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“Qin Chao, you can go out.”

The small solitary confinement cell door was opened, a ray of light came in, s.h.i.+ning upon Qin Chao’s face.

The Su Family influence was great, especially when it coupled with the effort from lawyer Huang Tianliang, the police charge against Qin Chao finally failed. The main prove that they used was the CCTV recording of the scene from the Guangyuan Inst.i.tute. This video fully proved that Qin Chao only acted in self-defense.

But because he used somewhat excessive self-defense, things were a bit tricky. Huang Tianliang then came up with an idea to put this video on the internet and to call the netizens to act together.

Most netizens, after seeing this video, became infuriated. Most of them stood on Qin Chao’s side.

“Against the dark forces, who’s going to help our hero?”

Such a t.i.tle went deep into many people’s heart. Especially seeing so many bullies were hit by a person to the ground, a lot of people were very happy.

Although Qin Chao broke so many legs with his ASP stick, more internet users said that they should not give mercy to these dark forces.

But now, the hero, who protected the school and the students, was being held in jail. This enraged the netizens, many of them who reside in Sunan City voluntarily initiated an action. They sent a joint pet.i.tion to the City munic.i.p.ality, but after they found out it was turned down, they became more irritated and began to send written statements to the Provincial Government.

Finally this matter caught the Provincial Government’s attention.

This thing could not be suppressed anymore and after symbolically handed Qin Chao a fine, they let him out.

By this time, Qin Chao has been in the solitary confinement cell for three days. Each day, someone would bring him food and water through the small window at the door. However, Qin Chao did not touch any of these.

Nearly reaching the Foundation Building level, Qin Chao has been maintaining the true qi activity inside his body. Let alone three days, even three months without eating would not make him die of hunger.

Having been patience for three days, the prison cell door finally being opened. A pair of eyes swept Qin Chao’s eyes and then the owner of those eyes opened the metal door.

The light shone inside the cell, but it threw the guard silly.

Is, is this a solitary confinement room?

The inside walls were filled scratch marks and palm prints. Those chains that tied Qin Chao have also been broken, fallen to the ground in a great irony.

The man has been guarding the prison for ten years, but this was the first time for him to see this strange and terrifying situation.

And at this time, Qin Chao raised his head, his mouth showed a faint smile.

This smile, as if it was a bullet, hit the body of that guard. He was covered in cold, constantly trembled, and cannot help but move back a few steps.

“It seems like a residual effect of the devil state….” Qin Chao muttered to himself. He then moved his body and slowly walked out of this small solitary confinement cell.

He looked at the silly looking guard and cannot help but ask.

“Comrade, can I go now?”

“Ye….yes….you can….” That guard quivered in panic. My G.o.d, what kind of people did they put in here!

Like sending out an evil star, the guard quickly ran the formalities, letting Qin Chao change his clothes and send him out from this detention center.

Outside the detention center, a silver Mercedes-Benz quietly parked there.

Seeing this car, Qin Chao’s heart felt a burst of easiness. Sure enough, they come to pick me up. This is just a nightmare….That’s great! Su Ji, Su Fei, they’re all okay, nothing happened to them.

Qin Chao took two steps forward and suddenly the back door of that Mercedes-Benz was opened. A red figure jumped out and rushed two to three steps forward toward him and slammed into his arms.

“Su Ji….You have such a big strength….” Being solidly hit, Qin Chao could not help but hug this sweet-smelling girl.

“Bad guy, you make me worried to death….” Su Ji also tightly hugged her like-to-stir-up-trouble man, “If something happens to you, what would I do?”

“A joke.” Qin Chao touched the young girl’s back, hands quietly sliding downward, “Who do you think I am? How could I let those people in the detention center kill me? Hehe, Su Ji, after a few days not seeing you, you seem to develop quite well.”

“Cut!” Su Ji did not know whether to laugh or cry, she slapped away Qin Chao’s dirty hands from her back, “You, this pervert, move your hands away from this old mother. My sister and Jiang Dong are in the car. If she sees us, she would laugh at us.”

“Let them, they’re just jealous of us.” Qin Chao said with a smile, “This just proves our loving affection.”

“Give me a break!” Su Ji cannot help but roll her eyes, “Who’s going to give you loving affection! You, this guy, if you always smirk like that, my father would sure to hate you. At that time, it will be over.”

“It’s your father again…” Qin Chao rubbed his temple, “Hearing this word gives me a headache. My father would not be this harsh. If I take you home with me, he would certainly be very happy.”

“Go there yourself! Why this has anything to do with your father?” Su Ji wielded her true qi and pinched Qin Chao’s waist. Even if he has the Diamond Sutra, being pinched by her Buddhist force, Qin Chao still felt a bit pain.

“How could these taking a daughter-in-law and marrying off a daughter ever be the same?” Su Ji indignantly said, “I marry into your family is already a good fortune for you, so of course your family members would be very happy.”

“Yes, yes, I have found a treasure.” Qin Chao tried to coax Su Ji. He could not help hold her soft little hands and said, “I think that I am very lucky. Not because I am now a cultivator, but because at the Chaoyang park, you did not fool anyone else but me, Qin Chao.”

“Ai!” Su Ji pouted her lips discontentedly, “What do you mean by fooling you? That’s not true. It’s called cooperation, you understand?”

“Yes, yes, a cooperation.” Qin Chao nodded again and again, “The definition of happiness, first is to cooperate, and then bonding with each other’s body.”

“Pei!” Su Ji could not help but pinch him again, “No ivory comes from the mouth of a dog (no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel). Get in the car now. Sister is probably already anxious.”

With that, the young girl pulled Qin Chao with her to go inside the silver Mercedes.

Jiang Dong the poor butler was in the driver position while Su Fei sat in the pa.s.senger seat beside him.

Seeing Qin Chao and her sister went into the car holding each other hands, she put on an icy-cold face without saying a word.

Just now, when the two stood together outside, they were like a match made in heaven….She is obviously my sister so I should be happy for her. But why my heart is so sad? Qin Chao, Qin Chao, what did you do that make me this deeply worried about you?

Su Fei tried to clear her head,  This man, he is going to be my brother-in-law, not my husband.

Besides, father will not necessarily recognize such a son-in-law. She was too aware of her father, the overbearing man, who only wanted to marry his daughter to a person that satisfy his criteria.

Clearly, people like Qin Chao are not going to satisfy him. Moreover, at the beginning, she did not even put Qin Chao in her eye.

As the father’s daughter, her temper was a lot like him. If even I, at the beginning, did not find him acceptable, much less father. Therefore, this thing is going to be difficult.

Especially since last time at the hospital, father sent two of his bodyguards to secretly get rid of Qin Chao. But they did not think Qin Chao’s power is much stronger than them. If not for my timely appearance, perhaps those two guys would have been killed by Qin Chao.

The current Qin Chao is obviously not the same than before he went to Dongchuan City. At that time, even if he beat someone, he would not be so ruthless. He would smile everyday; his heart is also very soft.

But since coming back from Dongchuan City, he became more ruthless. He treats other people without mercy. What actually happened in Dongchuan City?

Qin Chao did not tell her, she also could not go there to ask Liao Shasha.

She only vaguely heard that Qin Chao has a good relations.h.i.+p with the underworld in Dongchuan City. He even fraternized with Dongchuan City mafia boss, Murong Jiang.

This guy!

Thinking of this, Su Fei could not help but get angry. I sent you to protect Liao Shasha so that you can establish relations with the Liao Family. Thus, in the future, or in the case like this, they can speak good words for you. But how could you socialize with the mafia there? Really worthless!

“Boss Su, you don’t look so good.” Sitting in the back, Qin Chao casually cast a sideway glance at Su Fei. But he found this girl’s pretty face cold, seemingly thinking about something.

“Is it because recently you have too many matters that are pressuring you, causing you to suffer early menopause?”

“Qin Chao!” Su Fei coldly humphed, “Shut your mouth, n.o.body will think you’re mute!”

“Em….” Qin Chao could not help but touch her nose and turned his head to glance at Su Ji. The later helplessly shrugged her shoulders, indicating she did not know anything about this.

“Boss Su, are you still worry about those punks thing?” Qin Chao speculated. His face suddenly sank down and his voice turned cold, “Rest a.s.sured, just leave this matter to me. As long as I, Qin Chao, am there, I will never let anyone give us c.r.a.p anymore.”

“Qin Chao!” Su Fei knew what Qin Chao’s intention was, she immediately softened her tone of voice and said, “Don’t act on your impulse. About this thing; I have asked my old cla.s.smate Ai Xiaoxue to handle it. I think she would get to the bottom of this.”

“You mean that bimbo policewoman?” Hearing Ai Xiaoxue’s name, Qin Chao could not help but twitch, “My boss Su, don’t make a joke, okay? When you bring her name up, I almost got a heart attack. You may rest a.s.sured, I will not make it big.”

Qin Chao’s words slightly eased Su Fei’s worry. Sure enough, this is a very reliable man. But then his follow-up words made her widened her eyes.

“Even if it gets big, I will not leave behind any living witnesses, hehe….”

“Qin Chao!” Su Fei could not help but loudly shout, “Tell me, are you now a gang member!?”

“Em? A gang member?” Qin Chao scratched his head and asked, “What gang?”

“You’re still quibbling with me!” Su Fei coldly said, “I have heard that you are fraternizing with Murong Jiang, the mafia boss in Dongchuan City. If you did not enter the underworld, how could you become so cold-blooded?”

“Cold-blooded?” Qin Chao pointed at his nose and asked the nearby Su Ji, “Am I?”

“Well, kind of.” Su Ji hurriedly nodded, “But you’re more handsome than before, I like it.”


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