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Read My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 71 – Room 902

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Read WebNovel My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 71 – Room 902

Chapter 71: Room 902

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Junxi…” Ning Yao grabbed Xu Junxi’s sleeve and whispered, “Look at my sister, the director has ignored me. Hurry up and go talk to them about my filming matters.”

Xu Junxi pulled his sleeve back a little forcefully. His thin lips tightened into a gloomy line as he suppressed his unhappiness.

“Shut up!” he shouted at Ning Yao.

Shut up?!

Ning Yao’s eyes widened in disbelief. Xu Junxi had not reprimanded her once in the past three years, but he’d just now told her to shut up?!

The corners of Ning Qing’s lips curled up as she listened to the conversation between the two of them. She had to admit that although Li Meiling had crafted a great show of playing hard to get by sending Ning Yao abroad, she hadn’t kept Ning Yao by her side and trained her, so Ning Yao hadn’t learned anything from Li Meiling.

What a fool!

Xu Junxi knew that Ning Qing had said what she’d said intentionally. Even when they were at the pavilion that afternoon, Ning Qing had deliberately lured Ning Yao into her trap. He was angry at Ning Qing’s slyness and cunning, but he was even angrier at Ning Yao’s foolishness and ignorance.

Ning Qing was right. Since she’d entered the entertainment industry, Ning Yao had only known how to rely on his power to promote her. However, every time she’d struck, she would be hit back twice as hard by Ning Qing.

For instance: the situation now. No one at the table had a positive expression on their face, yet she still pestered him to talk about her movie for her.

The two sisters couldn’t be compared at all. Ning Qing could be smooth and slick in establis.h.i.+ng social relations, and she was good at singing and dancing. As for Ning Yao, other than asking for things from him, she was brainless.

Ning Yao was a lame duck. He has been cleaning up Ning Yao’s messes for a while now, and he was tired of it.

It was impossible for the Xu family and Emperor Entertainment Group to accept someone like Ning Yao as the mistress of the house.

“Ning Qing, you’ve succeeded.” Xu Junxi said to Ning Qing with a sidelong glance as he gritted his teeth. She had always wanted to destroy his relations.h.i.+p with Ning Yao, and she finally succeeded.

Ning Qing tucked a lock of the silky hair on her cheek behind her ear with her slender hand. She held up a gla.s.s of red wine, narrowing her eyes that were like an autumn lake, and smiled lazily while she said, “President Xu, I can’t understand what you’re talking about. I’ve told you a long time ago, for Ning Yao, you can only humor her and play with her by spoiling the girl in the palm of your hand.”

“You!” Xu Junxi was so furious he could not refute. That’s right, he’d chosen Ning Yao himself, he couldn’t blame others for this.

Distance produces beauty, and back when Ning Yao was in America, she would dress up fas.h.i.+onably and beautifully on top of talking softly and sweetly to him every time he went there to visit her. He was very happy then.

But Ning Yao had only been back in China for a month now, and Xu Junxi’s eyes were like magnifying He could only see Ning Yao’s shortcomings.

A crisp “Clang” rang out, Ning Qing had accidentally b.u.mped into the cutlery by his hand, and a fork fell on the ground.

Xu Junxi bent down to pick it up.

When he’d bent down, Ning Qing also happened to bend down. Her fingertips touched his hands.

“President Xu, haven’t you looked enough?” While he was staring, a shallow chuckle sounded over his head.

Xu Junxi’s gaze locked with Ning Qing’s beautiful autumn pupils as he looked up. She was looking at him with a warm and light stare, with a clear layer of coldness in her face.

Xu Junxi couldn’t speak anymore. He watched as Ning Qing picked up the fork, sat up straight, waved to the waiter, and got him a new set of cutlery.

He could not remember anything that the people at the table said to him. His eyes were focused on Ning Qing. Occasionally, she would touch her long hair with her little hands. Whenever she did that, his nose would fill with her refres.h.i.+ng fragrance as her silky strands flowed.

Everyone went back to their hotel rooms after dinner. Ning Yao was pestering Xu Junxi, saying that she wanted to sleep alongside him, but Xu Junxi frowned and pushed her away.

“I’m tired.” He moved his feet and went back to his room, leaving Ning Yao there, stamping her feet.

Xu Junxi went into his room, sat on the bed, fumbled out a pack of cigarettes and lit them up. Amidst the smoke, he took out his cell phone and stared noticed a phone number on his screen.

After smoking four or five cigarettes, he stood up, walked to the window, and dialed the number.

“h.e.l.lo…” Ning Qing’s elegant voice could be heard.

“… h.e.l.lo, Ning Qing, it’s me.”

“Oh, President Xu, what’s the matter?” Ning Qing’s tone was rather surprised.

“I went back and saw that there was a crack on the Xu family’s jade bracelet after you’d thrown it on the ground at the hospital.”

“Is that right? I’m very sorry about that.”

“How does saying sorry help? Ning Qing, you must compensate me for it. Why don’t I bring it over and show you the bracelet? Which room are you in?”

“… 902. ”

When Xu Junxi went to room 902, the door was unlocked. He opened the door and went in.

There was no light in the room, nor did he see Ning Qing, but the door of the bathroom was tightly shut, and he could hear the sound of running water.

Was she taking a bath?

Xu Junxi closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of the room forcefully. There was her special fragrance in the room. The windows were half open and the transparent curtains fluttered in the wind, making the atmosphere hazy and ambiguous.

He licked his dry lips. He didn’t know why he’d lied about the jade bracelet being damaged. Why did he rush over to her room? He just missed her very much.

Blood was rus.h.i.+ng through his body after she’d touched his hand and he’d smelled her fragrance at the dining table. It was as if something was tickling his heart. He was tempted.

“Ning Qing, are you taking a bath?” His voice was hoa.r.s.e.

There was no reply in the bathroom.

Xu Junxi went to the door and quietly placed his hand on the handle. He cleared his throat several times and said, “I’ll go in if you keep staying silent.”

No one spoke.

With a click, Xu Junxi opened the door.

The lights were on in the bathroom and hot water was running from the showerheads in the shower, but the beautiful body of a young girl that he had imagined in his mind was not there; the shower was empty.

Right then, “Ning Qing…” The lamp in the hotel room was turned on as Xiao Zhou entered the room. She screamed the moment the saw Xu Junxi “Ah! President Xu, why are you in Ning Qing’s room? A man like you barging into a woman’s room so late at night… What’s the matter with you?”

Xu Junxi diverted his gaze. He had been tricked by Ning Qing. d.a.m.n it!

There were many celebrities in this hotel, so naturally, there would be many media reporters who were lying in wait. It was imperative that he leave immediately. He could not be photographed like this.

Xu Junxi marched towards the door. When he was about to leave, he heard several “clicks” of a camera as a huge swarm of reporters crowded around the door. Xu Junxi’s exit was blocked.

“President Xu, it’s 9 p.m. now. Why are you in Ning Qing’s room so late at night?”

“President Xu, you’ve openly admitted that your girlfriend Ning Yao still stays next door. Ning Yao and Ning Qing are sisters. Does President Xu have a history with each of the sisters?”

The reporters’ questions were becoming more and more pointed. Xu Junxi rubbed his temples. “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything.” He squeezed out of the crowd and walked towards his room.

The reporters followed him like a shadow. Xu Junxi was trying to figure out how he could lose them. At that moment, a pink figure appeared in his sight. It was Ning Yao.

Oh no.

Ning Yao clenched her fists and looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Hmph!” She sniffed coldly before turning around and running away.

Xu Junxi was even more troubled now. “Yaoyao, it’s not what you think it is. Listen to my explanation.” While chasing Ning Yao, he took out his cell phone and called someone. “h.e.l.lo, send some people here to deal with this situation.”

Xu Junxi’s team soon arrived and the reporters were dispersed. The hotel corridor immediately became silent.

Ning Qing walked out from the corner, Xiao Zhou ran up and handed s disc to her. “Ning Qing, the video was recorded. We’ve fought this battle beautifully.”

“Yes, upload the video onto the Internet and Weibo immediately. No matter how powerful Xu Junxi is, he can’t stop the netizens’ gossip. This kind of scandal is always popular. By the time Xu Junxi can coax Ning Yao and shut down the webpage, this would have already spread.” Ning Qing’s eyes sparkled with wisdom.

Xiao Zhou nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it right now.”

After Xiao Zhou left, Ning Qing saw Director w.a.n.g walking towards her from the corridor. He asked, “Ning Qing, what’s going on?”

Ning Qing laughed and said, “Director w.a.n.g, I remember that the first stage of our Wind and Dust promotional campaign is about to begin. Previously, President Xu and Ning Yao were hot topics. I was only just using them to fire some shots first and make some headlines.”

Director w.a.n.g immediately flashed a gratified smile. He had indeed not judged her incorrectly. “Ning Qing, I really hadn’t expected you to be quite the clever little imp, haha.”

Ning Qing went back to her room and took a bath.

She’d suddenly thought of this strategy after she’d heard Xiao Zhou mention Xu Junxi’s constant gaze. She’d known all about the dirty and despicable thoughts that Xu Junxi had about her, so she went along with the situation and took advantage of him.

This pair of despicable creatures. This was only the beginning of the battle, and she has officially declared war on them.

She would get back at everyone who had insulted her, one at a time.

Ning Qing took out her cell phone and found someone’s phone number. Tomorrow’s entertainment headline would definitely be about her and Xu Junxi. Would Lu Shaoming be angry when he learned of her scandal?

Ning Qing decided to send a short message to cue him in so that he could be psychologically prepared.

[Shaoming, there might be some scandals about me with Xu Junxi. I hope you don’t mind.]

The text message had been sent. This time, Lu Shaoming did not reply quickly. After waiting for about three minutes, his text message came.

[Who gave him your room number]

Ning Qing was astonished. He’d known all about it even before she’d told him what the scandal was about?

Furthermore, does his question need to be so pointed?

There were two possible angles in this scandal. If someone had given Xu Junxi her room number, she would be the pa.s.sive one in the scandal. If it’s known that she had given the number on her own initiative, it would be clear that the scandal had been planned by her. Perhaps Lu Shaoming would subconsciously think that she wanted to continue things with Xu Junxi.

This man’s words were never a lot, his sentences were short and to the point. He was too blunt, going straight to the point.

Ning Qing bit her lower lip with her pearly teeth, and finally answered honestly – [I gave it]

After the text message had been sent, Ning Qing waited for his reply anxiously, but one minute, five minutes and then ten minutes had pa.s.sed, but her cell phone never rang.

Ning Qing’s heart clenched. He wouldn’t just ignore her, would he?

Ning Qing quickly picked up her cell phone as she laughed timidly and apologetically. [Haha, Shaoming, are you angry? I was just borrowing his fame to hype things up. I’m innocent.]

10 minutes later, her cell phone was still quiet, and when Ning Qing did not get his reply, she understood that he was angry!

He was really ignoring her!

Why was this man so petty? It was normal in the entertainment industry to create a scandal.

Alright, alright, she’d used her ex-boyfriend to create some hype about herself and had made him feel unhappy and uncomfortable, but, but… They hadn’t seen each other for half a month. The only contact they had with each other was through texts at night. Was he going to ignore her so ruthlessly just for this?

Ning Qing was devastated, but she knew that she had made a mistake. She continued to text him, racking her brain to find the right words that would make him happy.

The room was quiet. Her eyes were bright and her heart was beating like a drum while waiting for his reply.

But she was disappointed.

Half an hour had pa.s.sed, and the man had not replied. He had hardened his heart and decided to give her the cold shoulder.

Ning Qing puffed her tender cheeks as his watery eyes rolled around in anger. “Lu Shaoming you big villain, I don’t care about you either!” Ning Qing closed her eyes, she was going to sleep!.

Ning Yao had locked himself in her room, but Xu Junxi had asked the hotel manager to open the door for him, the door opened with a click, “Yaoyao…” He rushed in anxiously.

But there was a “bang” as Ning Yao ran towards the wall of the room and slammed her forehead against it.

“Yaoyao!” Xu Junxi yelled and ran forward to catch Ning Yao’s body as it began to slide down the wall. The blood was pouring out from Ning Yao’s forehead and her face had turned white. He was heartbroken. “Yaoyao, why are you so silly? Why did you throw yourself against the wall? Does it hurt?”

Ning Yao lay in Xu Junxi’s arms weakly. Her eyes were full of tears as she sobbed, “Junxi, let me die. I know you like my sister. In that case, I will get out of your way, and I wish you eternal love.”

Xu Junxi brushed Ning Yao’s bangs away. The spot which she’d slammed the hardest happened to be the place where she’d gotten the scar while saving him three years ago. His guilt suddenly overflowed.

“Yaoyao, you’ve misunderstood. I had something to discuss with Ning Qing. She wasn’t in the room, and we haven’t done anything. Yaoyao, you’re the one I love.”


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