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1396 with

As the number of people on the subway increased, the two discovered that almost all the surrounding pa.s.sengers were looking at Su Qingxue from time to time. There were even a few who were staring directly at her as if they were looking at something special.

Although Su Qingxue’s appearance and temperament were easily noticed by the crowd, this time around, it seemed particularly conspicuous.

Ye Fan carefully looked at the woman’s dress, and couldn’t help but to laugh, “Wifey, it seems like you should change into a new set of clothes before coming out.”

Only now did Su Qingxue realize that she was wearing the work of a top designer. Even if she didn’t reveal her brand, she could still see her n.o.ble and graceful appearance from the design of her clothing.

As the leader of the Xuanming clan, Su Qingxue had to make herself look more dignified, so she couldn’t dress too casually. Now that she came out and took the subway, she felt that it was a bit strange. quaque

“It’s like a royal princess coming to the subway with a commoner in her best dress, it’d be weird if she didn’t get stared at.”

“What should we do? Meeting Mu Mu like this is a bit strange, right?” Su Qingxue felt that it was quite funny. She hadn’t come out in a long time and was used to wearing solemn clothing.

“We’ll go to the shopping mall and change our clothes. We’ll find a hotel to put our stuff in, and then we’ll go find Mu Mu.” Ye Fan said. Siu

As soon as Qingxue heard she was going to buy clothes, she immediately nodded her head happily. two

As he walked out of the subway station, he happened to see a shopping mall nearby.

Su Qingxue walked out of the shopping mall. When she came out, she had already changed into an intellectual and artistic plaid shirt. With the pair of jeans, she put down her black hair. mimicry

All of a sudden, the Buddha transformed from a n.o.ble and dignified female expert into a beautiful, fairy-like flower of a great school.

When they walked out of the shopping mall, many pa.s.sers-by raised their eyebrows. Most of them guessed which school it belonged to, and it was even prettier than those movie stars.

“Hubby, can you dress like this?” Su Qingxue had not worn such casual clothes in a long time, so she was not used to it. She nervously asked the man. leaf

Fan Xian could not help but joke: “Wife, you’ve aged quite a few years since you started wearing this.”

What do you mean! Was I old? ” Su Qingqing gave him a snow-white glance. leaf

Fan Xian laughed mischievously, taking her hand and saying, “It’s just a joke. With my current appearance, I’m already a high school student. If I stay by your side, I’ll be treated like an uncle.”

“Hmph, smooth talker, I don’t believe a single word you’re saying right now.” Su Qingxue’s mouth was filled with disdain, but her eyes were filled with joy.

The two of them found a hotel and put down their things.

Ye Fan looked at the big bed in the room, and felt a bit weird. It seemed that it had been a long time since he slept with Su Qingxue … … Speak

He got up. He had been married for a year and a half, and the number of days he and his wife had slept together could be counted on one hand. Siu

Qingxue came out of the bathroom and saw that the man was staring at the bed. She suddenly thought of something and her face flushed.

Husband… Shall we go now? ” Su Qingxue asked. leaf

The sail sat on the bed and waved to the woman, “Come, sit on my lap and let me hug you.” Siu

Qingxue obediently walked over, sat on the man’s thigh, and gently embraced Ye Fan’s neck. leaf

Fan only had one arm around the woman’s waist while the other hand was holding onto her jeans … mouth

He could smell the unique fragrance from Su Qingxue’s body. Looking at her face up close, he could see that there was not a single flaw on her delicate and white skin. Her face was as delicate as a lotus blooming in water, completely natural. leaf

Fan Xian’s breathing became more rapid. He moved one hand upward and held the back of Su Qingxue’s head.

Su Qingxue felt something and quietly closed her beautiful eyes. Her eyelashes trembled with nervousness.

Slowly, as the two of them kissed, the occasional sound of a woman gasping could be heard from the room … Foot

After about ten minutes, Ye Fan let go of the woman, took a deep breath, and said with a bitter smile, “Let’s go. Let’s go out.”

Su Qingxue’s face flushed red. There was a trace of disappointment in her heart and a trace of nervousness as she said, “Hubby …. Actually, I don’t mind if you do. quaque

The clan would not allow us to marry like this, but since we’ve already come this far, we might as well just ignore them. “

“I don’t care about the clan rules at all. However, I will endure it. Your vital yin is more useful for your cultivation. After all, most of the Mysterious Black Underworld’s cultivation techniques are extremely yin. “

Even Ye Fan himself felt that his endurance was too great. His wife, who was as beautiful as a fairy, told him that she could do something at any time, but he actually held it in! Too great! Siu

Gentle Snow twisted her body uncomfortably and said: “But … “Aren’t you upset? You’ve been holding me back for so long …” leaf

Fan Xian swallowed his saliva and carefully tried to whisper a few words into Su Qingxue’s ear …

Very soon, Su Qingxue’s face turned red and her big watery eyes stared at Ye Fan, “Are you a pervert ….”

“Is this also abnormal?” Wasn’t this a very normal interaction … … If you don’t want to, then forget it. If you don’t want to, let’s go. ” leaf

Fan Xian didn’t expect the woman to agree. After all, it seemed unrealistic for Su Qingxue to do such a thing. can

Unexpectedly, Su Qingxue hesitated for a moment and faintly said: “I’ll try … …” leaf

Fan felt his entire body shiver, as if he had been injected with adrenaline, his tongue was tied up, “Really…” Are you for real? ” Siu

Qingxue was speechless. She got up and said, “Why would I lie to you? Go wash yourself, I’m afraid there might be a smell …” leaf

The sails rushed into the bathroom. Not long after, the sound of falling flowers could be heard.

When Ye Fan walked out, his pants had already disappeared. leaf

The sail directly lay on the bed and looked at Su Qingxue expectantly. Siu

Qingxue was also very determined. Her heart was like a hit of a deer, she had never thought that she would do this sort of thing for a man …

However, this might be the power of love. She felt that it wasn’t that hard to accept, as long as a man was happy.

Su Qingxue crawled onto the bed. After hesitating for a while, she lifted up the blanket and covered the lower half of her body and Ye Fan’s body under the blanket … terminal

She was very shy and didn’t want the man to see her like this. leaf

Sail can also understand, to be able to get Su Qingxue to work for him was already very satisfying, he quickly immersed himself in a field of satisfaction … … “

Hiss … “Ah …”

Ye Fan closed his eyes comfortably.

Unknowingly, half an hour had pa.s.sed …

Su Qingxue suddenly pulled away the quilt. Her face was red and her hair was stuck in her sweat. She panted and said with a depressed face, “Hubby, you’re still not done, I’m going to suffocate to death under the quilt.” leaf

Fan Xian embarra.s.sedly carried the woman over and kissed her, saying: “Wife, let’s forget about it. Although it’s quite comfortable, you almost got angry.”

Ye Fan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Compared to a little demoness like Fog Night, Su Qingxue was really not good at this.

“How could that be … I worked so hard, wasn’t it just that little thing? “Su Qingxue was very suspicious and couldn’t help but ask,” Hubby, did you play a lot outside and get sick? ” Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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