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There was only the sound of a thunderclap, and it caused the entire Barley to tremble!

Su Qingxue opened her eyes wide and her face was full of surprise.

Ye Fan’s entire face turned green. He suddenly ran to the window and opened the curtain, only to find that it was already completely covered in dark clouds. It was so late at night and a thunderstorm was about to come!

“I… I… What the f * ck! “

Ye Fan wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Although the rain season was usually in winter, it shouldn’t rain at this time right?

When Ye Fan turned around, he discovered that Su Qingxue was actually covering her red lips with one hand. She was smiling so much that her shoulders were trembling, and her pair of beautiful eyes were looking at him mischievously.

It was the first time she saw Su Qingxue smile so happily. A woman seemed to enjoy seeing him embarra.s.sed.

“Wife, this has nothing to do with my oath! I’m talking about thunder, not thunder! What I said just now is true! ” Ye Fan hurriedly explained.

Su Qingxue stopped smiling, but her face was still rosy. She nodded and said, “You don’t need to explain, since I already know, the heavens already told me the answer.

Just look down on me. I’m relying on you anyway, and now that things have turned out this way, I can’t change anything anymore. “

With that, Su Qingxue laid on the bed and put a pillow on herself and said: “I need to rest. I’m too tired today, so you can go play by yourself.”

With a bitter face, Ye Fan threw himself onto the bed and said to the woman, “Wife, don’t be like this. I really don’t feel like you are relying on me. Don’t be angry at me.”

“I’m not angry,” Su Qingxue said flatly with her eyes closed.

“I don’t believe it. You must be feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t expect that Rebus would come tonight …” Ye Fan said in distress.

“I already said it, I’m not angry, I have no right to be angry at you, you are so amazing, both a Legend and a Sovereign King’s … …

What do I care? A small merchant would benefit from your help in the first place, and if I don’t like it, then I would be too outrageous, wouldn’t I? ” Su Qingxue said leisurely.

The more Ye Fan heard, the more his scalp went numb, “Wife, don’t say that. The more I hear, the more panicked I feel. You open your eyes and look at me. My eyes are very sincere, you can definitely feel it.”

Su Qingxue sighed and turned around to look at the man before opening her beautiful eyes.

The two looked at each other. Su Qingxue suddenly stretched out her hand and placed it on Ye Fan’s face.

Ye Fan’s body trembled, his eyes slightly fluctuating. This was the first time that Su Qingxue took the initiative to do such a kind of intimate action.

“I already said that I’m not angry, so why don’t you believe me? Do you think I really can’t feel it, or do you look down on me in your heart?

Actually, sometimes I am just too arrogant. You treat me well, I know that, but I always have to do it myself…

When you think about it, there are a lot of other women who buy and buy at home, look at their children, and eat men, men, and live men, and they’re all alive and well.

“No matter how useless I am, I’m still a rich little woman, right? Compared to those women, I think I’m still pretty good, right?” Su Qingxue blinked her eyes.

Ye Fan finally let out a sigh of relief in his heart, and hurriedly grabbed the woman’s hand and said, “My wife, if you think like this, then I am relieved. Actually, you know, even if you don’t do anything and just buy things at home every day and play around, I will never despise you.

What I like is you, it has nothing to do with what president you are, what chairman you are, what career you have. “

“Yes.” Su Qingxue nodded, “I know. Actually, after meeting you, through the people you know, through the things you did, especially after meeting Mr. Leibson today … …” I’ve thought it through a lot.

To you, my small inheritance is nothing. You can take it as a matter of course that you don’t take it to heart.

But I took over the embroidery group from my grandparents. This was the company that I came to look after since I was young. I had feelings for them, and those employees were thousands of families. They also wanted me to take care of them.

So, it’s impossible for me to just be a woman who only knows how to buy and buy. Don’t mind my little job, okay? “

“Heh heh …” Ye Fan looked at this she-like woman, and was extremely happy in his heart.

Su Qingxue’s white and tender face looked a little like a white bun, and her pouting face was truly attractive.

Ice Mountain beauties were not rare. What was rare was the warmth that appeared when the ice mountain dissolved.

At this moment, looking at his wife and listening to her sweet and gentle voice, he felt that she was the most adorable woman in the world.

“Wife, can you call me ‘hubby’? I’ve already called you wife for so long, I really want to hear you call me ‘husband’. Ye Fan wanted to strike the iron while it was hot.

When Su Qingxue heard this, she pursed her lips and looked around, “You can’t, you haven’t proposed marriage to me yet ….”

“Ahh …” Ye Fan rubbed the back of his head in disappointment, “That’s right, then let me think of a way to propose to you.”

Su Qingxue pouted and said, “Ye Fan, do you really want to officially marry me? You don’t mind me doing it, do you? “I really have a bad temper …”

“Wife, at this time, why are you still asking this kind of question?” Ye Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Haven’t we been together for more than half a year? Do you see how I dislike you?”

“Then what the h.e.l.l do you like about me? Don’t you have a lot of beautiful women by your side? Even if I’m a bit more beautiful than them now, but I’m old, so wouldn’t I be less good-looking than young girls?” Su Qingxue asked curiously.

Ye Fan sighed and held the woman’s head close to his chest.

Su Qingxue leaned on Ye Fan’s chest, and her delicate body froze. She nervously asked in a low voice, “You …. What are you doing … … “

“Hush, listen quietly.” Ye Fan said seriously.

Su Qingxue blinked and quietly listened.

“Did you hear my heartbeat?” Ye Fan asked.

“Hmm …” Su Qingxue nodded, “What happened?”

Ye Fan said, “Before I met you, I never held a woman and my heart would beat faster. If I kissed a woman, my heart would be uncontrollable.

I don’t care if you have a bad temper or not. I don’t care if you are causing trouble for no reason.

Su Qingxue’s blurry gaze was stuck on Ye Fan’s chest. She seemed to have gone silly as she listened to the powerful heartbeat coming from inside.


There was another clap of thunder and heavy rain outside.

Su Qingxue, who was in the room, could only hear the sounds of “bang bang”, “bang”. Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.


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