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Read My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby Chapter 134 Vinegarine!

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“Zhang Xiao, why have you only just arrived? I have already packed everything up and was waiting for you to come pick me up before I was discharged.” When Ye Qing saw Zhang Xiao, he started to complain. She was actually worried that her good friend wouldn’t bring her out of the hospital, and that Yi Xiu Jie would decide on her own to let her continue staying in the hospital.

Seeing Yi Xiu Jie walking in behind Zhang Xiao, still pushing his wheelchair, Ye Qing did not say a word to him.

Zhang Xiao laughed: “We were stuck in a traffic jam, so we came late. “Since you’ve already packed your things, I’ll go and help you with the discharge procedures.”

“Yi Xiu Jie, you go.”

Ye Qing held her good friend’s hand and did not let Zhang Xiao leave. Instead, she asked Yi Xiu Jie to help her complete the procedures.

She didn’t want to continue staring at Yi Xiu Jie.

Yi Xiu Jie pushed the wheelchair to the side of the bed and without saying a word, he quietly turned to find a doctor to help Ye Qing get discharged.

Once Yi Xiu Jie left, his face was full of smiles. He stretched his waist and said: “I can finally be discharged from the hospital. I’ve been lying here for so long that I’m so bored I’m going to get moldy. Zhang Xiao, I’m afraid of death. If you change your mind, you won’t be able to bring me out of the hospital. Then, you let your stepbrother continue to persecute me.

“Ye Qing, can you touch your conscience when you say that? Xiujie persecuted you, he did that for your own good, and after thinking it through, she was worried that after you left the hospital, I wouldn’t be able to take care of you, so she decided to keep you in the hospital for a while longer. “He was so considerate of you that she became a persecutor when she came to you.”

Ye Qing smacked her lips, “Alright, it’s because I don’t have any conscience. I’m afraid that he would come to the hospital to visit me every single day and not say anything at all. You don’t know that there’s a guy who isn’t dumb, but looks like a mute, and always stares at you with his black eyes. With him, we have to guess his thoughts. Who has the time to keep on guessing, it’s not like he doesn’t have a mouth, it’s not like he’s really dumb. “

Ye Qing’s greatest dissatisfaction towards Yi Xiu Jie was his silence.

“Look, I asked him to help me with the paperwork earlier. He didn’t say a word and just turned around and left without a word. He didn’t even ask what you need.”

Zhang Xiao giggled, “His good, your heart must have felt it. A flowery mouth like that won’t work on a man.”

Ye Qing immediately stared at his good friend and scolded him, “If you continue to be dubious, be careful that I don’t have a relationship with you anymore.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I won’t say anymore.” Zhang Xiao raised her hands in surrender.

“Ring, ring, ring …”

Zhang Xiao’s phone rang.

She took out her cell phone to see that it was Gao Shao Liang calling. Ye Qing asked her: “It can’t be that Mu Family is calling again, don’t you have a leave of absence?”

“No, he’s my cla.s.smate.”

“That handsome doctor.” Ye Qing intentionally dragged out her last words, and Zhang Xiao knew what she meant. She smiled as she pinched her waist, and then picked up the call from Gao Shao Liang.

He did not know what Gao Shao Liang had said on the phone, but Zhang Xiao hesitated for a moment, before agreeing: “Alright, I’ll be there for sure tonight.”

After she hung up, Ye Qing gossiped, “Old cla.s.smate is treating you to a meal?”

“Shao Liang said that he had invited a few of his cla.s.smates who were still in contact with him to eat at Qing Yuan Restaurant at 8 PM. Everyone gather and ask if I want to go. Among them, there are those who were at the same table as me in junior high school. Everyone hasn’t seen me for more than ten years. After all, he was still a Old cla.s.smate.


Ye Qing dragged her last words once again.

She kept having the feeling that the young handsome doctor was making use of his schoolmates to get closer to Zhang Xiao.

He believed that before long, the handsome doctor would definitely confess to his good friend.

Zhang Xiao shot a glance at her good friend, “Don’t be so weird, we are all cla.s.smates. Isn’t it normal to meet, eat, and regain the feelings we had as cla.s.smates?

Ye Qing laughed, “That’s right. A reunion, reunion is also a blind date. “The students who had a good impression of each other in the past, after seeing each other again, might have moved, or perhaps they might have realized that the girl who used to be the ugly duckling had turned into a beautiful swan and started to pursue her old cla.s.smate fiercely. Wasn’t this kind of thing often happening?

“The reunion between fellow students became a blind date in your mouth. I think you want to go for a blind date, you hate marrying me. I’ll tell Xiujie …” Ye Qing covered Zhang Xiao’s mouth, preventing him from speaking any further. If Zhang Xiao continued to tease her like this, Yi Xiu Jie would know that once he left, the two women were talking about men.

Alright, being together with another person, it is normal for women to meet and talk about men while men talk about women.

But she just didn’t want Yi Xiu Jie to know.

After completing the discharge procedures, Ye Qing could finally take her leave from the hospital.

Zhang Xiao told the two servants of the Mu Family to return to Mu Family. Since Mu Chen had already notified them, only one of them would be able to return. The Sister Fang stayed behind and followed Zhang Xiao back to Zhang Xiao’s apartment.

Time pa.s.sed quickly and in the blink of an eye, it was already noon.

On Mu Family’s dining table, there were a few dishes that Mu Chen normally liked to eat the most. Only Mu Chen sat at the table. Zhang Xiao still hadn’t returned yet. Mu Ya didn’t know if it was too early for him to wake up, and she had not woken up even now. She didn’t even have an excuse to wake the woman up.

After glancing at a few dishes, he picked up the chopsticks, first picking up the closest dish and tasting it. Then he frowned and said, “Today’s dish has no taste.”

Aunt Lan, who was waiting on the side, expressed her disbelief, “Third Young Master, what the chefs make are all things that you like to eat, how can there not be any taste? Chef would not make such a low level mistake. “

For a long-time spoon holder, it is impossible to leave out the salt when cooking.

Mu Chen said expressionlessly, “If I say there’s no taste, then there’s no taste. Go, get me some vinegar.”


Aunt Lan suspected that she had heard wrongly as she cried out in astonishment, “Third Young Master, didn’t you say you wouldn’t feel sour? “Did you say something wrong? Are you telling me to go get the soy sauce?”

Third Young Master thought that food was tasteless, so he should add soy sauce and not vinegar.

Mu Chen was still expressionless. He shot a glance at Aunt Lan and said: “Do you need me to say it again?”

Aunt Lan:…

Helplessly, Aunt Lan rushed into the kitchen and found the vinegar. She then took out the vinegar bottle and placed it in front of Mu Chen, “Third Young Master, you asked for the vinegar.”

Mu Chen looked at the vinegar bottle, and gouged it out towards Aunt Lan: “Is this all you have?”

Aunt Lan asked dumbly: “Third Young Master, how much more do you need?”

“I want as much as there is in the kitchen.”

“I’ll go and see if there’s anything else.” Aunt Lan was confused by her own Third Young Master, she turned around and went back into the kitchen to look for vinegar.


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