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1852 Old

Immortal Spirit World, Northern Xuan Sect.

At a construction site that was currently under construction, a group of construction workers were using various machines to build optical cables for the Northern Xuan Sect.

Many of the disciples of the Bei Xuan sect were also idling idly, watching on the side. Each and every one of them felt a sense of freshness. Only

It was a pity that they couldn’t talk to the workers because they couldn’t speak the language.

On one of the buildings, a middle-aged cultivator asked, “Great Elder, I heard that they are digging a hole to connect to Feng Lin Hai, the Cold Light Sect, and the Eastern Emperor Sect? Wouldn’t that mean we have to cross the seabed? “

The Great Elder in front of him was none other than the current number one member of the Northern Profound Sect, Elder Pei Hua.

Since the Old Ancestor and the Sect Leader were not present, Pei Hua was the only one with the highest qualifications and naturally became the person in charge of the Northern Xuan Sect. Pei

Elder Hua was in high spirits lately, so he stroked his beard and said: “Hmm …” “Exactly.”

This is too amazing, wouldn’t the seawater be poured in? ” The group of cultivators were all shocked.

“Of course not. When the time comes, these cables will be wrapped in pipelines and will be waterproof.” Elder Pei Hua said.

“Oh? I heard that with this fiber optic cable, it can allow the entire Ancient Immortal Spirit World to send out messages that can travel thousands of miles in an instant. Even mortals can send messages. another cultivator asked. Pei

Actually, even Elder Hua himself did not know much about it. He had only heard some new words because he had partic.i.p.ated in the meeting that Nian Lu Jiao had presided over. Thus, he said loudly, “What do you know? This is called communication technology, not letters, information. “When the time comes, there will be cellphones and computers that will be used to read this information …” one

The cultivator revealed an expression of admiration because he could not understand what Elder Pei Hua was saying at all.

Feeling the looks of respect from the juniors behind her, Elder Pei Hua felt very comfortable and couldn’t conceal the pride on her face.

Elder, I also heard that the Prehistoric Stone won’t be directly traded in the future? The newly established Ancient Immortal Spirit World bank or something, would issue something in currency? ” Pei

Hua Hua nodded, “That’s right …” Therefore, before we calculate the actual value of this Great Desolation Stone, we must reduce the consumption of the Great Desolation Stone that we store.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to casually throw away the Desolate Stone that has consumed all of your spiritual energy. In the future, it will all be of value … “

Just as Elder Pei Hua was instructing the group of disciples, two disciples flew over in panic.

Great Elder! Great Elder is in trouble! ” two

“A disciple of famous pill cultivation flew up to the balcony, his face full of nervousness and apprehension.”

What is it? How is it proper for you to be in such an ugly state?! ” Elder Pei Hua reprimanded.

A disciple swallowed his saliva and reported, “Just now, when we were checking the storage room of the Great Desolate Stone, we found that the Great Desolate Stone inside was missing thirty million stones!”

“What!?” Elder Pei Hua was on the verge of going insane. “Did you see wrongly!?” Triple

Ten million stones was simply equivalent to taking the life of the Northern Xuan Sect. That was equivalent to the life of a small mountain!

“This… This is too obvious, there’s a huge pile missing when we go in, it’s like we just disappeared into thin air! ” Another disciple said with a sullen face and a trembling voice. Pei

Elder Hua and the group of cultivators behind him all had pale faces. Without a word, they flew towards the storage room.

As a matter of fact, even though cultivators could enter the storage room of the Northern Xuan Sect, the magic tools, Primordial Stone, and herbs were all placed in restrictions and formations.

If he tried to forcibly seize it, he would activate the restrictive spell and issue an alarm, creating a trap for him to attack.

These restrictive spells had been set up by Patriarch Xuanhai, and could not be taken from him by force, even if they were his habitat, so that he would not be discovered.

Even a Heaven Seizing Supreme Elder might not be able to steal away so many prehistoric stones.

When Elder Pei Hua and her men rushed to the scene and saw that the storage room was suddenly empty, all of the cultivators were dumbfounded.

“The array formation was clearly still there, but the Great Desolate Stone that was enveloped inside is all gone!?”

“Puff, puff …”

Pei Hua’s legs went limp and he collapsed onto the floor. His eyes stared blankly and despair filled his face…

… …. night

Late at night, in a high cla.s.s restaurant of a five-star hotel in Hua Hai, a group of well-dressed men and women were drinking wine together in the biggest private room.

On the television, the English Super League was playing. The two teams had already played to the second half of the game … “

“Boss Lang, with your status and status, since you like football so much, it’s time to buy a Premiership team. I heard that the boss of the Brown team is considering selling the team, you can consider it.” A blonde white man said with a smile.

Lang Zhongxing sat in the host’s seat and raised his red wine cup with a carefree smile on his face, “Mr. Hart, I would like to learn from you in this aspect.”

Does your family have two magnesium rugby teams and a magnesium major league baseball team? “I am really envious of you…” “

Haha, he’s only in the same possession as the other families. Besides, among the people present, who didn’t buy some shares in the team? “the rich merchant called Hart said humbly.

Lang Zhongxing nodded with a smile. This table was filled with business experts from all over the world. Before he ascended to the throne of the richest man in Hua Hai, could it be possible for these people to invite a table for a meal to discuss business?

At this moment, the private box’s door was pushed open. Thinking that it was a waiter who had just entered, Lang Zhongxing turned around only to find that it was Feng Yueying, who was dressed in a casual sweater and sneakers, slowly walking into the private box.

“Wow, there’s quite a lot of people. It seems that there’s no more seats for me.” Feng Yueying smiled as she walked to the other side of the table, just in time to face Lang Zhongxing. one

The group of guests all looked at Feng Yueying strangely. Some of them recognized her as the president of the brocade department, but some of them had never seen her before. lang

Zhong Xing narrowed his eyes with suspicion on his face, but most of them were displeased, “Director Feng, it isn’t polite for you to suddenly disturb someone’s meal.”

Feng Yueying ignored him, turning her head to look at the live broadcast of the football match behind her.

“Does Director Lang like watching football?” lang

ZTE stood up with an ugly expression and said, “Feng Yueying, before I can speak properly, I’ll ask you to leave. The people sitting here are all distinguished guests …”

Feng Yueying continued, “I don’t think football is interesting at all. Anyway, I think whoever wins will win. I think whoever loses will lose.” in

The other guests couldn’t help but laugh.

Haha, lady, could it be that you are a fortune-teller? ” The rich merchant called Hart laughed.

Feng Yueying pointed at the team on TV, “Next up, the team in blue will lose points, and the team in black and white will win.” lang

ZTE laughed, “Director Feng, do you know anything about b.a.l.l.s? Do you know? Lan Yue is the one who plays the magpie, Lan Yue is at the top of the list, and the magpie is the team from the demoted area … It’s all thanks to good fortune in a draw, Magpie couldn’t possibly … ” Speak

Before he could finish, the television suddenly filled with the pa.s.sionate cheers of the audience! ma.s.s

The crowd was stunned for a moment. They only saw Magpie’s footage revisit in slow motion. A continuous stream of players, Lan Yue’s defender being deceived, then shot at the goal. The goalkeeper slipped, missed!? Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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