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Read My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1159: Snow Eagle King

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After Qingfeng Li used the ‘Lion Roar,’ the demonic snow snakes in front of him all died instantly.

Although the physical bodies of the snakes could not be destroyed, their spirit energy could. Once their spirit energy was destroyed, their lives would be taken as well.

The demonic snow snakes at the back saw the deaths of their own kind, turned around, and started to escape.

With the intention to kill, Qingfeng opened his mouth once again, wanting to kill the escaping snakes with ‘Lion Roar.’

A giant sonic wave was formed as Qingfeng Li used the Lion Roar again and killed those fleeing snakes.

In an instant, hundreds of snakes all died, and their bodies were piled up like a snow mountain.

“Master is so strong!” Camilla’s pretty face was filled with shock.

Camilla knew Qingfeng Li was powerful, but never knew that he was that powerful. He could even kill the undying snow demonic snakes.

The self-cultivators from the Tiger Continent were shocked and horrified by Qingfeng’s endless power as well.

He shocked everyone by killing those snakes.

These ‘undying creatures’ at the Snow G.o.d Mountain were extremely hard to kill and had caused many troubles to those who lived there. It was obvious how powerful Qingfeng was when he effortlessly killed those snakes.

The Snow G.o.d Mountain was extremely tall. Qingfeng Li encountered many demonic beasts while he was climbing the mountain. However, he did not attack because he was saving his energy for his inevitable fight against Augustine, who was at the top of the mountain.

Camilla, Yafei Bing, and Black Puppy took care of most the beasts that came their way.

On the other hand, the Wolf Fang Team did not get involved in fights much. The only reasons why Qingfeng Li brought them along were to train them and increase their knowledge, as they were all his comrades that had been through life and death with him.

It must be mentioned that the Wolf Fang Team was very talented. They were all masters of the early-stage Heaven Spirit Realm when they first arrived. After all the training and hard work, they have all reached the peak of Heaven Spirit Realm, and all they were missing was an opportunity for them to reach the Spirit King Realm.

Qingfeng Li knew that the Wolf Fang Team was the base of his power. They had good synergy with each other, so they could easily team up and defeat their opponents together.

Three hours later, they finally reached the halfway point, and a snow eagle blocked their way.

This eagle was no ordinary beast, but the Snow Eagle King.

It was ginormous, spanning about 50 meters long, almost covering half of the sky. It had a body full of white, sharpened, hardened, arrow-like furs.

The Snow Eagle King stood at the halfway point and looked down on everyone, and Augustine, Ura.n.u.s, Augustus, Uris, and Poseidon, were all blocked by the eagle.

“Master, this is the G.o.dly guardian beast of the Snow G.o.d Mountain – the Snow Eagle King,” Camilla said to Qingfeng.

He nodded his head in shock, as he never would’ve thought that this eagle would turn out to be the G.o.dly guardian beast of the Snow G.o.d Mountain.

This Eagle King had to be powerful enough to become the G.o.dly guardian beast of Snow G.o.d Mountain, home of the G.o.d of Life.

Qingfeng Li could feel the powerful energy force that surrounded the Snow Eagle King. This beast had reached the fourth stage of King Realm, almost two realms higher than Qingfeng. It was an incredibly strong existence that was close to invincibility.

“Human, this is the territory of the G.o.d of Life. n.o.body shall continue,” the Snow Eagle King said to everyone.

Hearing what the Eagle King said, everyone’s face turned into horror and they took a step back.

A small sonic wave attack was released as the Eagle King spoke. Many did not notice and suffered a little bit.

“Snow Eagle King. I am the G.o.dson of the Pope and the successor of the G.o.d of Light. The G.o.d of Light and the G.o.d of Life are good friends. Therefore, you should let us enter,” Augustine smiled gently and said to the Snow Eagle King.

The Eagle King frowned its eyebrows after it heard Augustine’s comment. Although it could feel the slight power of the G.o.d of Light on this man, it shook its head and denied him.

This was where the G.o.d of Life’s heritage was, and the guardian would not let anyone enter, even if it was the successor of the G.o.d of Light.

Ura.n.u.s was also not willing to stop here. He told the eagle he was the successor of the G.o.d of Thunder. However, the Eagle King insisted on not letting them pa.s.s.

Not only Ura.n.u.s and Augustine, but the Eagle also denied Augustus, Uris, and Poseidon as well.

Even the self-cultivators from the Tiger Continent were denied, not to mention self-cultivators from the Dragon Continent like Qingfeng Li.

The Snow Eagle King stared at Qingfeng Li with hatred, as it saw Qingfeng Li killing all those snow demonic snakes with its own eyes. The Eagle King was filled with anger.

However, its responsibility was to stop everyone from entering the mountaintop, which was why it did not attack Li.

“This eagle would not let us enter. We should team up and kill it. Only then we can reach the mountaintop,” Augustine smiled gently and said to everyone around.

All the self-cultivators from the Tiger Continent nodded after they heard what Augustine said.

At the moment, they had a common enemy – the Snow Eagle King. Only by killing it could they obtain the Spring of Life.

“G.o.d of Light’s Fist.”

“Pearl of Thunder G.o.d.”

“Army of the Undead.”

“Crown of Wisdom.”

“Trident of Poseidon.”

Augustine, Ura.n.u.s, Augustus, Uris, and Poseidon all unleashed their strongest attacks towards the Snow Eagle King.

The Snow Eagle King shot a bright laser light towards them, and the battle began.

As the G.o.dly guardian beast of the Snow G.o.d Mountain, the Eagle King was extremely powerful. It could easily defeat everyone in a one-on-one fight, even the successor of the G.o.d of Light – Augustine. In fact, it had the force of the G.o.d of Life that was no weaker than the G.o.d of Light.

However, a pack of wolves would always be stronger than a lone tiger. No matter how powerful the eagle was, it couldn’t fight against the bunch of powerful successors of Sky G.o.ds.


Countless attacks directly hit on the Eagle King’s body. The Eagle King kept moving backward and spat a mouthful of blood, as it was heavily injured.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Augustine shouted angrily and released the ‘G.o.d of Light’s Fist.’ The attack turned into a giant fist and smashed into the eagle’s chest, crus.h.i.+ng its heart while its movements became dull due to its injuries.


The Snow Eagle King fell from the sky onto the snow, spat out a mouthful of blood and died.

The Snow Eagle King – dead.

“What? The Eagle King was killed!” The people around were shocked as they saw the death of the Eagle King.

They never would’ve thought that the powerful Eagle King would be killed. Augustine’s ‘G.o.d of Light Fist’ was truly powerful.

At that moment, everyone looked at Augustine with respect, and also a hint of fear.


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