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In the next two days, everything went smoothly.

After a short period of refurbishment, Professor Mo, accompanied by Deng Fangliang and company, carried out a comprehensive investigation of the Hua Hai Group the next day. He put forward many constructive suggestions for the development of the Hua Hai Group’s products, but regarding the cooperation between the Hua Hai Group, he had yet to express his opinion clearly.

On the other hand, Hai Qing Group’s recall plan was progressing rapidly. In just two short days, they had spent almost 3 million taels of silver in exchange for countless “elegant” skincare products. The mountain of skincare products looked very spectacular.

The next night, around 8 PM, another notification suddenly appeared on the official website of Hai Qing Group. The notice said that at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, the Hai Qing Corporation would publicly destroy the skincare products that had been recalled.

The moment the news was released, it was immediately reprinted by the various websites. There were countless praises for it.

After Mo Zixuan saw this news, she immediately brought her phone to Professor Mo.

“Grandfather take a look, Hai Qing Corporation is going to start destroying the first batch of recalled skincare products tomorrow. Let’s go take a look as well!”

Professor Mo put on his reading and read the notice carefully. He took off his and smiled, “Sure, let’s go and have a look tomorrow and see what kind of person this Qin Hai is. These two days, I’ve been listening to you talk about it every day. My ears are going to grow calluses soon. “

Mo Zixuan laughed and said, “He is definitely a good person, you will know once you’ve seen him. He is at least a hundred times better than that Deng Fangliang!”

“You’ve been eating and drinking with me these past two days, and the house you live in is arranged by others. How can you speak ill of me behind my back?” Professor Mo shook his head and laughed.

Mo Zixuan said, “I will not accept his kindness. Can’t you see that in the past two days, no matter where we go, their people will have to follow us. It’s practically turning us into house arrest. Also, I’ve also investigated the truth of the Golden-Armored Snake from Qin Hai these two days. He really did give all of the snake meat to the seniors in the orphanage to eat, and this snake meat is very valuable. I think that Deng Fangliang probably used some schemes and schemes to take revenge on Hai Qing Group because of the hatred towards Qin Hai.

Professor Mo smiled, “If you have no proof, you can just say it in private. But you’re not allowed to say it in front of outsiders, do you understand?”

Mo Zixuan made a face, “Got it!”

“That’s right, Little Xuan, have you recovered from the injury on your arm?” Professor Mo put his on the table and looked at Mo Zixuan’s arm.

“It seems like it has already recovered. If you didn’t say it, I would have forgotten about it already. Ever since I used the ointment given to me by Qin Hai the day before yesterday, I have been recovering very quickly these past two days! “

Mo Zixuan rolled up his sleeves, took a close look, and was suddenly stunned.

“Hey, where’s the wound?”

Professor Mo laughed involuntarily, “Child, which arm of yours is injured can make a mistake? It should be the other arm, right?”

“That’s not right, it’s this one. I’m definitely not mistaken!”

Mo Zixuan tossed and turned on his arm a few times, but couldn’t find any traces of injuries. In the end, she had no other choice and began to doubt her own memory, so she could only roll up her other sleeve.

But the result shocked both her and Professor Mo.

This arm was also undamaged, with no signs of injury!

How strange!

Where’s the wound?

The grandfather and grandson duo didn’t believe it. They searched Mo Zixuan’s arms a few more times, but the result was that they had no choice but to face the reality.

The wound on Mo Zixuan’s arm had already completely healed, to the point that not even a scar could be seen.

After confirming this fact, Mo Zixuan turned and looked at her white and tender arm, happily saying, “No wonder Qin Hai told me to return that bottle of ointment to him. It turns out that this bottle of ointment is very powerful, it must be very expensive! Grandfather, I think that this medicine is much more powerful than the skincare products that you all have researched. Look at it, there isn’t even a single scar on it right now.

“Little Xuan, show me that bottle of medicine.” “

Mo Zixuan went back to her room to get some ointment and gave it to Professor Mo. Professor Mo unscrewed the cap and smelled it carefully, then sc.r.a.ped some of it out and spread it evenly on the back of his hand.

After a few minutes, he was shocked, and then excitedly asked, “Little Xuan, do you know where this medicine came from? Did Qin Hai make it himself, or did he buy it from some other place?”

“He said his friend gave it to him. Grandfather, is there a problem with this medicine?” Mo Zixuan asked curiously. She rarely saw such an excited expression on Professor Mo’s face.

“Look at my hand!” Professor Mo stretched out the back of his hand, indicating Mo Zixuan to take a look at the place where he had touched the ointment, “Is it obvious that this place is more slippery than the other places?”

“It’s true!” Mo Zixuan touched the back of Professor Mo’s hand and was very surprised.

Professor Mo said confidently, “In addition to healing the wounds, this ointment can also whiten and nourish the skin. The effect is very amazing. If this kind of ointment is ma.s.s-produced, then the entire skincare industry will go through a big change! “

Mo Zixuan didn’t expect that Professor Mo’s evaluation of this kind of ointment would be so high. While being surprised, she also became excited.

“Then I’ll call Qin Hai and ask if he can get the formula for this kind of ointment. If they can get it, then their company will be completely awesome! “

After saying that, Mo Zixuan ran back to her room and dialed Qin Hai’s number.

For the past two days, she had been on the phone almost every day with Qin Hai, so after the call connected, she didn’t bother to be polite with him and directly told him about Professor Mo’s evaluation of the ointment.

On the other side, Qin Hai was also stunned.

That’s right, wasn’t this kind of ointment the best skin care products? Where would they need to find formulas and techniques to do so?

This kind of ointment could not only heal wounds, but also dispel scars and whitens. As long as this ointment could be ma.s.s-produced, even if its performance was reduced by ten or even a hundred times, it would still be able to dominate the market!

F * ck, why didn’t this bro think of that!?

After hanging up the phone, he was so excited that he couldn’t help but hug Lin Qingya, who was beside him, and give her a heavy kiss on her face.

“What are you doing?” Lin Qingya bashfully gave him a punch, while the others covered their mouths and snickered at the two of them.

Qin Hai stood up excitedly and said, “Qing Ya, I know what our company is going to produce next. As long as this product is out, our company will definitely be able to sweep across the entire world. Even the best skin care products abroad cannot be compared with it! “

Lin Qingya blinked, “Professor Mo has agreed to cooperate with us?”

“No, it has nothing to do with Professor Mo. It’s a kind of ointment that Sister Qingmei used to give me. ” Qin Hai turned his head to Xiaoxiao and Mengmeng and asked, “You two should remember that the last time I was injured, you two helped me apply that kind of ointment.”

Xiaoxiao thought about it for a moment and then suddenly said, “That’s right, that’s right. I remember now. That kind of ointment is indeed very powerful.”

Meng Meng did not say anything but her face suddenly turned red as she shyly lowered her head. Actually, she had already thought of that day long before Xiaoxiao did. In fact, she would never forget that night even in her entire life, because it was on that day that her first kiss was given to Qin Hai.

Qin Hai was in high spirits and didn’t notice anything strange about Jin Yu Meng. He said happily, “Yes, it’s that kind of ointment. As long as we can get the formula for this ointment, our company will be very powerful. We will definitely create the best skincare products in the world.”

At this moment, Zeng Rou, who had been applying a face mask on her face, suddenly asked, “Can you get the formula?”

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