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Read My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1071 – Is this Cult Master Stinky?

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! is a web novel completed by 梓云溪, Zi Yunxi.
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Read WebNovel My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1071 – Is this Cult Master Stinky?

Chapter 1071: Is this Cult Master Stinky?

Zhao Qiran had originally attempted to resist, but she couldn’t budge at all after the cult master shot her with a flick of energy. As the cult master dragged her frozen body away, she couldn’t hide the shock in her eyes.

It was for no reason other than the sentence that the cult master breathed into her ear. “This cult master knows that you are from the Raksha Ghost Sect.”

Yet when the cult master saw Miss Ran’s body had stiffened, he curled his lips wickedly before dragging her inside a room and slamming the doors shut.

The doors slammed heavily at Miss Ran’s heart, causing her to practically gasp for breath in panic.

This man before her commanded a strikingly imposing manner that momentarily dazzled her mind.

“Sit down. Accompany this cult master in drinking another cup. Presumably, your sect master will arrive shortly.” While pressing down on the young lady’s shoulders, the cult master undid the block on her acupoint with his finger. He swayed the wine cup in his hand, his tone of voice not tolerating rejection.


“Don’t worry. As long as you cooperate well, this cult master will not make things difficult for you.” The cult master curved his lips, coolly drinking a cup as he spoke unhurriedly, “There, there. Put away that dagger in your sleeve. Be careful of foolishly cutting yourself.”

“If this cult master wanted you, do you think that you could stop this cult master with that lousy dagger in your hand?” The cult master observed her with a spurious smile.

Zhao Qiran blinked as she gazed at him in surprise.

He, he knew. He actually knew everything?

“You, then what do you want to do?”

Suddenly, the cult master stretched out his hand, pulling her to sit on his thighs with a magnetic force.

“I heard that you, the lead courtesan of Jade Hue Parlor, captivate all the men in the capital into scrambling after you.” As his thin and soft sleeve brushed across her small face, he tugged the corner of his lips into a faint smile. “Since you’ve beheld so many men, you are the most qualified to speak.”

“This cult master is asking you right now, do you think that this cult master is stinky?”

Zhao Qiran: …

Why was she suddenly at a loss for words?

Your Excellency, what kind of freaking question was this?

“Sigh.” The cult master squinted his beautiful eyes in melancholy, pressing his thin lips together before turning to ask Miss Zhao, “Let me ask you again, do you feel uncomfortable when this cult master is holding you?”

Miss Zhao looked at him in bewilderment!

Why did this cult master, an elegant man of striking appearance, seem to not be right in the head?

“Why aren’t you responding to my question.” With this, the cult master’s breezy smile instantly turned chilly.

The speed at which he suddenly turned hostile flabbergasted Zhao Qiran to no end.

“It-It isn’t uncomfortable,” Zhao Qiran stammered in response.

Yet the cult master was enraged, throwing her to the ground as he stood up with a fling of his sleeves. “Liar!”

Zhao Qiran: …

“If you don’t speak the truth, this cult master will tear down your Jade Hue Parlor!”

Zhao Qiran: So what do you want me to say?

Wasn’t this cult master a bit too temperamental!

“It-It indeed is not that comfortable…” Zhao Qiran could only follow his trail of thought.

The cult master instantly smiled with relaxed brows. He then happily reached out to lift up Miss Ran from the ground, once again cuddling her in his embrace like a baby. He stroked the back of her head and queried, “Then is this comfortable?”

Zhao Qiran’s body stiffened, and she shook her head woodenly.

This cult master seemed to be sick…

“You women just like calling us stinky men! Could it be that this cult master’s body really is very stinky?”


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