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Ye Feng? “

Su Qingxue, Ling Yuwei, and Mu Mu Mu all trembled. Although they knew that this place wasn’t safe, they never expected that Ye Feng would let so many people outside and come here to find them!

“Sister-in-law, can you open the door? What are you guys doing? ” Ye Feng asked with a smile.

Without saying anything, Su Qingxue released a stream of Dark Nether True Essence and froze the door!

“Sigh… “What’s the point?” Ye Feng sighed. Tight

Then, with a “peng” sound, the whole door was kicked open by Ye Feng. Ice crystals and wood chips flew everywhere. one

With an evil smile on his face, Ye Feng stepped on the door board and entered the resting room. He looked at the blueprint in Ling Yuwei’s hand and said, “What, you want to use the strange formations to stop my little treasures from conquering the world?”

“Ye Feng! You’re dreaming! Do you think you can rely on this little virus to conquer the world!? ” Ling Yuwei said disdainfully.

“Why not? With the help of the G.o.d of Heaven and the bunch of fellows outside, turning the entire world’s humans into my captives, that would be just around the corner … iso

When most of the people in the world are under my control, you guys are the real heretic! This is what a monster is like! ” Ye Feng sneered.

Mu Mu Mu could not help but scold, “You pervert! Madman! What good is this to you!? ” leaf

Feng Feng glared with red eyes: “Shut up! What do you know!? Do you understand the pain, the hurt? Me

I am the grandson of the War G.o.d; I am the successor to the Divine Dragon Clan! My life should have been filled with glory and respect!

If it wasn’t for the appearance of that d.a.m.n guy Ye Fan, how could I have been abandoned? How did he end up as an unhuman, a ghost or not!? Now

After I’ve lost everything, you ask me why I did it? Haha… Of course it’s to let Ye Fan experience what I have experienced! ” leaf

As he spoke, scarlet energy surged out from his body, filling the entire lounge with the smell of blood. Siu

Qingxue quickly protected Mu Mu Mu Mu behind her as she coldly said, “You think that you alone can defeat my husband?”

Why did you defeat him? It’s enough to defeat you… Even if I die, I will make Ye Fan suffer a fate worse than death! ” leaf

He raised his hand and a blood-red energy turned into tentacles, rushing towards Su Qingxue and Mu Mu Mu. Siu

Qingxue pulled Mu Mu Mu and dodged to the side. She released a surge of dark nether true essence and a cold air surged out in an attempt to freeze Ye Feng. can

Ye Feng instantly released another stream of blood-red light, directly blocking this cold air!

“Oh right, you haven’t tried the ‘Demon Dwellers’ serum that G.o.d bestowed upon me, right? Let you become my playthings now…”

As Ye Feng spoke, his body emitted waves of thick blood mist, and the entire resting room was quickly filled with blood mist! Siu

“Upon seeing this, Qingxue hurriedly smashed the window behind her and pushed Mu Mu Mu out!”

Mu Mu, get out! “Weiwei, you run too!”

Mu Mu Mu Mu knew that he couldn’t do anything to help, so he hid outside while trembling and watching the battle in the lounge.

Ling Yuwei also quickly jumped out, but when she turned her head, she was stunned.

Little Snow! What are you doing!? ” Siu

Qingxue didn’t run with him but stood in the b.l.o.o.d.y mist and coldly looked at Ye Feng.

“Sister-in-law, aren’t you running?” Ye Feng smiled playfully.

“Don’t think that I can’t tell, but if a virus like you is really that powerful, then everyone here should be infected by the blood here.

However, most of the people in the clan are still conscious, which means that your demon dweller serum is inferior to the clan’s bloodline, let alone the awakened bloodline. Su Qingxue said.

Ling Yu Wei, who was standing outside, froze for a moment. She hadn’t paid attention to this point, and when she turned around, she found that it really did look like it.

Only a few clan experts were infected. For example, Ye Chunhua and the others were also from the Shen Long family. It was mostly because Ye Feng had stayed in the family for a long time and used some special methods to infect them.

As for the other clansmen, only a small minority were infected. It seemed that the bloodline of the clan had a strong resistance to infection.

“You’re really calm, and you’re still in the mood to a.n.a.lyze this.” Ye Feng sneered, “It’s just that, even if you knew, you wouldn’t be able to stop it. My little darlings are infecting the entire world!”

As Ye Feng said this, he shook his arms. This time, he instantly released hundreds of blood-colored arrows that flew in every direction towards Su Qingxue! This

“It is obvious that the current Su Qingxue cannot withstand the power of this energy!”

“Elder sister!”

“Little Snow!” Outside, Mu Mu Mu and Ling Yuwei were extremely anxious and couldn’t help but scream. can

Su Qingxue’s eyes revealed a hint of coldness. Her entire body suddenly released a majestic icy blue light!

A streak of Netherezim Quintessential Essence was like an icy-blue storm as it surrounded Su Qingxue!

This ice crystal whirlwind directly blocked Ye Feng’s blood-red arrow!

“This is …” Ye Feng frowned, he was stunned. This

Su Qingxue’s body was also rapidly undergoing changes. Her blood, bones, organs, and every cell in her body was losing their temperature and even becoming incomparably cold!

In just a few seconds, Su Qingxue’s eyes turned icy blue and her long hair also turned azure. Her body actually began to show a semitransparent, crystalline texture! Female

It was as if her body had turned into a sculpture of ice. A faint blue energy could be seen flowing rapidly in her body!

The temperature inside and outside the lounge had suddenly dropped below zero. Outside, Mu Mu Mu Mu and Ling Yuwei were trembling with cold!

You. “This is…” Ye Feng was stunned. He could not understand what Su Qingxue was doing in front of him. Although …

However, because of the Xuanming Tribe’s thumb ring, he could not see Su Qingxue’s cultivation level, but from Su Qingxue’s true essence, she should be in the Awakening Realm. can

Now, Su Qingxue actually gave him a very dangerous aura!?

Not only was Ye Feng very surprised, Ling Yuwei and Mu Mu Mu outside were the same! She

Everyone looked at the blue crystal-like Su Qingxue. If it wasn’t for the fact that her hair was still fluttering, and her body wasn’t moving, they would have thought that she was an ice sculpture of Su Qingxue!

“I’m very surprised…” Su Qingxue’s voice was emotionless, it was as cold as her bones, “You haven’t seen it right? The awakening of the Netherezim Bloodline, the Profound Nether Ice Soul … You

“I should feel honored. This is the first time since I have gained enlightenment that I have been able to release it …” leaf

Feng Feng Feng’s face distorted as he said with a sinister smile: “So it’s the awakening state of the Netherezim Bloodline, so what … “Even with Xiao Xin’er’s cultivation, she can’t do anything to me. With your little cultivation, what’s wrong with awakening your bloodline!?”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Feng’s body wiggled and turned into a blood-colored liquid. He suddenly opened his mouth towards Su Qingxue like a blood-colored beast. He opened his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and tried to swallow Su Qingxue up! can

When Ye Feng’s blood-red liquid body was about to attack halfway, he discovered that his attack was quickly slowed down and frozen by a wave of ice-cold mysterious power!

The temperature around Su Qingxue’s body was too low and the power of the Dark Nether was extremely strong. It had already affected the flow of Ye Feng’s energy particles! leaf

He struggled back to his human form and took two steps back. His eyes were unsettled … He

He suddenly discovered that his Blood Demon body was being restrained by Su Qingxue’s Abyss Ice Soul!

Although the attacking power of the Xuanming Tribe was weak, it was still extremely strong! Siu

Gentle Snow took the initiative to take a step forward. With every step, more ice crystals would form on the ground … “

Even though your death isn’t worthy of lament, but from the point of view of blood, you are my husband’s younger brother after all …

Thus, if it was possible, I didn’t want to kill you. Even if I had to die, I could die by someone else’s hands… But

It was now … I don’t think I have a choice. Since they can’t do anything to you, I’ll have to do it … ” leaf

He didn’t know why, but he felt a deep fear in his heart. The woman in front of him was like a blade made of ice, holding onto his neck!

The instinctive fear caused Ye Feng to turn his head, turning into a blood colored liquid and planning to escape!

However, Su Qingxue’s blue eyes quickly flashed. A surging dark energy surged in the corridor outside the resting room. The ice crystal storm surged, directly freezing and shattering the wall! “

Icy River Destroyer! ” Mystical

The power of the underworld converged from the woman’s body, from all directions, and even from the underground water! build

The blue-white energy within the building was like an ice river from the netherworld. It was dreamy and dreamlike, beautiful, but with an ice-cold killing intent!

“The ice river churned and surged, freezing Ye Feng’s entire body in the middle of the glacier torrent!”

No! No! “No! — ah! —”

Ye Feng’s miserable scream was mixed in the ice and snow waves. He found that he couldn’t control his body because even his soul was frozen and crushed by the ice water!? loss

The last second before he lost consciousness, Ye Feng was filled with endless regret. He only wished that Su Qingxue had hidden it so deeply!? external

The two girls were stupefied, while Ling Yuwei felt a chill in her heart. She could tell from Su Qingxue’s words that Su Qingxue had been deliberately hiding her true strength? very

From what she said, Ye Fan didn’t even know that she had already awakened her Netherezim Bloodline to this extent?! Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.


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