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He actually … Swallow that rock!? leaf

The sail couldn’t help but be surprised, could this stone be used for eating? How was this possible!? quaque

Even if there was energy in this rock, it couldn’t be used so roughly. If he could just eat the stone and absorb the energy inside, wouldn’t his cultivation become meaningless? fruit

However, after Zhou Teng Yun took the stone, his expression became painful and hideous. However, after he activated his Dark Nether True Essence, his entire body suddenly erupted with a pressure that was not at the same level as before!


Teng Yun roared into the sky, his eyes shining with an icy blue light. His feet sank into the ground, and the stone slab shattered into pieces! Only

A blue pillar of true essence shot up into the sky, containing an unprecedented amount of rich spiritual energy. It enveloped Zhou Teng Yun’s entire body!

Ye Fan immediately understood that this guy was risking the damage to his body just by relying on this stone’s energy for a short period of time to improve his fighting strength!

Even if Zhou Teng Yun’s body was severely injured after this battle, or even if he died, he would not hesitate to do so! and

At the same time, the ancestors of the other seven directions also began to revolve their true essence. However, they didn’t swallow the stone. Instead, they poured their true essence into the stone and shot out seven icy blue beams of light! seven

The beams of light converged at a point in the air and collided with the beams of light released by Zhou Teng Yun, forming a huge steeple cage, which enveloped Ye Fan and the others below.

In that instant, a terrifying cold air began to swirl within the cage, as if the entire area had turned into a place of extreme south and north at several tens of degrees!

“Everyone, quickly circulate your true energy! “Gather together!” Xie Linyuan reacted quickly and shouted loudly. Siu

The elders of the family were also very experienced. They immediately circulated their true qi, forming a protective area so that the cold air would not spread to those with low cultivation levels or those without. can

Even so, they were all trapped in a cage. They wouldn’t be able to hold on for long, and they might be attacked at any moment. At that time, they wouldn’t even have the strength to retaliate!

What made everyone panic even more was that the cold air was still constantly increasing and the temperature was constantly decreasing. The cold energy stimulated by this Xuanming Quintessential Essence had an extremely strong penetrating power.

Their true qi was equivalent to a layer of clothes, but even if they could keep it warm, it did not mean that they would not freeze to death.

Even though she was trapped inside, the person with the highest cultivation, Blue Rain, still felt immense pressure at this moment. Even Xiao Jin was trembling and didn’t dare to move. This

Many Patriarchs of the Divine Enlightenment Realm borrowed that mysterious stone to use the full power of the great array. It had already far surpa.s.sed the power of the Divine Enlightenment Realm.

Ye Fan knew that he had to destroy this River Styx Formation in a short time, otherwise, at most two to three minutes, there would be people dying behind him.

He hurriedly activated his sword intent, wanting to use the Imperial Sword Technique to attack those ancestor masters that were releasing true essence from a distance.

However, the swords within the River Styx Formation had all been frozen. They flew very slowly, and even a large number of swords fell down!

By the time these swords were about to arrive in front of the forefathers, they no longer held much power. Moreover, they were all blocked by the cage of light, unable to fly out!

Ye Fan was stunned, didn’t this mean that the power of this River Styx array had already suppressed the sword intent after he disintegrated?

No wonder this group of old fellows said that this was the trump card of the Xuanming Tribe, the clan that was going against the other clans!

“Ignorant brat, stop wasting your strength. Within the River Styx, all living things sink into depravity. Even if it’s a sword, it would still fall into a river of ice!” Weeks

Teng Yun took a step forward and headed towards Ye Fan. Ice-blue Spiritual Energy converged on his body from all directions! leaf

Fan Xian’s eyes narrowed. The pressure that Zhou Teng Yun was giving him was unprecedented.

However, he discovered that Zhou Teng Yun’s every action seemed to be affecting the spirit energy of the entire array. He

Suddenly, he realized that the reason this fellow used that stone, was it because he was resonating with the other seven stones, and he was the center of the formation, the core of the formation!? lifting

Looking at the spot where the pillar of light was located, it was indeed where Zhou Teng Yun was. The center of the formation was located. See

Now, he had to defeat Zhou Teng Yun in order to block this great formation!

This consideration only lasted for a moment. After Ye Fan made his decision, he stepped on the ice and fiercely stabbed his sword towards Zhou Teng Yun! He

It was impossible for him to have the time to acc.u.mulate the Heaven and Earth powers and release the Morning Star. Thus, using sword intent at close range was the best method.

“Limitless Sword Dance!” leaf

The sail mustered up all its strength. The sword intent was like raging waves, churning with frost as it went straight for Zhou Teng Yun’s throat! Weeks

At this time, Teng Yun activated the Dark Nether Armor. It was several times more condensed than before, causing his Dark Nether Armor to be extremely powerful!

“Clang clang clang!”

After several consecutive strikes, Zhou Tengyun was actually able to block it with his arms!

“Divine Winter Fist!” Weeks

Teng Yun furiously threw out a punch, and a huge blue fist, three times the size of the previous one, smashed onto Ye Fan’s sword light!

“Bam!” leaf

The sails were smashed away more than ten meters, rolling on the ground for a few rounds before finally stabbing into the ground and standing up.

Not waiting for him to attack again, he discovered that Zhou Teng Yun had already arrived in front of him like a blue lightning bolt! speed

His speed was actually also fast!?

“Mysterious Ice Shattering Hand!”

Zhou Tengyun’s palm struck over, and the icy primeval essence that was like thousands of sharp blades exploded. Ye Fan currently had a large number of flying swords sluggish and couldn’t use a sword shield, so he could only cross Mo Xie to block!

Ding ding ding! — — “The ice crystals exploded on the swords! one

A portion of his primeval essence failed to block the attack, piercing through the gaps and wounds on Ye Fan’s body.

Blood splattered everywhere. Within a blink of an eye, it had turned into a blood colored ice pearl! This

This scene made the Zhou clansmen, who were watching nervously from outside, extremely excited. They saw hope for victory again, because Ye Fan was injured!

On the other side, the people from the ancient G.o.d descendants all had looks of surprise on their faces.

“What a great Zhou Teng Yun, what a great Dark Nether Clan, and they even hid such a powerful killing move!” “Yes.” Lei Dong’s eyes lit up.

With the precious spiritual energy of the Great Desolate Stone, profound nether true essence, and all sorts of strengthening each other, he borrowed the Seven Ascension Sect’s array formation to set up a killing array. “Ying Qiong said with a serious expression,” I’m afraid that no one in the Dao Reaching Realm will be able to break this array. white

Upon hearing this, Yan Shi Fei squinted his eyes and said: “Luckily this formation has a great sacrifice and cannot be used for a long time. If Zhou Teng Yun were to swallow the Great Desolation Stone, his body would definitely be severely injured by the backlash of the spirit energy. If he doesn’t die, he will be crippled.”

“It’s almost impossible to break this formation from the inside by forcibly killing those people who set up the formation. The further outside the formation is, the stronger the spiritual energy from the Desolate Stone is and the tougher the cage barrier is …”

“The best way is to think of a way to kill ‘Formation Aperture’ Zhou Teng Yun. He is the support point of this great formation. Without him, the formation will break by itself,” said Wei Bufan.

Huang Yueshan sighed, “How could it be that easy. That Ye Fan also realized this point, but with his strength, he was still unable to win.” Weeks

When Teng Yun swallowed the Primordial Stone, his strength had increased greatly in a short period of time. Moreover, he had an endless supply of Spiritual Qi replenishing him. Most likely, his cultivation had already reached the Great Circle of Dao Yan … win

“Brother Qiong is right. Even if all of us here are in that array, if Zhou Teng Yun were to just defend, we would have no way of dealing with him. We can only wait until the Primordial Stone runs out of spiritual energy before we leave.”

Forget it, both Zhou Teng Yun and the Zhou family had given their all. No matter how strong Ye Fan’s Emperor level sword intent was, it still wouldn’t be enough to suppress Zhou Teng Yun, who was at the Great Circle of the Daoyan and had endless spiritual energy in his body. No

Past… “It’s inevitable that the Zhou family’s vitality will be greatly damaged. Your White Tiger and Phoenix clans should be happy.” Qingyin said with a light laugh. win

The expressions of Qiong, Bai Yan and Huang Yueshan were different. They didn’t say anything, but they all subconsciously looked at Liu Qinghou. No

At this time, Liu Qinghou also jumped down from the back of the stone tortoise. His expression became serious. His eyes were like a hawk’s as he looked at the huge ice cage in the distance. He seemed to be deep in thought.

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