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My Cold And Beautiful Wife is a web novel completed by 霉干菜烧饼.
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Behind the girl, an unfamiliar man had appeared.

The man’s face was pale and his eyes were slightly sunken. He had a head of red hair tied in a ponytail and was wearing a black robe. His appearance was strange and charming.

“Lady Mu, come with me!” The man let out a slightly high-pitched voice that sounded like a woman’s as he grinned evilly and said.

Mu Mu Mu Mu’s face turned bloodless just from seeing this weirdo. Hearing this strange voice, his entire body trembled.

“You … And who are you!? ” Mu Mu Mu asked in shock.

“I’m just a ghost slave, not worth mentioning.”

“Ghost …” “Ghost slaves?” Mu Mu Mu felt chills run down his spine when he heard this name. “What is a ghost slave?”

“A ghost slave is a ghost slave, it’s nothing.” The ghost slave whispered.

Mu Mu Mu was completely confused by his words. “You all … Why did you want to capture me? “

The ghost slave smiled and said, “Ghost slaves are only responsible for carrying out the responsibilities of servants, they don’t ask the reason.”

Song Yang, who was currently entangled by the four swordsmen, saw the ghost slave that had appeared out of nowhere, and a sliver of shock appeared in his eyes.

“Miss Mu, come closer to me!”

Song Yang sidestepped the two sword lights and dashed towards Mu Mu Mu Mu.

Mu Mu Mu reacted, wanting to turn around and run away, but she discovered that the ghost slave had already appeared in front of her, blocking her path!

So fast! Mu Mu Mu Mu didn’t even see how this person had managed to bypa.s.s her and stand in front of her!

The ghost servant didn’t care about Mu Mu Mu’s surprise as he looked coldly at Song Yang.

Song Yang’s true qi burst out from the dagger. After a somersault in the air, he quickly descended and with a lightning-fast slash, he landed on the ghost slave’s neck.

The ghost slave moved like a ghost, avoiding Song Yang’s attack.

However, Song Yang had already expected that this ghost slave’s lightness skills were extraordinary. Otherwise, he would not be able to approach it silently, and he would not even be able to detect it.

Therefore, Song Yang’s goal was only to get to Mu Mu Mu Mu and escape with the girl.

It seemed that this group of people only wanted to kidnap Mu Mu Mu Mu, so they wouldn’t kill him. He didn’t have to worry about Mu Mu Mu’s safety.

“Miss Mu, run to the east. Don’t stop running!” I’ll cover the rear! ” Song Yang said.

Mu Mu Mu immediately dashed towards the direction of the sound upon hearing his words. Even though the girl’s speed wasn’t that fast, she had to exert all of her strength in order to survive.

The ghost slave was not in a hurry and said with a gloomy face, “You don’t know what’s good for you. I had wanted to follow Master’s words and kill less, but if you dare to obstruct Master’s great cause, don’t blame the ghost slave for being ruthless.”

Finished speaking, the ghost slave waved his hand and the four swordsmen moved from Song Yang’s sides to surround Mu Mu.

The ghost slave moved in the shape of a snake, its body like lightning as it approached Song Yang.

Song Yang wanted to protect Mu Mu Mu, but with the Ghost Slave’s ability to split the troops into three sides, he had no choice.

Song Yang gritted his teeth and planned to finish off the ghost slave before he went to chase after Mu Mu Mu. Thus, his body’s speed was raised to the limit. Instead of retreating, he advanced and quickly approached the ghost slave.

As the two of them faced each other, the Ghost Slave’s agile figure also had very little chance of creating confusion. At a close distance, Song Yang took a step forward and stabbed the black gold dagger towards the Ghost Slave’s fatal throat!

Unexpectedly, the ghost slave did not attempt to dodge such a fatal attack. Instead, it reached out a hand towards the dagger!

“Clang!” The sound of metal colliding rang out and sparks flew in all directions!

Song Yang was surprised to find that one of the ghost slave’s hands was made of a special type of metal, it was like the demonic claw of a demon!

Was this guy a human or a ghost?! Song Yang was particularly afraid of this, but he did not stop his attacks. He used one leg to viciously strike at the ghost slave’s abdomen!

The ghost slave did not dodge and got hit on the waist. It was so painful that it let out a groan, but immediately after, it used its left hand to viciously grab Song Yang’s thigh!


His pants had been cut open and his sharp claws had clawed out several b.l.o.o.d.y lines!

Song Yang was in pain. He was glad that the claw did not have poison on it. Otherwise, he might just die.

But after this confrontation, he noticed that although the ghost slave’s movement technique was swift and fierce, its cultivation was actually on par with his.

In addition, Song Yang’s combat techniques were more biased towards actual combat. As such, the two of them could be said to be on par with each other and it would be difficult to determine the victor in a short period of time.

Even though Song Yang was anxious to save Mu Mu, he had no other choice but to kill the ghost slave first.

At the same time, Mu Mu Mu had already been surrounded by the four swordsmen.

The girl had thought that she was doomed and would definitely be kidnapped. However, just as the four swordsmen were about to capture her, six figures jumped down from the trees on both sides of the road. Each of them brought out swords and other weapons as they viciously attacked Mu Mu Mu!

The six masked men were all wearing black night clothes. They looked like from an ancient costume drama.

Mu Mu Mu screamed in fright. The four swordsmen, on the other hand, had already reacted and attacked the six, afraid that Mu Mu Mu would be killed!

In an instant, the four grey robed swordsmen and the six masked clashed and actually threw Mu Mu Mu to the side!

When Song Yang heard the sounds of fighting coming from the other side, he was confused about what had happened. Unexpectedly, he became distracted and revealed a flaw!


The ghost slaves saw that Song Yang had opened up an opening, and used their claws to grab at Song Yang’s chest like evil spirits digging out his heart!

Song Yang cursed inwardly, but his body was already too late to react. With his feet in the air, he was unable to dodge!

In a flash, a figure rushed out from the bushes by the side of the road. His shoulder struck the ghost slave’s body!

After the ghost slave was. .h.i.t by the figure that was so fast that it could not react, it was directly sent flying like a cannonball. Its body forcibly broke a tree as it violently vomited out a few mouthfuls of blood!

Seeing the man standing there in the darkness with a cold expression, Song Yang was already drenched in cold sweat and a glimmer of hope appeared once more.


The person who came was Ye Fan. Ye Fan drove over, and when he was halfway there, he discovered that he needed to take a detour, so he let Su Qingxue drive the car.

Even though he had hurried over, Ye Fan still did not arrive immediately. Fortunately, he managed to save Song Yang’s life.

Ye Fan did not pay attention to Song Yang’s shouts. He turned his head and saw ten figures engaged in a chaotic battle. Then, he quickly ran over!

These ten shadows were engaged in an intense battle. Although the grey-clothed swordsmen were stronger, they were two fewer in number. Both sides were evenly matched.

Ye Fan rushed to the scene. Who cares who these people were, in his eyes, a group of Xiantian realm martial artists were nothing more than a bunch of chickens and dogs.

After sending one of them flying with a single punch and knocking one over with a single kick, the group of people spat out a mouthful of blood. Three of them had already died on the spot.

Seeing Ye Fan’s sudden appearance, Mu Mu Mu’s crying face immediately stopped and it seemed to turn silly. Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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