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Just because I believe him

Zhang Qicheng grabbed the doctor’s collar and shouted angrily, “Do you know what you are saying? You can’t even save a person, and you still dare to call yourself a doctor? Whether or not you save your foster father, do you believe that I will let you all go down and accompany me in death?! “

The doctor was so scared that he almost wet his pants. He cried, “Master Zhang, even if you kill all of us, we can’t do it…”

Zhang Qifeng took a step forward and held onto Zhang Qicheng’s arm, he shook his head and said softly, “Third brother, don’t make things difficult for them, just let them go. Your foster father is already gone, so we have to accept this fact. Also, you have three broken ribs, so you have to take good care of your injuries and take care of your internal organs. “

“Bulls.h.i.t!” Zhang Qicheng threw the doctor onto the ground, turned around and grabbed onto Zhang Qifeng’s collar, “Zhang Qifeng, are you still speaking human words? How could my foster father die? If you dare speak any more nonsense, do you believe that I won’t be polite to you! “

Zhang Qifeng frowned and said with a hint of anger, “Zhang Qicheng, my foster father has already pa.s.sed on. Although I feel very pained, I have to accept this reality! Will you wake up here with your G.o.dfather? Or could it be that you want to make your foster father leave without peace? What was the most important thing right now? It’s to find the culprit to avenge my foster father, not to let you mess around here! “

“Zhang Qifeng!” Zhang Qicheng was furious. He clenched his fists and was about to use force.

“Stop!” At this moment, Dai Qianni who was squatting and crying at the side, suddenly stood up. She looked at the two of them coldly, “What did you say just now? What murderer? What exactly is going on? “

Zhang Qifeng straightened his collar and said in a deep voice, “Sister, the accident that happened to my foster father was not a simple accident. Zhang Qicheng, why haven’t you told what you know to sister!”

Zhang Qicheng gave Zhang Qifeng a fierce glare, he suddenly kneeled on the ground and said, “Younger sister, third brother has let you down and did not take good care of your foster father. In fact, that tanker deliberately b.u.mped into us. At that time, there were only two cars on the road, so he didn’t avoid at all. He charged towards us at full speed without giving us any time to react. Furthermore, after the accident, the driver of the tanker even got off to confirm that his foster father was dead, and these three ribs of mine were broken by that guy. “

“You mean that the driver of the tanker was a killer? He didn’t die in a car accident, but was killed by you?” Dai Qianni’s eyes seemed to spew fire as she stared at Zhang Qicheng in a daze.

Zhang Qicheng nodded, “That’s right, I also wanted to leave a live tracking trail, but at that time, I was already wounded and really couldn’t hold back. Moreover, the tanker was on fire because of the accident, so in order to get my foster father to the hospital as soon as possible, I had no choice …”

Dai Qianni took a deep breath, and helped Zhang Qicheng up, “Third brother, it’s not your fault, you’ve already done your best. As you said, if the other party is a professional killer, then even if they leave him alive, they won’t be able to get much out of him. “

“That’s right, third brother, don’t blame yourself anymore. None of us want something to happen to our foster father, but right now, there’s nothing we can do. As sons, we should accompany our younger sister to see our foster father one last time, and then take care of the aftermath for our foster father.” Zhang Qifeng was very calm as he whispered to the side.

“No!” I want to avenge my foster father! “Since someone deliberately murdered this car, I must take revenge to atone for my sins!” The veins on Zhang Qicheng’s forehead bulged and his voice trembled.

Zhang Qifeng sighed, “Third brother, calm down. Everyone knows that the culprit is Wan Xiong, but we don’t have any evidence right now, so we can’t do anything. “Just like how my big brother was killed back then, my foster father also knew that it was Wan Xiong who did it. However, what can he do?”

“Wan Xiong?” Dai Qianni’s voice turned cold as she questioned, “Zhang Qifeng, how do you know that the culprit is Wan Xiong?”

“Other than Wan Xiong, who else could it be?” Zhang Qi Feng said indignantly, “Little sister, it’s not like you don’t know that Wan Xiong is the one that Tian Hai wanted my father to die the most. Don’t worry, after I settle the matters regarding my father and organize my subordinates, I will find Wan Xiong to avenge my father! In this period of time, you and Ol ‘Three must be calm and not act rashly. “

Dai Qianni sneered incessantly, she knew very well who Zhang Qifeng was, he was a calm, rational and ruthless person. It was not normal for such a person to use speculation to determine the culprit. It was probably his true intention to get rid of the culprit. Revenge was just an excuse for his wolfish ambitions.

However, she was not in a hurry to refute that. After all, this was not the time to completely lose decorum with Zhang Qifeng.

“I say, don’t be in such a hurry to die, okay? The Buddha is still alive, but you guys just want him to die when you open your mouth? ” Qin Wu stood at the door of the ward and looked inside before he suddenly turned his head and spoke.

“How is this possible?” This time, it was Zhang Qifeng’s turn to be confused as he let out a scream. However, he quickly reacted and in order to hide his suspicions, he quickly grabbed the doctor and asked coldly, “Didn’t you say that my foster father is dead? What do you mean? Or are you Wan Xiong’s man lying on purpose to find an opportunity to kill my foster father? “

“No, no, how would I dare …” The doctor was so scared that he was about to cry and quickly explained, “We really can’t save the Buddha. Although he is not dead yet, he is still at his last breath. There’s no use continuing to save his. We might as well let our families see his for the last time …”

“Who says it’s useless?” Qin Wu curled his lips as he replied with disdain, “That’s because your medical skills are lacking. Even a bunch of mediocre doctors dares to claim to be experts professors. Little Ni, stay outside and don’t let anyone in. I’ll go in and take a look for the Buddha. “

Saying that, he lifted his foot and was about to enter the door.

“Wait!” Zhang Qifeng threw down the doctor and stopped Qin Wu, “You can’t go in there!”

Qin Wu frowned, “Why?”

“Why? You still dare to ask why! ” Zhang Qifeng looked at Qin Wu coldly, “Are you a doctor? Do you have a medical certificate? Or are you in a big hospital somewhere? “

“None at all.” Qin Wu answered truthfully.

“What do you mean nothing? Why are you saving my foster father?” Zhang Qifeng’s expression changed, “If my foster father really went, would you be able to shoulder this responsibility? “Are you saying that you are stronger than these professionals?”

“I believe him!” She was well aware of Qin Wu’s capabilities, and she knew that he was definitely not an ordinary man. He could always do unexpected things, but now he was treating her as if she was dead, and compared to those mediocre doctors who could only try their best and see her father die, she was more willing to believe in Qin Wu.


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