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When Qin Hai arrived at Liu Qingmei’s house carrying the Soup Dumplings, the driver of Liu Qingmei was cleaning the car. It seems like Liu Qingmei has not yet left the house and Qin Hai felt joy in his heart as he hurriedly entered the house.

In the living room, Liu Qingmei was feeding a small bowl to Guo Guo to eat breakfast. Seeing Qin Hai, Guo Guo’s face revealed a happy smile as she quickly waved her little arms and happily shouted: “Daddy! Daddy!”

When she called out, Liu Qingmei turned her head to see Qin Hai and immediately stood up in joy.

Why did Guo Guo not call him G.o.dfather, but instead called him father?

He quickly stepped forward and picked up Guo Guo. He gave her a fierce smack on the cheek and said with a smile, “You’re really obedient. Do you want to be your father?”

Guo Guo also gave Qin Hai a kiss on the cheek. She giggled and said, “I’ve thought of it, Guo Guo misses father!”

As if she knew that Qin Hai was confused, Liu Qingmei smiled and explained: “Guo Guo said yesterday that G.o.dfathers and G.o.dmothers are just like father and mother so she will call us father and mother from now on. I think it’s pretty good, what do you think?”

“Of course, that’s even more so!” Qin Hai happily kissed Guo Guo’s face heavily, he smiled and said, “Guo Guo will be father’s precious daughter in the future. When your legs heal, father will send you to kindergarten.”

After saying that, he held Guo Guo and spun around several times, making Guo Guo laugh incessantly. Her laughter was like silver bells ringing in the whole villa.

Seeing that Guo Guo and Qin Hai were having fun, Guo Guo’s granny secretly wiped away her tears, looking very excited.

Liu Qingmei walked over and took hold of the old man’s arm, smiling as she consoled him: “Aunty, don’t be sad. Although Guo Guo has taken us as her parents, we will not let her forget who her biological parents are. In the future, we will bring her to visit her parents’ tombs every year.”

Grandma Guo shook her head and choked with sobs, “I’m not sad, I’m happy. Her grandfather and I are old and we won’t be able to live for more than a few years. After we leave, Guo Guo will also be left alone in the future. It’s her fortune that she can recognize you as her parents. Her grandfather and I are truly happy for her, it’s just that this will be too troublesome for you guys. We don’t know how to thank you guys! “

“Auntie, don’t say it like that. This is all fate between us and Guo Guo.” Liu Qingmei smiled and said.

Qin Hai also said, “Auntie, don’t be a stranger to us. We’ll be one family from now on.”

“Right, we will be one family in the future!” Liu Qingmei also said.

Grandma Guo nodded happily and a smile finally appeared on her face.

After Guo Guo finished eating breakfast, Qin Hai continued to treat her. It was the same as before. After the treatment ended, Guo Guo fell into a sweet sleep and her grandmother carried her back to her room.

Taking the teacup from Liu Qingmei, Qin Hai drank a mouthful of water and said emotionally: “Indeed, it is too pitiful. Not only are mom and dad gone but they can’t even walk away. Qingmei, if it wasn’t for you, Guo Guo’s life would have been ruined.”

“Don’t say that. If Guo Guo’s legs can be cured, it’s all because of you.” Liu Qingmei held a teacup and sat across Qin Hai as she laughed and said: “How is it, to suddenly have a daughter, do you feel very happy?”

“Heh heh, I must say that I’m really a little excited in my heart!” Qin Hai chuckled and joked, “Guo Guo’s mother is also a mayor. Those who don’t know might actually think my wife is a female mayor. Then I have a lot of face!”

Liu Qingmei did not expect Qin Hai to say this and was momentarily stunned. She immediately covered her mouth and laughed to the point where she was forced to stagger.

“You really know how to think. Alright, as long as you’re not afraid of losing face, I’ll help you gain it in the future!” Liu Qingmei said with a smile, not at all bothered by Qin Hai’s joke.

“Don’t! I was just joking!” Qin Hai quickly waved his hand and laughed, “You are the deputy mayor and are part of the public. This kind of misunderstanding is no small matter, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to wash away this mess even if you jumped into the yellow river. “In the future, when Guo Guo enters the kindergarten, don’t send her off. If it arouses suspicion, it will definitely bring you trouble.”

Liu Qingmei was slightly shocked as she did not expect Qin Hai to be able to see things so clearly. Moreover, he was thinking deeper and more long-term than her.

In fact, Qin Hai’s words were very reasonable. For ordinary government officials, private life was not a trivial matter. They needed to be very careful.

However, Liu Qingmei shook her head and smiled: “It’s alright. To others this might be a problem but to me it is not a big deal so you shouldn’t worry about me.” Tell me what happened yesterday. “

Liu Qingmei’s words were light and casual, but to her it was true. With her status, even if she was with Qin Hai, no one would dare speak carelessly. Moreover, she only took in a G.o.ddaughter.

Back then, she had even done something like having an unmarried child, so who could say anything about it? Even if there were, they were all suppressed by the Liu Family.

Qin Hai suddenly slapped his thigh and said while taking the box, “I almost forgot. I made two plates of the Soup Dumplings personally for you and Guo Guo to taste. Qingmei, wait a moment, I’ll go heat it up for you. “

After saying that, without waiting for Liu Qingmei to raise an objection, Qin Hai hurriedly entered the kitchen and reheated the two trays of Soup Dumplings.

Not long after, when the steaming hot steamed bun was placed in front of Liu Qingmei, she could not help but praise: “It smells so good, moreover it’s wrapped very beautifully, did you really make it yourself?”

“Of course, try it.” Qin Hai said with a smile.

Liu Qingmei picked up a steamed bun and tasted it. She was slightly moved as she praised: “Delicious, it is really very delicious. It is definitely not inferior to any type of Soup Dumplings that I have ever eaten!”

Qin Hai said, “If you like it, I’ll make you something fresh at home next time. These two plates of steamed buns have been reheated, so the taste will be a lot worse.”

Liu Qingmei nodded her head and smilingly asked: “Why did you suddenly think of cooking buns for me?”

Qin Hai leaned over the table and smiled. “I caused you to worry about my matters in the middle of the night. I don’t know how to thank you, so I might as well make you two plates of Soup Dumplings. It’s my way of thanking you!”

Liu Qingmei pursed her lips and smiled, “At least you have a conscience and know how to thank me.” Alright, I’ll accept this huge gift, and I’m very satisfied. “

Then, while Liu Qingmei was eating the buns, Qin Hai told her everything that happened at the Dream Lake Hotel. He also did not hide the matter of him joining the State Security from Liu Qingmei.

Qin Hai knew very well that the reason He Yaozu, that old fox, wanted to pull him into the country’s security was not only to help Xing Yao, but also to win over the Liu Family.

While Qin Hai was speaking, Liu Qingmei was leisurely eating her buns and did not say a word.

After Qin Hai finished speaking, she took out a tissue to wipe her mouth and said, “It’s good to join the National Security. With this ident.i.ty, it will be more convenient in the future. “As for the others, watch on. If they really give you any missions, don’t do them if you don’t want to do them. No one can stop you!”

Qin Hai smilingly gave a thumbs up, “Sister Qingmei is indeed magnanimous!” Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.


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