiful.

From Qin Hai’s point of view, the sunset glow had also dyed He Jiawen’s face red. Her perfect face appeared exceptionally serene and beautiful at this moment, as well as a holy feeling.

He Jiaven suddenly turned his head over and smiled sweetly, “Why aren’t you talking? Do you think I should leave immediately?”

Qin Hai was a little distracted just now. He Jiaven not only had an outstanding appearance, but also a unique temperament. In addition, her background was a little mysterious. She was different from all the girls Qin Hai had ever met.

“Of course I hope that you can stay. With a beautiful girl like you by your side, only an idiot would want you to leave immediately.” Qin Hai laughed.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” He Jianwen looked at Qin Hai with great interest. His pair of big eyes were shining with an expression of joy.

Before Qin Hai could say anything, He Jianwen’s grandfather, the mysterious old man, came over and said with a stern face, “Why are you staying? Jianwen, come with me.”

Then, the old man stared at Qin Hai and said, “You rascal, one look and you can tell that you are sentimental. You are not allowed to think about taking advantage of Jiaven, otherwise I will take care of you!”

“Grandfather!” He Jiaven’s face suddenly turned red as he hugged the old man’s arm in a coquettish manner, “It wasn’t easy for me to come out once. Just let me play for a few more days …”

“Alright, alright, stop shaking. If you continue shaking, my old arms and legs will be shattered by you.”

“Grandpa isn’t old, this is called getting stronger with age!”

“Only your mouth is sweet!” The old man dotingly knocked on He Jianwen’s head, “If you want to stay, then so be it. Otherwise, some people will definitely bully you when I’m no longer around.”

The old man glanced at Qin Hai, his meaning clear and unspoken.

Qin Hai smiled indifferently. He first instructed the baldie to get a few more rooms at the front desk of the hotel before inviting the old man and He Jiawen into his room.

After they sat down, Qin Hai said, “Senior, I have some things I would like to ask of you. Please do not hesitate to enlighten me.”

The old man said, “I know what you want to ask, the reason why all kinds of illusions appeared in that castle by the sea was because of the large magic array on the wall of the castle, which was just a bait, as long as the magic array was broken, the person I killed was just a janitor, as for whose exactly those two castles were, and who was the one who was nurturing the zombies, I don’t know either.”

Saying this, the old man gave Qin Hai a deep look, “After you’re done, it’s best for you to leave this place immediately and not find out more. The less you know, the better for you! You have to understand that this world is extremely large and filled with dangers. Don’t think that just because you’ve entered the Cyan Phoenix Realm, you can sweep across the entire world. “

Especially after coming out of the Cyan Phoenix World, he had felt that there were not many people in the mortal world who could defeat him. But after two days, he already completely understood that there were still many things in this world that he did not know, and there were also many places that were fatal to him.

The old man and He Jianwen did not stay for long. After the baldie returned from his room, they left Qin Hai’s room.

Qin Hai called the baldie in again and asked him in detail about what happened before he went missing.

Actually, the situation was just as Qin Hai had predicted. After a careful search, the baldie finally found Lin Qingya’s parents, who were held in secret by the Long family in the forest near Nell Town. However, just as he was about to bring Lin Qingya’s parents away, the mysterious man and the bear, who were both hidden in their cloaks, appeared.

The baldie had a fierce battle with them. In the end, he was captured and then he fainted. What happened afterwards was unknown.

In other words, the baldie didn’t even know where Lin Qingya’s parents had gone. The only thing he could be sure of was that before they fainted, neither of them had been injured.

Soon after, Qin Hai and the baldie went back to the dense forest. They followed the baldie’s directions and found the location of Lin Qingya’s parents.

However, there were no clues left at the scene. Furthermore, based on the results of the previous searches, their corpses were not found in the forest.

The night when the police threw them into the forest, the old man’s son’s heart was dug out and he died on the spot. But the old man was fine and he almost lost his life because of the relapse.

Could it be that the mysterious man who raised the brown bear was not interested in the old man’s heart? If that was the case, then it was very likely that Lin Qingya’s parents were still alive.

After returning to the hotel, Qin Hai knocked on He Jiawen’s door again with this speculation in mind.

After listening to Qin Hai’s guess, Old He said with certainty, “Your guess is right. The old man’s body’s vitality is very little, and he’s also weak and sickly. Not only is he of no use to the Dark Clansmen, his body might even become weak, so they definitely won’t touch the old man’s body.”

“The Darkness clan? What is that thing? ” Qin Hai asked.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, even if you ask me, I won’t tell.” The old man immediately became stern and refused to speak another word.

Qin Hai had no choice but to get up and take his leave.

Although Old He didn’t explain in detail what the Dark Clansmen were, it was obvious that the white man hiding in the cloak was the Dark Clansman he mentioned.

If that was the case, it was very likely that Lin Qingya’s parents were still alive.

What made Qin Hai puzzled was that if they were fine, where were they now? Could it be that they were taken away by the Long family? Currently, the Long family had been turned upside down. If Lin Qingya’s parents were in their hands, they would definitely find them.

“Big Brother Qin!”

He Jiaven chased out from his room and apologetically said, “I’m sorry, but my grandpa has always been this old-fashioned.”

Qin Hai smiled. “It’s fine. Senior He has already helped me a lot. I’m very grateful to him.”

“Big Brother Qin, if the two people you mentioned are still alive, I might have a way to help you find them.”

He Jianwen’s words made Qin Hai overjoyed. “Really?”

“Hmm, look at what this is.” He Jiaven took out a bottle from his pocket. After uns.c.r.e.w.i.n.g the bottle, a bug similar to a bee flew out.

“Bees?” Qin Hai was a bit puzzled. If it was just a bee, how could she help him find Lin Qingya’s parents?

“It looks like a bee, but it’s not. It’s called a red fly.” He Jiaven stretched out his hand, allowing the red fly to rest on her palm. He smiled and said, “Its greatest ability is to track smell. That day, I followed it to that ancient castle.”

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