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“Is that so?” Ye Fan turned around and looked at Ning Xuemo, “Ning’er, what do you think we should do?”

Ning Xuemo’s eyes flickered as she leisurely said, “Who doesn’t know how to scare people? Ning Hongtao, why do you think that our brothers from the Purple Bamboo Forest are no match for the Hall of Blood?”

Ning Hongtao sneered, “You really won’t cry until you see the coffin. My poor niece, it seems that you have already forgotten the terror of our Hall of Blood after leaving the Ning Family for only a few years?”

As he spoke, Ning Hongtao used his phone to make a video call.

Not long after, someone answered the phone and a young man’s face appeared on the screen.

Ning Hongtao was about to speak when he saw the young man who answered the phone. He was stunned and exclaimed, “Who are you?!”

The young man grinned and said, “Alliance Head Ning, you don’t know me, but I recognize your appearance. I’m the third son of the Sun family of the Iron Blood Union, Sun Yu. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Iron Blood Alliance!?” Sun family!? ” Ning Hongtao’s scalp tingled. He felt that something was amiss.

Wei Jianmin and the rest of the people beside him also looked over in surprise when they heard this sound.

“Why did you pick up the phone!?” Ning Hongtao asked loudly.

Sun Yu shrugged and turned the phone camera to look behind him.

He saw that the group of people led by the longhaired man, led by Blood Slaughter Hall members, were either dead or injured. They had been tidied up to the point where they kneeled on the ground and were tied up into a ball.

“Sorry, your people … “I don’t have the face to see you.” Sun Yu sneered.

Ning Hongtao suddenly understood something as he scolded, “How dare your Iron Blood Union interfere in this matter!? Do you think that just your Sun family can win against our Ning and Wei families’ alliance!? “

“Hehe, can you win or not? Why don’t you ask your subordinates in other places?” Sun Yu hung up the phone after he finished speaking.

Ning Hongtao’s hands were trembling as he hurriedly dialed another number.

When another video call connected, the person who appeared was still a young man whom Ning Hongtao did not know!

“And who are you!?” Ning Hongtao roared.

The handsome young man seemed to have just finished a fight and was wiping the blood off his face with a towel.

He held his cell phone and smiled at Ning Hongtao, “Alliance Head Ning, this junior is Dongfang Ming from the Azure Sun a.s.sociation of the Dongfang Family. I’m sorry, your people …” There’s no way to answer the phone now. “

“East… The Dongfang family!? ” Ning Hongtao gritted his teeth. “You and the Sun family have colluded to help the Purple Bamboo Forest!?”

Dongfang Ming laughed and said, “Alliance Head Ning, we’re not targeting the Sword Alliance. It’s just that both of our families have received Mr. Ye’s favor. My life was saved by Mr. Ye, and our benefactor has hopes. How can we refuse?”

Ning Hongtao’s face turned green. He threw his phone to the ground and stomped on it until it turned to sc.r.a.p.

Both of his eyes revealed a vicious light as he fiercely stared at Ye Fan and said: “Surnamed Ye……” You are really cruel, the Dongfang family and Sun family can actually be bought by you!? Just how much benefit did you give them!? “

Ye Fan didn’t answer, instead, he turned around and shouted into the tea house, “Dongfang Family Head, Sun Family Head, did I bribe you guys?”

Soon, two middle-aged men led a group of people out of the tea house with smiles on their faces.

These two people were Dongfang Bai from the Dongfang family, and Sun Zhuo from the Sun family.

With the sudden appearance of the two Patriarchs, the scene became even more chaotic.

At this moment, the heads of the four families of China’s five underground families were all standing at the scene!

“Mr. Ye has done a great favor for both of our families. We, who mix in the martial arts world, talk about loyalty. Do you still need to talk about buying a small thing like this?”

“That’s right, Alliance Head Ning. You’ve come all the way from Sichuan to this place. You really make us anxious!” Sun Zhuo laughed and said, “We arrived in the afternoon and even drank tea for a while!”

Ning Hongtao, Wei Jianmin, and the others all looked as if they had eaten a c.o.c.kroach. Their expressions were extremely conflicted and they were unable to say a single word for a long time.

They had never thought that the battle that they thought they had the advantage in would turn out to be a crushing defeat for them!

No one would have thought that Ye Fan had once saved the sons of Dongfang Bai and Sun Zhuo. Even Dongfang Bai’s sister, Xu Lingshan’s mother, Dongfang Xuan, was saved by Ye Fan!

Ning Xuemo stepped forward and said, “Ning Hongtao, you’ve already lost. The entire Blood Slaughter Hall has suffered a great loss in vitality. This is the price for your arrogance!”

“Humph!” “I’ve never thought that you would find such an extraordinary man. You truly deserve to be my niece. You’ve ‘sold’ yourself for a good price!” Ning Hongtao snorted coldly.

“No matter how much you hurt me, I won’t care. “I just want those people who follow me to live a better life. Everything I do is not only for my own sake!” Ning Xuemo replied.

When Ning Zimo found out that Ye Fan had called over all the people from the Dongfang and Sun families, she was shocked by the man’s influence.

Only then did the woman know that Ye Fan had already quietly become the benefactor of the Sun and Dongfang families, and also one of the big figures that the two families wanted to curry favor with.

Although she had long felt the connection between Ye Fan and the military, but it was still the first time that she had experienced the relationship between Ye Fan and the underground family.

The Sun family and the Dongfang family were not far from Hua Hai. This time, they could be said to be “saving a fire in the middle of a river”. They were relying on Ye Fan’s face!

Secondly, Ye Fan felt that the Jianghu was in trouble. If the Purple Bamboo Forest relied on the army to settle the Sword and Saber Alliance, then in the future, they would be branded with the military’s name, and it would be very difficult for them to gain the recognition of the other underground gangs.

Ning Hongtao saw that he had lost all of his power and had no means to threaten Ye Fan anymore. He could only let out a sad laugh, “Good …” I was careless, but don’t think that I will kneel and beg for mercy! Even if I, Ning Hongtao, am to die, I will drag a few people down with me! “

Finishing his words, Ning Hongtao waved his hand and the few people in front all stepped aside.

The three Sword and Saber Alliance martial pract.i.tioners following behind were actually able to resist the three rocket launchers. They instantly shot out three rocket launchers!

This frightened the people of the Dongfang family and Sun family. No one would have thought that the Ning family had such a big firearm!

But before anyone could see it clearly, Ye Fan had already pulled out three throwing knives from Ning Xuemo’s waist, and threw them towards the three flying rockets!

“Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!”

Three throwing knives accurately intercepted the three rockets and exploded in midair!

This sudden three explosions once again intimidated everyone by Ye Fan’s astonishing strength.

However, Ye Fan turned his head and called out to Ning Xuemo, “Ning’er!”

Ning Xuemo abruptly reacted. Her hand shot out three throwing knives like lightning. The three blades that were infused with true energy pierced through the throats of the three men holding the rocket launchers!

Ning Hongtao’s face had already turned ashen upon seeing this, despair filling his eyes.


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