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Read My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 188 – Disagreement

My Boyfriend Is A Dragon is a web novel produced by 草莓胖次酱, Chubby Strawberry Sauce.
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Chapter 188: Disagreement

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Xu Lan! This…” Zhang Fei stared at Xu Lan hesitantly.

“What should we do?” Fang Lingzi asked with a quivering voice.

“Should we still stay here?” the businessman frowned as he asked with uncertainty.

Even though venomous worms were crawling out, Xu Lan insisted on remaining at the platform. Meanwhile, the businessman suggested for everyone to find refuge at the chamber opposite. With Bai Wu gone, Xu Lan and the businessman a.s.sumed the role of a leader. Both of them were capable and could make dispa.s.sionate judgments. Unfortunately, they did not see eye to eye on the current matter.

“This is my personal opinion and I strongly suggest for us to stay here. The final decision will be determined by the will of the majority.” Xu Lan’s temples were throbbing and his muscles tensed as he remained on guard.

Despite that Xu Lan found the crystal coffin strange in the beginning, he did not expect it to be filled with Gu worms. If they were to remain on the platform, they would be attacked. However…

Xu Lan had a bad feeling about it and decided to stand by his decision. The businessman felt conflicted as he watched more and more Gu worms rushed out of the crystal coffin. Xu Lan sprinkled the small bottle of white powder from Wu Ling onto the floor, which did not do much besides delaying the Gu worms temporarily.

“What should we do? If we don’t make a move now, we’ll be stuck here!” Zhang Fei asked worriedly.

“Yes, yes! What should we do?” everyone chimed in.

“Let’s go! Head over now!” the businessman gritted his teeth and made up his mind. He walked over to the iron cable.

The rest of the players heard the businessman and immediately followed suit. They hurried over to the iron cable and ran along the suspension bridge.

“Are you guys sure about staying here?” the businessman asked Sheng Ya and the crew-cut man, who remained rooted by the edge of the iron cable.

After glancing at Xu Lan, Sheng Ya shook her head at the businessman. The crew-cut man spat on the ground and picked up the wooden mallet. He glared at the Gu worms that were crawling over.

The businessman shook his head and started crossing the iron suspension bridge.

“Why wasn’t the item from Wu Ling working?” the crew-cut man asked in confusion.

“Perhaps these are a different kind of Gu worms. They should be corpse Gu worms,” Xu Lan said with uncertainty.

Right at that moment, the mural on the wall froze and the melody stopped. If it was not for the fallen arrows on the ground, Xu Lan would not believe his eyes. After the melody faded away, the Gu worms moved at a higher speed. It did not take long for them to cover half of the platform.

‘Rumble… Rumble…’ The platform started moving again. However, the crystal coffin did not sink deeper this time around. The iron suspension bridge was clanging from the tension. Suddenly, the iron cable broke and the platform spun faster and rose higher. Xu Lan noticed that when the iron cable snapped, the Gu worms froze on the ground.

“Sheng Ya! Xu Lan! You guys…” Fang Lingzi ran to the edge of the chamber and wailed. The businessman caught her arm in the nick of time and stopped her from falling.

All sixteen iron cables snapped from the tension. The platform slid below the chamber. The subsurface stream lapped against the platform and the chime-bells buzzed tragically.


“Ah! Venomous snakes! Hurry up and run!”

“Everyone, stay alert!” Loud noises could be heard from above. Some people fell into the stream—something seemed to be chasing them. The fallen ones floated along the treacherous current.

“What are you holding?” Xu Lan stared at the wooden mallet in the crew-cut man’s hands. The Gu worms were only one meter away from them. It would not be long until the worms caught up to them.


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