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The masked man’s reaction was extremely fast. Seeing that Ye Fan was right in front of him, his right hand flashed with a scarlet flame, his two fingers were like sharp blades, piercing towards Ye Fan’s chest!

He was also a profound pract.i.tioner; melee combat was exactly what he wanted! can

Sigh, he didn’t know that Ye Fan, who was standing in front of him, was even more eager for a melee fight!

Before he could touch Ye Fan, Ye Fan had already grabbed his right wrist!

A completely unstoppable huge force came from Ye Fan’s finger … “

“Crack, crack, crack …” hand

His bones were shattered!

“Ah!” The long-haired man’s eyes were wide open as he cried out in pain! in

His cultivation was at the ninth level of Life Destruction, yet he was actually unable to withstand the strength of the hand of the man in front of him!? This

Was he still human!? Even monsters should not be like this!

At the same time, the remaining black clothed swordsmen had already flown behind Ye Fan and surrounded him. leaf

The sail didn’t even look at it as it summoned a dozen flying swords. Dozens of golden beams streaked across the sky behind it! “

“Swish swish swish …” WAN

As if a dozen or so strong gales had pa.s.sed by, how could those who were composed of spirit bodies be able to block the disintegrating Unparalleled Sword Intent? They were directly pierced through the head and fell down one by one! “

Sword Intent!? ” The long-haired man turned pale with fright, his body trembling uncontrollably. Impossible … This pressure … Could it be … Di … “Monarch …” leaf

The sails were too lazy to say anything more. With a single wave of his hand, he had shattered the fellow’s throat and broken his spine!

Sending a Long Habitat and a bunch of shrimp soldiers and crab generals to kill him? It was understandable, but it was not challenging at all … Total

In less than half a minute, the entire group of had died, with the exception of the one who was fighting the golden spear! leaf

The sail took off the long hair commander’s mask, a strange middle-aged man’s face, did not recognize.

After searching for a while, he found a token within his storage ring that had his ident.i.ty marked … “

Defend against thousands of enemies, Chu Wei… ” Ye Fan’s eyes flashed with a chill. This

Since this fellow was a subordinate of the Qi King, these people were sent by him. There was no way that the Qi King would come and kill him for no reason, and only by the orders of Emperor of the Underworld.

No wonder he was suddenly asked to partic.i.p.ate in Dong Shou’s compet.i.tion. Even though he had already guessed that there was some sort of arrangement, this “great gift” was simply too excessive. “

Your father saved your son … Yet, you sent someone to kill me … “No matter what, he’s still a son-in-law. His heart is quite dark …” leaf

Fan took a deep breath. The most heartless of them all was the Emperor’s house. He had finally experienced it for himself.

Just because he had revealed his genius side, he was going to kill him?

“If you’re heartless, then don’t blame me for being unrighteous …” leaf

Although the sail was not a vengeful person, since the Emperor had the intention to kill, then leaving something behind would become a disaster sooner or later.

This time, they just happened to be a few hundred miles away from the Imperial City.

As for Su Qingxue … He couldn’t think too much into it. He couldn’t keep him around just because he was his father-in-law and let him send people to him, right? leaf

After pondering for a moment, Fan Xian’s expression changed to that of a cold star before changing into a new set of clothes.

After confirming that he had left nothing out, Ye Fan immediately flew up on his sword, flying towards the direction of the main group of people. semi

On the way, Ye Fan saw that Baili Jinge was still being held down by the ghost guard, and directly threw out a beam of sword light!

As the golden lance was in the midst of a fierce battle, it suddenly felt a pressure in the air, causing its movements to falter! with

After that, a peerless power descended from the sky and the enemy groaned. He had died!

“Who is it?!” The golden lance lifted its head, but there was no sign of it.

After a moment of confusion, he suddenly thought of Ye Fan. Hesitating for a moment, he still clenched his teeth and ran deeper into the forest, loudly shouting “Prince Consort Ye” while running.

What he did not know was that Prince Consort Ye’s horse had already flown through the fog of the forest and returned to the sky above the army! h.o.m.o-

While w.a.n.g and Emperor Shaotian were talking about the demonic beast they had just hunted, they suddenly felt a terrifying pressure from above suddenly envelop them! “

Not good! Your Majesty, be careful! “

The Qi King was the first to sense that something was amiss, his entire body suffused with a blue light, as his Heavenly King Stage aura erupted forth. An icy-blue mist of energy began to envelop his entire body!

When he raised his head, his pair of dark blue eyes revealed a trace of shock!

This … This is!? “

An unfamiliar man, with a pair of wings made of countless sharp swords unfurling behind his back, covered in golden flames, descended from the sky with a pitch-black greatsword in his hand!

“Royal brother, run!” The Qi King screamed at the top of his lungs! paraphrodisiaca, phlegmatic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic, phthisic and phthisic

De Di also felt his scalp go numb, his eyes flashed with disbelief and fear, “How is this possible … This is the emperor level sword intent!? ” By

According to historical records, only Overlord level Sword Intent could create such a domineering pressure and aura. This sort of mysterious feeling was something that no other sword Intent could possess! He

Even if we haven’t met before, we only needed to come to a realization upon contact!

Ye Fan knew that the Qi King was at the level of a Heavenly King, so he directly disintegrated and rushed over.

If it was not enough, he would consider disintegrating it with his sword intent… He would not reveal too much of his strength. After all, the more moves he had, the safer he would be. To

In terms of the Divine Dragon Bloodline, Ye Fan was completely hidden. After all, it was too easy for them to become suspicious.

With a quick dive, Ye Fan waved the huge black sword, chopping down towards the Emperor of the Underworld! gigantism

The sword drew out a huge blade of light that was dozens of meters long. Even though the Emperor of the Underworld had already retreated, it was still difficult to dodge! in

With the cultivation of the Netherworld Great Emperor, there was no way that he would be able to block this sword strike!

“Deep Sword to stop the water!” kilo-

With that, Qi w.a.n.g and Su Qi jumped behind the Emperor of the Underworld. Both of his palms pushed out a sword light and a surging wave of Heavenly King’s cold energy surged upwards like a tide of ice! leaf

After the sails’ sword intent collided with the sails, although the sails still fell, their speed clearly became slower!

At this moment, the Emperor of the Underworld took this opportunity to spread out his icy wings and fly a great distance away in the blink of an eye!

As for the other civil and military officials, the garrison troops did not have the guts to stay and had long turned into a flock of birds! leaf

Fan did not expect that the Su Clan’s innate ability would even affect his sword intent, slowing it down.

Seeing that Emperor Ming De had successfully escaped, Su Qi breathed a sigh of relief, then asked with a sharp gaze, “Who are you?! How dare you the Great Conquest Emperor!? “

“Ye Fan naturally did not answer and immediately increased his speed. With the Dragon Scale Sword Wings’ speed advantage, he once again caught up to Emperor of the Underworld!”

Protect the king! “Protect the king!”

The face of the Emperor became ashen. He discovered that even if he used his full strength, he still could not escape!? posterior

The facing Prince Qi had already rushed to the rescue from the wind, but as a profound pract.i.tioner, even if it was a Sky King, his mobility was not comparable to Ye Fan’s Swordwing at all! leaf

This time, the sail didn’t plan to give Su Qi any opportunity to block it. Relying on its advantage in speed, it directly arrived in front of the Emperor of the Underworld and suddenly landed, blocking Su Qi’s path! Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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