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Read My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 183 – Entering the Catacomb (2)

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Read WebNovel My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 183 – Entering the Catacomb (2)

Chapter 183: Entering the Catacomb (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“This…where is this? Anyone there?” the crew-cut man asked anxiously. The surrounding was pitch black. Not even the five fingers of the hand could be seen. Silence was all that the endless void cared to reply with, in addition to the sound of creeping and crawling.

“Anyone? Someone?” He felt around in the dark, and his voice began trembling.

“…stop crying. How can you be less brave than I am?” Fang Lingzi had just woken up. All she heard was someone’s soft sobbing. She despised it due to her straightforward att.i.tude. It was as though she had forgotten the occasion when she held the businessman’s hand and cried.

“There’s…there’s someone? Fang Lingzi, is that you? I…I thought I failed the mission…” Once he heard Fang Lingzi’s voice, the crew-cut man cried tears of joy and became emotional.

“Does anyone have a light on them?” The businessman stood close to Fang Lingzi and asked out loud. The pitch-black void felt rather constrained; even breathing felt hard.

“I, I have a lighter.” One of their comrades gradually woke up. He felt in his pants pocket and took out the lighter.


Pt-tss! Boom!

A loud exploding sound was produced just as there was a spark from the lighter. The entire empty s.p.a.ce was illuminated by a phosphine fire that was as bright as daylight, and the person who wielded the lighter was sent flying by the pressure of the sudden explosion. He landed on the wall just opposite with a loud thud, then fell onto the ground. Goose-feather-like arrows shot out immediately from a few pre-determined directions and pierced his body. Before he could even speak, the system had already gotten rid of him.

“What’s our situation here?” the crew-cut man asked disconcertedly.

“It’s an old catacomb. The wandering deity brought us to some old, unnamed tomb. Traps are littered everywhere. You’ll lose your life if you’re not careful. Where is our elder?” the businessman promptly asked and remarked after a.n.a.lyzing the surroundings.

The group of people looked at each other, repeatedly. They were dismayed because Bai Wu was nowhere to be seen. Once again, they all looked at each other, and discovered that there was a total of sixteen people in the group.

“What does this mean then? Did we complete the mission or not?!” the crew-cut man questioned nervously.

They were completely surrounded by flickers of dark, erratic fires. It was rather terrifying, to say the least. No one could explain the situation accurately; in other words, they knew what was happening but felt unable to say it all out. When would days like that come to an end? Was it a deity or demon who trapped them inside? On what grounds were they trapped?

All of them were fed up of that never-ending flight from danger. They had to spend their days being afraid and constantly on edge, fearing that the next one to die would be themselves. What about those who managed to get ten thousand gold coins? Where did they go? Were they really able to go home, or were they sent to yet another dimension, where they would have to continue fleeing from danger? Some of them suddenly lost the willpower to forge ahead; they simply sat on the ground with their backs toward each other and waited to die.

“Hey, is there anybody there?”

“Bai Wu, Lingzi, can you hear my voice?” With caution, Sheng Ya felt about the tunnel within the crevice, then yelled out.

Those who just sat down stood back up again! There were still people! They were not the only ones who struggled, there were other comrades who could keep them company! Giving up should never be done on a whim; whether it is a was a high overhanging cliff or a homeland that would only appear in one’s dreams, one can never predict what the future may have in store.

“Sheng Ya, I’m here!” Upon hearing Fang Lingzi’s voice, Sheng Ya came running over happily.

The frontmost person was an unbearably tired Xu Lan; Sheng Ya was behind him, and behind her was Zhang Fei. Fang Lingzi went up to Sheng Ya and held her hands intimately.

“Where’s Bai Wu?” Xu Lan could not help but ask. He looked all around him, but nowhere did he see that tall figure or hear that erotic yet relaxed voice.


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