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Liu Qingmei did not expect Qin Hai to wake up at this moment and felt a bit of panic. She hurriedly avoided his gaze as if she did not dare meet his gaze, but her face quickly became boiling hot.

Qin Hai had just woken up and was still not completely awake so he did not notice the strange look in Liu Qingmei’s eyes. However, he quickly discovered that Liu Qingmei’s cheeks were red and was immediately shocked as he hurriedly used his hand to touch Liu Qingmei’s forehead.

“Sister Qingmei, are you sick? Why are you so red?”

Liu Qingmei felt embarra.s.sed and hurriedly said: “I am fine. You should hurry back to the guest room to sleep. If you lie here you will catch cold!”

After a short period of confusion, Liu Qingmei quickly calmed down. However, when Qin Hai’s large, warm hand touched her forehead, the feeling of being protected once again flooded her heart, causing Liu Qingmei to be momentarily shocked.

The way she looked at Qin Hai became very gentle.

Qin Hai quickly removed his hand and placed it on his forehead to test the temperature. He smiled and said, “Your body temperature is normal, so you should be fine. Qingmei, are you thirsty? “

Liu Qingmei gave a bitter smile and nodded her head. Qin Hai hurriedly poured her a cup of warm water and helped her sit up to drink half a cup of water.

“Alright, go sleep on the bed. I’ll be fine after I go to the washroom.”

Liu Qingmei lifted up the blanket and got off the bed, but just as she stood up she fell back onto the bed. He felt dizzy, as if the whole room was spinning. If it weren’t for Qin Hai’s support, he would probably have had to lie down again.

Qin Hai could not help but laugh, “Is it the sky spinning and the earth spinning? “This is what happens when you get drunk. Let’s see if you still dare to get drunk in the future.”

“You even said that you knew I would get drunk, yet you didn’t stop me from drinking!” Liu Qingmei weakly leaned into Qin Hai’s embrace as she did not even realize that her tone of voice was just like a girl pouting at a boy.

Qin Hai let Liu Qingmei lean into his embrace and let out two hands to help ma.s.sage her head. After a while, he waited for Liu Qingmei to feel better before helping her up.

“Let’s go, I’ll help you over!”

After entering the bathroom, Liu Qingmei lifted her head and saw that Qin Hai was still in front of her. He was staring at her hands with a burning gaze.

“Stinking brat, why aren’t you leaving yet? Are you looking for a beating again?” Liu Qingmei could not help but pout.

Qin Hai chuckled and quickly left the washroom. He shouted through the door, “I was just worried that you would fall down!”

“f.u.c.k you, go away, you’re not allowed to eavesdrop!” Liu Qingmei’s face was extremely hot.

“Sure, I’ll go drink some water. Call me when you’re done.”

Qin Hai laughed as he left the washroom, waiting for Liu Qingmei to call him before coming over. He supported Liu Qingmei back to the bed.

After covering Liu Qingmei with the blanket, Qin Hai sat down on a small stool beside the bed. Liu Qingmei said in surprise: “Why aren’t you going to sleep?”

“It’s okay, I’ll be right here. What if you want to throw up again? It’s also convenient for me to take care of you. “Oh yeah, have you forgotten? When you came back, you vomited so much that you nearly killed me.” Qin Hai said with a smile.

A warm feeling flowed through Liu Qingmei’s heart as she stared blankly at Qin Hai before saying: “You can come to the bed.”

“Huh?” Qin Hai was dumbstruck and stared blankly at Liu Qingmei. He pointed at himself and asked: “Me, go to bed?”

Liu Qingmei’s face suddenly turned red as she unhappily said: “What the h.e.l.l are you thinking of? I told you to sleep on the bed but I didn’t tell you to think any nonsense.” Isn’t there another blanket? “

“Hehe, that’s good. Anyway, we’ve already slept on the same bed!”

Liu Qingmei said in embarra.s.sment: “If you continue to speak such nonsense then scram!”

Qin Hai chuckled and quickly climbed onto the bed. He then casually turned off the only wall light.

The room immediately fell into darkness and Liu Qingmei turned her back to Qin Hai. Hearing the rustling sounds behind her, her face became even hotter.

After a while, Qin Hai’s voice came from behind. “Sister Qingmei, are you asleep?”

Liu Qingmei did not dare make a sound.

After an unknown amount of time, there was no sound from behind him. Liu Qingmei then quietly turned her body to look at Qin Hai, staring blankly for a long time before closing her eyes and quickly entering into a sweet sleep.

Liu Qingmei had a beautiful dream. In the dream, she would return to the side of the Barbaric Cow and happily cuddle against it. The feeling was so clear that it was almost exactly the same, causing her to be unable to extricate herself from the happiness for a long time.

However, when she opened her eyes, she found that she was actually in someone’s arms. Moreover, that person’s hand was on her waist, hugging her whole body.

As for her, she was in an even worse state. Not only was she resting her head on her opponent’s arm, she was also hugging him tightly. One of her legs even rested on his stomach.

In short, she and the person on the bed were tightly hugged, like the most intimate of lovers.

This shock caused Liu Qingmei to be scared out of her wits and she almost let out a scream.

However, when she focused her eyes, she quickly shut her mouth.

The person who was hugging her on the bed was none other than Qin Hai.

It seems like I really can’t drink anymore. Last time I was drunk at the Li Garden, I slept with Qin Hai, but that time it was just a pillow on his arm and this time it was even more ridiculous as he hugged her so tightly.

Luckily, Qin Hai had not woken up yet. Liu Qingmei quickly and quietly lifted up the blanket and removed the hand that Qin Hai had placed on her in preparation to slip out of bed before Qin Hai woke up.

However, what she didn’t expect was that just as she lifted her head, Qin Hai opened his eyes. When he saw her, he called out in a daze, “Sister Qingmei, good morning!”



Qin Hai suddenly groaned as his eyes widened, as if he was in extreme pain.

Liu Qingmei was frightened into a jump as she hurriedly climbed up Qin Hai’s body, “How are you feeling, where is the discomfort?”

“Don’t move!” Qin Hai’s face turned red, “Leg, leg, quickly lift it up! It’s pressing down on me!”

Liu Qingmei looked down and discovered that her knee was pressed between Qin Hai’s legs. She was stunned for a moment before realizing why Qin Hai was in such pain.

She quickly raised her legs and blushed as she got out of bed. Seeing that Qin Hai still had a face full of pain, he hurriedly asked, “You … Are you okay? “

Qin Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “It’s still hurting so much. Qingmei, even if you want to take care of me, you don’t have to be so ruthless! You want me to lose my legacy! “

Liu Qingmei was both embarra.s.sed and embarra.s.sed as she finally said in embarra.s.sment: “Who let you get into my blanket, you deserve it!”

“Look carefully, whose blanket is this?” Qin Hai smiled bitterly.

Liu Qingmei stared at him and her face immediately turned red. This was because Qin Hai’s body was covered by his own blanket, and her blanket had long since been kicked to the ground by her. Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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