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Read My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 411 – You Came for Revenge?

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Chapter 411: You Came for Revenge?

The Eldest Miss Ning brought her people to boldly sit at the main table smack in the center, while the rest of the Omni Faction disciples took up two to three tables that fanned out from Ning Bihuan’s table.

The small feast was set up next to the flowers, rivers, and pavilions in the valley. There were a full 26 tables with a considerably bountiful selection of dishes. Xixia Valley was known for withdrawing from society, but its store of provisions was rather abundant.

As it was a rare chance for them to stuff themselves, all the Holy Water Sect disciples came early to secure a good spot.

Yet upon arriving, they saw Ning Bihuan’s corpse-face somberly looking straight at them.

To say more precisely, Ning Bihuan’s stiff and cold corpse-like face was directed towards Mo Lian. Her profound eyes stared unmoving at the youth before her.

She practically recognized this youth with a single glance as the person that had appeared in her younger sister’s life lantern fragment.

Her deep gaze stared directly at the youth, but it did not evoke even the slightest bit of response.

After all, how would the youth notice Ning Bihuan’s scrutiny when his tender gaze was on the little girl beside him the whole time?

Different from her usual pale-colored clothing, the little girl changed into pink today. After changing her upper garment, the little fellow looked to be even more pink and delicate, as if carved from jade.

Mo Lian had not yet noticed Ning Bihuan’s aggressive stare, but the little fellow caught notice of it at once.

At this time, Ning Bihuan’s gaze had also s.h.i.+fted to the little girl.

Upon seeing Ning Bihuan’s features clearly, Qiao Mu automatically halted slightly.

She seemed to find this girl a bit familiar with her oval face and her willow brows that slightly curved into her temples. Dressed in a cyan robe, her entire being appeared to be extremely full of energy.

Seeing that she seemed to be a bit bewildered, Ning Bihuan knew that she already forgot about her moronic younger sister Ning Bifan.

It wasn’t that she cared much about that moron; she only disliked that someone directly climbed over their Omni Faction’s head to deride their faction.

Although her surname Ning meant ‘peaceful,’ she was not that good-natured.

Ning Bihuan curled the corner of her lips and said while looking directly at the little girl, “Is it that you feel like my face seems a bit familiar? Half a month ago, you killed a person with the same face as me at the adventurer base near the Great Swamp. That girl was my identical twin younger sister Ning Bifan.”

Qiao Mu was suddenly enlightened, and she nodded her head at Ning Bihuan and said,

“I remember now, it’s that woman who brought her face close to me and kept yelling at me to hit her, then interrogated me on how I dared to hit her after I did. She really was a baffling person.”

The Holy Water Sect senior sisters were unaware of the cause, but after hearing the little fellow’s portrayal, they could experience how comical it must have been back then.

Ning Bihuan naturally didn’t know that there was such an episode in the adventurer base back then, but she had always known how idiotic her brainless younger sister was and did not doubt the little girl’s account.

“You came to avenge your younger sister?” Qiao Mu looked at her to ask.

Ning Bihuan scoffed. “Do I look like such a bored person? So what if an idiot died! I came to challenge him!”

Ning Bihuan’s finger pointed straight at Mo Lian, a compet.i.tive blaze dancing in her eyes. “You are very strong! This youth, I want to challenge you.”

When the Daybreak Sect, Heavenly Dao Sect, and the other Four Factions arrived, they just so happened to see Ning Bihuan pointing at Mo Lian to issue a challenge.

Everyone involuntarily murmured inwardly: The compet.i.tion hasn’t even started yet, but people are throwing down the gauntlet one after another.

“Young Master Mo is not of our Holy Water Sect. He only came to watch the compet.i.tion.”


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