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Read My Children Are Fierce And Adorable! Chapter 72 – Congee

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Chapter 72 – Congee

Indeed, just porridge from white rice was very extravagant. Everyone was salivating when they smelled it.

“What are these small pots for? Are they used to boil the porridge again?”

Then, an even more shocking scene appeared!

They saw a woman in her forties or fifties standing in the wooden cart preparing food. She used a long wooden spoon to scoop a large spoonful of plain porridge from the pot. She filled both small pots with them.

The stove on this side also started to burn. Then, when the plain porridge in the small pot quickly boiled again, the woman quickly picked up a few ingredients with her unusually large pair of chopsticks.

A little minced meat and a few pieces of pig liver were added to the plain porridge.

The fire was at its strongest. In the blink of an eye, the raw meat changed color in the plain porridge. One could see with their naked eye that the raw meat floating in the porridge became an alluring red.

At this moment, an indescribably rich fragrance rose!

“This… It’s just a few pieces of meat. The porridge looks white as well. Why is it so fragrant?!”

The fire licked. The long chopsticks were stirred a few times, and the meat was already cooked. Finally, she used the long chopsticks to pick up some chopped lettuce and added some salt.

The lettuce was scalded for an instant or two before the woman scooped up the bowl of porridge with a large wooden spoon and scooped it into the wooden bowl.

… This fragrance was unfamiliar and very rich. It was fresh and sweet that one could smell it. No one on the docks in Yuan City had ever smelled it.

Under the sufficient sunlight in the morning, everyone could see with their own eyes that when the porridge with ingredients was scooped from the small pot into the bowl, the bottom of the porridge had already melted. Not a single grain of rice could be seen. The porridge was smooth and dense.

Among them, the meat that was added in had already blended well with the porridge base. The meat was pink and the pig liver was dark red. The problem was that it looked inexplicably fresh and tender. It was obvious that the meat was just right and suitable.

The strong and enticing fragrance was emitted from the freshly cooked meat.

There were also green lettuce shreds in the porridge. From the moment they were placed in the bowl for a few seconds, it was obvious that these lettuce shreds were fresh and crispy. It looked very appetizing.

After pouring all of the porridge into the wooden bowl, the woman even sprinkled some green onions on the porridge.

… Awesome.

The uncle standing closest to Mother Rong couldn’t help but stare at the entire process of Mother Rong making porridge. At this moment, he swallowed his saliva.

He did not realize that his gaze had never left her, so his gaze was straight and his neck was slightly tilted forward.

There was a slight commotion.

“…What kind of porridge is this?! What is this cooking method?!”

“Why is it so fragrant? d.a.m.n it…”

“It doesn’t look spicy at all. It’s making me salivate. Why do I want to eat it so much? It makes me feel hungry.”

“White rice and meat. How expensive would this be sold? Who would buy them?!”

The crowd started to discuss among themselves. When they heard the last sentence, the expressions of the two sisters-in-law from the Guan family changed slightly. However, they looked at Mother Rong, Eldest Brother Guan, and the rest, and stabilized their expressions.

“It’s too cold and we’ve rushed for another morning. Let’s eat breakfast quickly. Have some porridge first.” Mother Rong quickly cooked two bowls according to Eldest Brother Guan’s and Second Brother Guan’s taste. There were pork ribs inside.


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