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Read My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby Chapter 483 As Long As The Feelings Are Strong And Unyielding

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Chang Xin waited until Yi Xiu Jie left before she expressed her dissatisfaction.

She sneered: “I’d like to see how long you guys can hold out for. It’s not right for families, even if you can marry Ye Qing, she won’t be able to receive any happiness. Family conflicts will bore her to death, and in the end, she will leave you.”

Chang Xin thought that as long as she could obtain Ling Hong Yu’s favor, if she worked even harder, she would be able to obtain what she wanted. At first, Shen Ying Er had also done his best to curry favor with Zhao Zi Ru, but now that Shen Ying Er had not lost, he had gotten hold of Mourinho’s heart firmly. Unless Mu Chen didn’t want him or Zhang Xiao didn’t want him, there was no one who could separate them.

After Shen Ying Er got off Zhang Xiao’s car and was dealt with by the police, he hated Zhang Xiao even more, especially after knowing that Zhang Xiao’s ident.i.ty as the Zhang Family’s daughter was exposed in the upper-cla.s.s society. Furthermore, Zhang Xiao was not only a simple nanny, but also an outstanding architect.

Other than hating Zhang Xiao, Shen Ying Er had been very well-behaved during this period of time. In reality, he was waiting for the right time to take a bite out of Zhang Xiao.

There was one more thing that Chang Xin had overlooked, and that was Ling Hong Yu’s own marriage. Initially, Ling Hong Yu did not please her parents-in-law, in fact, only after Zhang Hao Tian’s parents had pa.s.sed away in succession could Ling Hong Yu marry into the Zhang Family. Zhang Hao Tian’s parents were still alive, they were protecting Wen Li, their daughter-in-law. But because Ling Hong Yu was deeply favored by him, she still returned to Zhang Hao Tian’s world. The couple had loved each other for dozens of years, it was unknown how many people they envied.

Chang Xin wanting to borrow Ling Hong Yu’s power to block the loving Yi Xiu Jie and Ye Qing, could already foresee her defeat.

Ye Qing did not know what her love rival was thinking, she did not even know that her love rival moved so quickly, to the point that she had already found Yi Xiu Jie. After preparing dinner, she called Yi Xiu Jie and chatted with him for a while. She knew that Zhang Xiao had already finished eating outside and was bringing Mu Ya back to Royal Courtyard, so she gave up on the idea of inviting Zhang Xiao to eat.

“Ding Ling …”

The doorbell rang, causing Ye Qing to have no choice but to speak to Zhang Xiao on the other side of the phone: “Zhang Xiao, maybe Xiujie is here, I will go open the door first, we can talk later. Oh right, for Lu’s new press conference, can you help me get a ticket to enter? I’m going to watch your show. “

With regards to Zhang Xiao helping Lu Yong Chun with her show, Ye Qing had known since a long time ago that she would definitely support him.

Zhang Xiao laughed: “Don’t worry, I won’t miss you. Quickly open the door, I have just reached home, Mu Ya is going for a walk, I will bring her to walk around the district.”


After Ye Qing hung up the phone, she walked over to open the door. When the door opened, the first thing she saw was a large bundle of money. The handsome man in a black suit was standing right behind Qian Hua, staring at her with his deep black eyes.

She then let Yi Xiu Jie in and closed the door. As she walked in, she smiled and said to Yi Xiu Jie, “You really are spending a bunch of money every day.”

Yi Xiu Jie replied solemnly, “You like it.”

She couldn’t bear to give away the roses, and she didn’t have much time to keep them fresh either. She didn’t want to part with the money, so she could only take it apart to use.

As long as she liked it, how could he give it to her every day? In any case, he could afford it.

He had worked hard at Haotian Group for many years and had saved up a lot of private money.

His mother was also afraid that he would suffer losses, so she would occasionally transfer money to his account.

Even though his mother was a hypocrite, she was still very good to him. No matter what, she was still a mother and child. However, ever since she found out that he was in love with Ye Qing, her mother didn’t charge into his account anymore. She probably wanted to use this opportunity to threaten him, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to survive after leaving the Zhang Family.

In fact, Yi Xiu Jie had acc.u.mulated a lot of connections. If he were to leave Haotian Group and do it alone, he would be able to accomplish something. He had also thought of resigning his job. Considering that Zhang Xiao had just joined the Haotian Group, and he was not part of the company, it was very easy for him to be ambushed by others. With his position and contacts, at the very least, he could ensure that the results of Zhang Xiao’s work would not be swapped or even wiped out by the company.

“If I let your mother see it, she would definitely say that I came with you for your money.” Ye Qing smiled as she placed the money on the tea table, planning to slowly spend it after dinner. After putting down the money, she walked behind Yi Xiu Jie and helped him take off his suit. She said warmly: “Go and wash your hands first, the dishes are all on the table. I’ll help you fill up a bowl of soup.

“Ye Qing.”

Yi Xiu Jie didn’t let her go, he immediately pulled her back, and pulled her into his embrace. He hugged her tightly, and emphasized in a low voice, “Believe me, don’t care about anyone’s opinion, including my mother’s. I am me, not my mother, and she has no right to prevent me from pursuing my own happiness. “

Ye Qing looked up from his embrace and smiled lightly: “I believe you, from start to finish, I only believe you. “I already said, as long as you don’t let go, no matter how many thorns there are in the road ahead, I will hold your hand tightly.”

Yi Xiu Jie released the big hands that were embracing her, and changed his position to hold her face, gently staring at her pretty face, “I know you, and don’t care what others say you are greedy for me, I know better than them what kind of person you are.”

Ye Qing looked straight at him and asked with concern, “Did your mother ask you to break up with me again? Or is Miss Chang going to look for you? “

Yi Xiu Jie’s eyes flashed. She knew?

Seemingly seeing through his thoughts, Ye Qing laughed: “During the banquet, Chang Xin directly told me that you are her prey, and that she views me as her love rival. She is not conceited at all, and she is straightforward enough. A person of her temperament acts very quickly. “

He had come today to stress that he didn’t care about the opinions of others. If someone had not gone to look for him, he would not have repeatedly stressed this point.

Ye Qing’s hand moved closer to Yi Xiu Jie’s face, and lightly touched it, “The more love rivals I have, the more it proves that my eyes are very good, proof that you are really very outstanding, which is why you attract so many peach blossoms. And no matter how many of them there are, your heart belongs to me, so I shall always be the victor. “

Taking her hand, Yi Xiu Jie pulled her hand down to his face and said softly: “I only belong to you, you will always be the victorious general.”

“Since that’s the case, then there’s no need to worry. Wash your hands! I’m also someone who has seen the wind and the waves, not a blooming flower in a greenhouse. I’ll deal with it when it’s time to move.”

Yi Xiu Jie smiled, lovingly kissed her on the cheek, and said with sincere grat.i.tude: “Ye Qing, thank you for being willing to work hard with me to achieve our happiness.”


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