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Read My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 17 – Early Mystic Meridians

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! is a web novel completed by 梓云溪, Zi Yunxi.
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Chapter 17: Early Mystic Meridians

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Qiaoqiao, can you tell Dad how you triggered your mystic meridians?” Qiao Zhongbang was also momentarily startled as he looked into his daughter’s pitch-black eyes.

His daughter’s eyes were so deep that it made people’s hearts grow heavy, and they elicited an indescribable feeling.

In theory, everyone could trigger their mystic meridians under the guidance of mentors from the Mystic Cultivator a.s.sociation once they reached seven years old. In truth, however, not everyone could successfully trigger their mystic meridians at the age of seven.

The reality was that every year in July, in all the major cities and towns, mentors would wait for the children of nearby villages to go to the designated locations, help them trigger their mystic meridians, and test their level of mystic energy.

Children would go there and attempt to trigger their mystic meridians every year, but a majority of those children would go with hope and return with disappointment.

Only a scant amount of people could become mystic cultivators.

Some children headed there year after year to trigger their mystic meridians, full of hope, and year after year they would return home, harshly beaten down by disappointment and despair. It would continue until they reached the age of 15, and then, the mentors would solemnly announce that triggering their mystic meridians was a failure and that they would never become a mystic cultivator in their life.

In theory, youths over 15 years of age did not have the hope of triggering their mystic meridians and becoming a mystic cultivator. However, Qiao Mu was an exception in her previous life.

She remembered that in her previous life, she triggered her mystic meridians on her own at age 16.

So what Senior Brother Ji said about specialized teachers teaching her how to accurately use mystic energy and open an inner world that was exclusive to mystic cultivators? All of that held no attraction to her.

With the memories from her previous life, Qiao Mu already possessed the normal techniques for controlling mystic energy. As for the inner world, she did not need any guidance from other people; she merely needed to find free time to return to her room and open it on her own.

Speaking of which, she might have lived two lives, but she still had yet to figure out what was going on with her mystic meridians. They would always ineffably trigger on their own without her awareness. For example, in her fight with Liu Yexin earlier, she automatically enveloped her weapon with a layer of mystic energy; however, she was totally unaware that she had triggered her mystic meridians until His Highness, Crown Prince Lian, mentioned it.

If things were supposed to develop in accordance with her previous life, then wasn’t it strangely early for her to trigger her mystic meridians at the age of seven in this life? It was early by an entire nine years. What did this implicate?

Perhaps many things had changed with her reincarnation, and everything was currently experiencing a dramatic transformation. Qiao Mu’s eyes grew darker as she fell into deep contemplation.

“Qiaoqiao.” Seeing their daughter’s lack of response and continual inattention, her parents were somewhat powerless.

Why did they feel like their daughter recently started getting lost in her own thoughts more and more frequently?


Thud thud thud thud thud! Rapid knocking sent the door vibrating loudly.

Wei Ziqin hurriedly turned around to open the door. The second the door opened, a voice like the sound of a broken gong started yelling, “Eldest Sister-in-Law, as soon as I entered the village, I heard the villagers say that a seven-year-old mystic cultivator emerged in our Old Qiao’s family! Hahaha, is it our Qiaoqiao? Where’s Qiaoqiao?”

“Second Uncle, you’ve returned.” Wei Ziqin hurriedly stepped to the side with a smile, inviting Qiao Zhongxing to enter.

The two of them did not take more than a few steps before a boisterous commotion was heard outside the door. The youngest uncle’s wife, Xu Jiao, quickly entered the door as she shouted in a high tone, “Oh, Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-Law, it hasn’t even been half a day, and our Xiao Qiao’s honorable deeds have spread through the entire village! Mother especially had me come to tell Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-Law to bring Xiao Qiao and head to the main family together.”

Back when Second Uncle had been invited inside by Mother, Qiao Mu had returned to the present. Seeing how her aunt-in-law spoke with a pinched voice and fake smile, she instinctively frowned in displeasure.


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