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Su Qingxue was not one to be impulsive. She was actually very calm and was also weighing the pros and cons. She wanted to completely lose all decorum with Zhao Tianxuan.

Her logic told her that she could not go head to head with Zhao Tianxuan. The Su family was just a merchant family.

However, she had known Xu Lingshan for more than three years. The two of them had a lot of things going on in their work, and Xu Lingshan was also bleeding and crying for her.

Although one was the CEO and the other was the head of the security forces, both of them viewed each other as their friends and sisters.

Su Qingxue didn’t have many sisters, so Xu Linshan was definitely one. Thus, Su Qingxue’s mind was in a mess and didn’t know what to do.

Zhao Tianxuan’s face was filled with pride and he laughed, “Lingshan, why do you think you are trying to make trouble for your family by coming to Hua Hai? Didn’t you want to come back with me to be my wife?

“Don’t worry. This time, when we get home, I will quickly make a suggestion to the family so that we can get married as soon as possible. From now on, you can be at ease at home and bear my children.”

While he was speaking, Zhao Tianxuan meaningfully glanced at Xu Linshan’s chest. That pair of b.r.e.a.s.t.s was truly attractive to every man.

“Wishful thinking!” I just don’t want an arrogant fellow like you to cause trouble for Boss Su! I won’t marry you, and even if I do, it doesn’t mean that I will agree to it! ” Xu Linshan gritted her teeth.

“Hehe, after we go back, it’s not up to you. Having you come out and act presumptuously for three years is already the limit of Uncle Xu’s tolerance.” Zhao Tianxuan said, “Do you think Uncle Xu and the others really don’t know where you are? The reason why I’m here to find you is because I’m being extra merciful to you. “

When Su Qingxue heard these words and saw the pain in Xu Linshan’s eyes and her sparkling eyes, she could not help but feel a sense of sadness.

They were both women, and he couldn’t help but get married. However, compared to Xu Linshan, he seemed to be more fortunate.

Although Ye Fan was full of flaws, he was at least not like this Zhao Tianxuan.

“Lingshan …” Su Qingxue made up her mind and said seriously, “If you don’t want to go back, I will support you. Don’t make things difficult for yourself. If you need any help, call the police or ask a lawyer. No need to stand on ceremony with me.”

Zhao Tianxuan’s face darkened, “Call the police? A lawyer? Su Qingxue, are you naive or stupid? Do you really want to meddle in our business!? “

Hearing Su Qingxue’s words, she was so touched that she almost shed tears. However, she knew that no matter how hard Su Qingxue called out the wind and rain in the mall, it wouldn’t be able to stop the Zhao and Xu Families’ decision.

“Director Su …” No, I appreciate your kindness. I’m already satisfied with you taking care of a woman like me who can’t do anything but fight for three years.

I’m sorry. “In the future, I won’t be able to travel with you, visit with you, and work for the brocade,” Xu Lingshan said as she silently walked towards the door.

When Su Qingxue heard these words, she felt as if her throat was stuck and her eyes were burning hot.

However, just at this moment, a figure blocked Xu Linshan’s path.

“Ye Fan?”

Xu Linshan stared at the man and asked, “What are you doing?”

The corner of Ye Fan’s mouth slightly lifted, his eyes warm and he said, “Anyways, after eating so many lunches together, if you want to leave, why aren’t you saying your goodbyes to me?”

Xu Linshan recalled the scene where they ate together in the company’s restaurant. She felt a warm but sour feeling in her heart.

“You liar. You married CEO Su, but you’re hiding everything from me. I don’t want to say goodbye to you.” Xu Linshan whispered.

Ye Fan laughed and said: “Okay, Captain Xu, don’t go. Since you don’t want to go, there is no need to force yourself.”

“You’re too naive…” Xu Linshan forced a smile, “There are many things in this world that you can’t do without your own will.”

“To die of old age is indeed uncontrollable. However, if you were to say that you want to marry that guy, I don’t think so.” Ye Fan shook his head.

Zhao Tianxuan was already unable to endure any longer. His anger was like a volcano about to erupt as he loudly cursed, “Ye Fan! Do you really think I don’t dare to touch you!? Don’t you know what’s good for you. You even dare to interfere in the matter between me and my fiancée!? “

“You and your fiancée? Heh … Marriage is between two people, Captain Xu doesn’t think that she’s your fiancee, you forced your way in. This is called stealing the bride, isn’t it? ” Ye Fan sneered.

Zhao Tianxuan stepped forward and faced Ye Fan. With a sharp glint in his eyes, he said, “I don’t want to waste my breath with you. If you don’t mind, I’ll let you be hospitalized today!”

“Don’t be so agitated …” “Actually, I’m not interested in your business. I’m only concerned with my wife’s.” Ye Fan extended his hand and pointed at Su Qingxue beside him.

Su Qingxue frowned, she didn’t know what a man meant.

“What does this have to do with Su Qingxue?” Zhao Tianxuan asked unhappily.

Ye Fan let out a long sigh and asked, “What do you think is the most important thing for a man to get married?”

A thoughtful look appeared in Zhao Tianxuan’s eyes. After a moment of thought, he asked, “Why should I answer you?”

Ye Fan chuckled, “You simply can’t answer that question, because in your eyes, getting married is the same as tying up a female pig to go home. Giving you a live pig is the same, you don’t care about Captain Xu’s inner world at all, right?”

“Mother… Sow? You’re calling me a pig?! ” Zhao Tianxuan widened his eyes.

These words were too vulgar, but the words were straightforward. The reason why Zhao Tianxuan took a fancy to her was because of her figure, looks, and family background. He had never tried to understand her heart.

Ye Fan continued, “I don’t know what other people are thinking, but in my opinion, to a man, the most important thing in marriage is to shoulder all the responsibilities of a family. It can be imperfect, but it must be done with as much responsibility as possible.

To my wife, Captain Xu is a very close friend of hers. If Captain Xu isn’t happy, my wife will be sad too.

So, in order to not make my wife sad, I have to stay behind today, Captain Xu.

Su Qingxue stared blankly at the man. She did not expect Ye Fan to suddenly say something so serious.

Even though she still felt that men were very annoying, her heart felt like it was filled with honey. It was so sweet that she completely ignored the man’s call of “my wife”.

Xu Linshan was also very surprised. There were mixed emotions in her heart. She was happy, moved, and also felt a bit sour as she looked at Su Qingxue beside her with envy.

“Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense!” Zhao Tianxuan’s face turned ashen. He didn’t want to hear it at all so he shouted, “Tie Xiong, cuffed this fellow!”

The tall and st.u.r.dy Iron Bear didn’t say anything further. He took two big steps in front of Ye Fan, took out a big caliber pistol from his waist, and quickly aimed it at Ye Fan’s forehead. Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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