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There is only one way to go

“Hai Tong, you joined forces with an outsider to barge into Tusita Temple, and even attacked me.

As Zhang Yilong ran, he continuously shouted out.

“Y-you stop, just now, it was a misunderstanding …”

Hai Tong was truly anxious.

If Old Lord Taishang found out about this, then she would truly be finished.

Forget about being a heavenly soldier, I’m afraid that I will be stripped of my Immortal Soul and degraded to a mortal.

This … How could it work?

She had an ambitious goal, could it be that everything would be destroyed just like that?

She didn’t want it, she really didn’t want it.

“However, Hai Tong, no matter what, we are still in the same sect. I can give you a chance, but that depends on whether you treasure it or not.”

Hai Tong was stunned there and did not say a word.

With her intelligence, she naturally knew what her senior brother meant.

“Hehehe, no one can blame senior brother for this. It was you who delivered yourself to us.”

Zhang Yilong rubbed his hands together, seeing that Hai Tong was no longer chasing after him, he stopped.

Hai Tong stood there, the expression in his eyes constantly changing.

But very quickly, a dejected look appeared in her eyes.

Her original spirit had completely disappeared. She could only hate the heavens for not giving her a chance.

It seemed that he had to be demoted to the mortal world.

But before that, there would be revenge and injustice.

As she thought of this, one of her palms flashed with silver light, hidden behind her back.

As long as Zhang Yilong approached her, she would personally kill him.

When Zhang Yilong saw her standing there motionlessly, he thought she had given her the order. She rubbed her hands in excitement and kept on walking towards him.

“Come on, come on, a little closer and it will be the day you die.”

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Hai Tong’s beautiful eyes.

You forced me to do this.

Zhang Yilong didn’t know this, but he continued to get closer and closer to his Junior Sister in excitement.

The Heavenly Court was a place where even birds would be bored to death. He was also a man, and had his own physical needs.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Court’s rules were strict, forbidding free love.

What kind of logic was this?

On the other hand, there were many celestial fairies who were secretly in love with each other. It was a pity that her appearance was not good and her cultivation was not high either. There were actually no fairies who took a fancy to her.

Last time, he even went to hook up with Chang’e’s Jade Rabbit.

That Jade Rabbit was also very pretty in human form, just like Chang’e’s little sister.

It was a pity that Chang’e was already secretly taken care of by the Celestial Emperor, so Jade Rabbit, who looked like her, became a popular item.

Many great generals of the Heavenly Court chased after him secretly. That Jade Rabbit didn’t even look at him.

This angered Zhang Yilong to death, and he also felt terrible about it.

But now that he thought about it, he still had a junior-apprentice sister.

This Junior Sister Hai Tong was actually also a beauty, it was just that her clothes were completely masculine, burying her beauty.

Hehe, I’ll dig out this beauty myself.

Finally, he had a chance to vent his anger. If he had his first chance, then he would have his second.

In the future, Zhang Yilong could also openly say that he was an honorable man.

It feels great every day, hahaha.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yilong couldn’t help but laugh.

Laugh, laugh.

Hai Tong’s palm trembled, and after a while, you won’t be able to laugh.

Zhang Yilong had already quickly arrived beside Hai Tong. He stretched out his hand, and very straightforwardly grabbed towards Hai Tong’s clothes.

This fellow was too impatient.

Hai Tong was about to slap his palm, but at this time, a shout suddenly came from the ground.

“Tai, what do you want to do Zhang Yilong in broad daylight?”

Hearing this voice, the two boys and girls were immediately shocked. They hurriedly took two steps back and looked towards the voice.

Old Lord Taishang was dressed in a purple daoist robe, holding a horsetail whisk in his hand. He stood there and blew on the beard at the corner of his mouth, showing his might without getting angry.

“Master, master …” Hai Tong, she colluded with outsiders and barged into my Tusita Temple … “

“Zhang Yilong, you …”

Hai Tong was immediately shocked, thinking that he still had to keep it a secret earlier, but now it had been sold out immediately.

Who would have thought that Zhang Yilong would give him a venomous look, the meaning in his eyes was extremely clear.

Sorry, this time, I have to protect myself.

“Her disciples were all injured by her, luckily her disciples were proficient in martial arts, winning by a bit and coming back, just now I wanted to check if Hai Tong had any weapons on him.”

After he finished speaking, Zhang Yilong started to feel proud.

His master would always side with him in the past, so if he said those words, his master would definitely believe him.

Heh heh, Hai Tong, Hai Tong, I told you to get on top of me earlier, now you’re in for it.

Sigh, it’s a pity that I’m not able to be like her. Right now, I’m about to be demoted to the mortal world. What a waste.

Hai Tong’s heart was also dead.

It’s over, it’s all over now.

“Shut up!”

However, the two of them did not expect that Old Lord Taishang would actually roar and glare at Zhang Yilong as he spoke.

“Doing such a shameful thing in broad daylight, you actually want to invert right and wrong. Zhang Yilong, I think you are a beast, your master.”

Hai Tong was shocked. Could Master have taken the wrong medicine today?

“Master, master …” “Disciple, your disciple is speaking the truth …”

Zhang Yilong was also dumbstruck.

Why did Master turn around to face Hai Tong today?

He was obviously Master’s most beloved disciple.

“Master, if you don’t believe me, look. There’s still a wound here.”

As he spoke, he pointed at his own nose and ran towards Old Lord Taishang.

“You beast, stay away from I.”

Who would have thought that Old Lord Taishang would raise his hand and slap Zhang Yilong, sending him flying at a total of 720 degrees, before finally falling to the side and smas.h.i.+ng him into a pile of immortal dust.

This time, the fall did not slow him down for a long time.

His face was red and swollen, and his teeth were all over the floor.

Hai Tong really wanted to clap his hands.

Too wonderful, truly too wonderful.

Master’s slap was really good. No matter if it was in terms of angle or strength, it was too perfect.

If Zhang Yilong provoked him again, he would slap him too, hahaha.

“Tong’er, come with I.”

Before Hai Tong could finish laughing, Old Lord Taishang suddenly said coldly.

Hai Tong suddenly felt a chill all over his body.

It’s over. It’s time to settle his own account.

“Yes, Master …”

She wiggled her head and walked over.

“Lead the way, Master will return to his room.”

Old Lord Taishang merely said it calmly.


As Hai Tong walked, he started muttering to himself in his heart.

How should he deal with his master?

The mistakes he made in the past were all small matters that he had to deal with.

However, this was a major event.

The troublemaker was still waiting in his room.

How should he account for today’s matters?

Sigh, although Zhang Yilong was slapped across the face, this was extremely satisfying.

In the end, he would still be demoted to the mortal world.

“Master, we’re here…”

After thinking about it for a while, Hai Tong’s head started to hurt.

In the end, she gave up. Forget it, no matter how much she loved him, she could still make a fool of herself in Matal Realm.

Old Lord Taishang stood in front of his door, pushed it open and led Hai Tong in.

Walking into the room, he stood there and sized Hai Tong up from head to toe.

Hai Tong was gooseb.u.mps all over, what was going on with his master today, she would normally look at him too much, why was she looking so much today?

Could Master have been affected by Zhang Yilong’s Possession?

“Hai Tong, you have plead guilty.”

Old Lord Taishang suddenly shouted.

“What, what crime …”

Hai Tong tried to pretend to be stupid.

“Still playing dumb, kneel down!”

Old Lord Taishang swept his whisk away, causing Hai Tong to involuntarily kneel down, frightened by his master.

“You colluded with an outsider and trespa.s.sed into my Tusita Temple. You even have to give pills to that outsider, that’s not true.”

“How, how did you know…”

Hai Tong was immediately shocked. How did his master know about this?

“Hmph, Master has seen it with his own eyes.”

Old Lord Taishang stroked his beard and said, “If you want people to not know, then don’t do it unless it’s yourself. Hai Tong, I won’t be able to help you this time. Take your punishment.”

“Disciple accepts the punishment …”

Hai Tong was dejected.

This time, it was really over.

“Alright, I’ll punish you to come and give me a kick.”

Ye Zichen didn’t think that Old Lord Taishang would say something so shocking.

Beating his legs.

Hai Tong was stunned, he looked at his master as if he was looking at an alien.

This aura … That’s right, it was his master.

Master really took the wrong medicine today.

“Why, if you don’t want to beat your legs, then you’ll be demoted to the mortal world.”

Old Lord Taishang snorted as he sat on the chair.

“I’m willing, I’m willing!”

Hai Tong immediately ran over in a hurry, as if he was in a dream. As he continued to beat his Master’s legs, various kinds of thoughts flew through his mind.

“Yes, here, we’ll hammer here again!”

Old Lord Taishang acted as if he enjoyed it.

“Wait, that’s not right!”

Hai Tong suddenly stopped hammering and stood up, pointing at Old Lord Taishang’s nose.

“You’re not my master, hurry up and tell me, who are you …”

“You scoundrel, what nonsense are you spouting? Isn’t I your master?”

“Nonsense, I’ve already exposed you, you despicable sneak attack. You dare to pretend to be my master to tease me, and even made me beat your legs. d.a.m.n it, do you not want me to refine pills for you?”

Hai Tong was so angry that his nose was crooked.

“Strange, how did you see through it?”

Old Lord Taishang stood up, turned around and reverted back to Qin Chao’s appearance.

How would he know that Hai Tong knew her master very well?

Old Lord Taishang was the only great expert in the Heavenly Court to truly reach the Grand Forgotten Realm.

Not only did he dislike women, he even loathed them.

Even if he was biased towards her, it was impossible for her to do such an intimate action.

It was impossible for someone who was too forgetful to be like this.

Therefore, Hai Tong could immediately tell that Old Lord Taishang was being faked.

There was only one person who could make fun of him like that.

“Hmph, nun …” “Who is this young master? I was able to see through your little trick.”

Hai Tong curled his lips, and said, “You dare to let me beat your leg, you are truly bold. However, seeing that you slapped Zhang Yilong’s face, I have shown great mercy this time, and have forgiven you.”

“F * ck, then I have to thank you …”

“Of course. Cut the c.r.a.p and just walk in. I’ll help you find the last medicinal herb and it will be exposed sooner or later. It seems like I only have one way out.”

“What path?”


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