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Chapter 1008 – Heartless


Ye Fan gazed at the seemingly bright and beautiful sky with a complex look in his eyes.

“I’ve always heard that no matter how strong the ancient martial artists were, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the continuous bombardment of missiles. This is because the ancient martial artists’ body and inner force still had their limits.

But I don’t believe that as long as you persevere in your training to a certain extent, you will be able to withstand the missiles!

No matter how big a yield it is, it can’t kill me! No matter how many eggs there were, they would not be able to shatter a single diamond!

I just don’t know how many missiles my current cultivation can withstand. I can only give it a try …. “Fortunately, it’s not a nuclear warhead.”

Ye Fan smiled to himself, but there was a trace of helplessness in his heart. Time was of the essence, and he still wanted to call the ladies at home, but he didn’t have the time.

“Ye Fan, actually, you don’t need to worry about me. I used particles to create an air barrier, so it should be able to cover this area.” Ai’er said.

Ye Fan sighed, “Don’t lie to me, even if it is you, your spiritual force is limited. The larger the particle barrier is, the greater the consumption and the worse the effect.”

“If you really had the confidence to defend against a hundred missiles, you wouldn’t have been worried at all. Why would you need to tell them to hide underground?”

Ai’er lowered her head. Indeed, even if it was her, she wouldn’t be able to block the attack of so many missiles.

“I can’t accept. The headquarters of the Adept’s a.s.sociation was destroyed in my hands … ” Aelle said, clenching her hands.

“I also can’t accept that a beautiful princess died in front of me.” Ye Fan winked at her while smiling.

Ai’er froze for a moment, and then immediately smiled shyly. “Do we have to live together with each other now?”

“I don’t want to die. If I die, won’t it be as the postman wishes? Thus … “We want to live together, not die together.” Ye Fan said.

Eyre listened and nodded vigorously.

“Ai’er, I can’t fly, so I’ll go guard the Ether Sacred PaG.o.da. You’ll watch over the skies above this bas.e.m.e.nt and see who can destroy more missiles. What do you think?” Ye Fan laughed and said.

Ai’er laughed as well. “Alright, you better not let them blow up the Ether Sacred PaG.o.da. Then I won’t be able to explain it to all the other Adepts in the world!”

“No problem.” After Ye Fan said that, his figure quickly sprinted forward and leaped up onto the Ether Sacred PaG.o.da.

He wanted to destroy the missile as much as possible from a high alt.i.tude, so climbing to the top of the highest tower and then jumping up was relatively the best choice.

Unlike Ai’er, she could fly into the air and directly intercept him.

Just as the two of them were ready, the sound of a missile breaking through the air could be heard!

When the six battle-ax missiles were about to reach the island, they precisely changed their direction and dove towards the area where Ye Fan and Ai Er were at!

This was not as simple as throwing a two ton metal lump. The missile’s propelling force, falling impact force, as well as the explosive power of the missile’s own warhead …

This was a killing machine that was powerful enough to flatten a building. Furthermore, there were three of them in a row!


The moment Ye Fan saw the incoming missile, he disintegrated without hesitation!

Yes, he didn’t even have to think about whether it was necessary or not, because just by looking at this speed, he knew he had to disintegrate!

Escaping was easy, but if he forcefully withstood it, then the difficulty would increase by a hundred times!

Ye Fan felt as if all the blood in his body was boiling, and every muscle was filled with explosive power. The golden power overflowed every inch of his blood, making Ye Fan’s whole body shine with a golden light.

In Ye Fan’s eyes, it was as if two golden flames were ignited. The pressure that was released from them even caused Ai’er, who was flying a hundred meters away, to be shocked!

Ai’er subconsciously glanced at Ye Fan, it was the first time she saw Ye Fan release such a terrifying pressure, her heart couldn’t help but be shocked — could this be his true strength?

However, Ai’er didn’t have the leisure to care about Ye Fan. She took the opportunity to mobilize her powerful spiritual force and form a thick air barrier in the air, protecting the buildings below within it!

As the missile approached, she used Particle Decomposition to try to destroy a missile’s fuse as much as possible, reducing the number of missile explosions.

The two of them could not possibly have all the missiles detonate. If that were the case, they would simply be courting death. The best way to do that was to destroy the missiles before they exploded!

After Ye Fan disintegrated, he jumped up and took out two swords from his Sword G.o.d Ring. One ordinary long sword was thrown towards the furthest missile with the Imperial Sword Technique!

Facing the two remaining missiles, Ye Fan held a real sword in his hand and waved it out, releasing a crescent-shaped sword intent!

After the terrifying power disintegrated, the sword intent that Ye Fan sent out was so fast that it vibrated violently in the air, as if there was a clap of thunder!

The sword intent collided with the two missiles and directly sliced apart two missiles!

The flying sword had pierced through a missile!

However, the destruction of the missile did not mean that it would not detonate. There was still a missile’s fuse that triggered the explosion!


After the missile exploded in mid-air, the explosive power it released sent Ye Fan flying!

Ye Fan was shaken to the point that his entire body felt numb. Astonishing how close one could be to a missile was not a joke, but he did not dare to stay any longer. After landing, he once again jumped onto the Ether Sacred PaG.o.da.

As for Ai’er, the defensive barrier had blocked one missile. The girl had also destroyed two of the missiles’ fuses, so she was finally able to withstand the first round.

The magnesium army obviously didn’t plan to give them a chance to catch their breath. The second shot, six of them would be launched into the air, and another four would fly in from a low alt.i.tude, all ten of them would be launched at the same time!

The key point was that the magnesium army had clearly adjusted the trajectory of the missile to fall from more angles!

In this way, destroying the fuse would be very difficult. There would inevitably be at least six or seven missiles detonated!

Ye Fan and Ai’er once again used their sword intent, particle decomposition and particle barrier. After forcefully destroying the four missiles, the remaining six missiles, in the air and on the barrier, exploded with a loud bang!

Ye Fan was engulfed by the explosion power of the two missiles. His body fell from the sky, and his clothes were completely burnt. He landed on the ground, smoking, and many parts of his body were leaking blood …

Ai’er forcefully withstood the barriers, enduring the explosion of the four missiles. After that, her lips turned pale and she started to pant. She was also starting to run out of mental energy.

In order to maintain the thickness of such a protective barrier, she had actually consumed a great deal of energy.

Using missiles, it would be very difficult to kill powerhouses like Ye Fan and Ai’er.

However, that was only if the two of them ran and ran.

If he wanted to face it head on, with so many missiles, it would be impossible!

Moreover, the speed, equivalent and destructive power of this kind of world-cla.s.s missile was incomparable to that of ordinary missiles.

The fact that Ye Fan and Ai’er could block two rounds was already unthinkable for many people!

This is also why the strong in the underground world are bound by the restrictions of some powerful countries. After all, arms are ruthless!

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