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Chapter 597: The Sword Devil Has Lost It

Huang s.h.i.+jie’s eyes widened as he said, “This is no time for a prank!”

“Mister Seventh penned the letter himself! I dare not lie! Mister Seventh has asked us to wait for him.” The person bowed as he presented the letter with both hands.

“Mister Seventh is on his way to Liang Province. He will arrive tomorrow morning!”

… Yu Shangrong looked up slightly in the direction of the Other Tribes. He did move or turn around, keeping quiet. Earlier, a faint smile could be seen on his face, but now, his face was devoid of expression.

Huang s.h.i.+jie could sense the change in the atmosphere so he cupped his fists together and took his leave.

Liang Province. The next morning.

Huang s.h.i.+jie, Jiang Aijian, Li Jingyi, and the masters of the Ten Thousand Poison Faction, the Blossom Faction, and the Fiend Temple gathered at the General’s Mansion.

“Where’s Mister Second?”

One of the disciples bowed and replied, “Mister Second is on one of the turrets.”

“So early?” Jiang Aijian was shocked.

“Mister Second has been standing the entire night.”

“The entire night?” Huang s.h.i.+jie frowned slightly.” I’ll go and have a look.”

Jiang Aijian said, “Master… You’re getting worried for nothing. Aren’t you afraid of being flayed alive if you head there now? How can Mister Second be fine when something like that has happened to Mister First?”

Huang s.h.i.+jie was stunned. He said, “I thought they didn’t get along.”

“Indeed, but they’re fellow disciples, after all,” Jiang Aijian replied.

“You have a point.” Huang s.h.i.+jie nodded. “Little Jian…”

Jiang Aijien said with a straight face, “Master, please address me as Aijian! Ai for the love of all peoples, and Jian for Sword Freak. If you can’t call me that, at least refer to me as your good disciple your… If you call me Little Jian again, I’m leaving!”

“Scram!” Huang s.h.i.+jie said. “If you’re even one ten-thousandth like Yu Shangrong, I wouldn’t have fallen to such dire straits. Look at him and his world-renowned profound cultivation base then look at you…”

“Master, that’s not fair. I’m renowned all over the world as well! I’m one of the three great Sword Freaks in the cultivation world! When have I ever tarnished your good name? It isn’t fair for you to compare me to him!” Jiang Aijian said arrogantly.

At this moment, the cloud-splitting chariot was speeding toward Liang Province City from the east, dragging a long tail behind it. Perhaps, due to it traveling at maximum speed, it buzzed and thrummed.

A few people looked up in unison.

“They’re here!”

“Mister Seventh is here!”

Then, the others rose to their feet and looked at the sky as well.

In just a blink of an eye, a green-clad figure appeared before everyone. He crossed his arms as he looked at the incoming cloud-splitting chariot with a cold gaze.

“Greetings, Mister Second.” The people from the Ten Thousand Poison Faction, the Blossom Faction, and the Fiend Temple bowed in unison.

Yu Shangrong ignored them. He continued staring at the cloud-splitting chariot.

Soon enough, the cloud-splitting chariot was above Liang Province City.

Upon seeing this, Yu Shangrong stepped into the air.

Si Wuya who was manning the helm saw Yu Shangrong. He bowed and said, “Greetings, Second Senior Brother!”

With just a glance, Yu Shangrong saw Yu Zhenghai lying in the flying chariot. He investigated Yu Zhenghai with his energy and failed to detect any aura. Yu Zhenghai was as good as dead. A slight frown appeared on his face when he discovered this. He asked, “Does master know?”

“Yes. It was too late when master arrived. Eldest Senior Brother fought Liu Gu valiantly above Cloud Rage River. The two of them were evenly matched, and both of them died,” Si Wuya calmly replied.

Yu Shangrong shook his head. He said indifferently, “I’ve told him that Liu Gu isn’t a pushover. This wouldn’t have happened if he had listened to me.”

Since Mister Second from the Evil Sky Pavilion was sleeping, the others could only listen.

Si Wuya said with a sigh, “It’s meaningless to discuss this now. Although master spared no effort in healing Eldest Senior Brother, he only managed to keep Eldest Senior Brother’s life hanging by a thread.”

Yu Shangrong entered the cloud-splitting chariot. He stood next to Yu Zhenghai and looked down at him.

The cloud-splitting chariot was silent.


All of a sudden, Yu Shangrong’s Longevity Sword left its scabbard. A red light shot out from the sword into Yu Zhenghai’s body before it returned to its scabbard.

Yu Shangrong asked, “What else did master say?”

After Si Wuya recounted Lu Zhou’s words to Yu Shangrong, he continued to say, “I’ll take Eldest Senior Brother deep into Lou Lan and find the spot where he was first buried.”

The others were shocked upon hearing this.

Jiang Aijian shook his head. He stepped forward, looked at Si Wuya, and said, “I know you’re resourceful, but the people of Lou Lan rule their nation with witchcraft. Mo Li and Ba Ma both died in Great Yan. Now that the Divine Capital is in chaos, they’re just waiting for an opportunity to conquer our lands. Aren’t you just seeking death if you go to Lou Lan now?”

Si Wuya said, “That’s the only way to save Eldest Senior Brother. If I can save him, I’m willing to take the risk.”

The others nodded when they heard this.

At this moment, Yu Shangrong said, “Leave it to me.”

“Second Senior Brother?”

“I’ll go to Lou Lan.” Yu Shangrong raised a hand. A five-fingered energy seal propped Yu Zhenghai up.


“I have my Longevity Sword, and I can prolong his life. Can you?” Yu Zhenghai looked at Si Wuya. “Besides, your cultivation base is too weak.”

“Say no more. I can promise that I’ll survive as long as I have my sword.” Yu Shangrong flew out of the flying chariot with Yu Zhenghai in tow.

The others looked at the Sword Devil, Yu Shangrong, in confusion. Was he not being too hasty? Was he not going to plan his route or come up with a strategy first? Did he go crazy?

“By the way, what’s the situation like in the Divine Capital, Seventh Junior Brother?”

“Liu Gu is dead. It’s a great victory for the Nether Sect. Master is personally keeping an eye on the Divine Capital. It’s absolutely safe there,” Si Wuya replied.

“Alright.” Yu Shangrong looked in the direction of the Other Tribes. “Look after Liang Province City for me.”

Si Wuya was in a great dilemma. ‘Uh… Isn’t he taking this too lightly? He’s switching players and departing at the drop of a hat…’


The cry of a horse sounded from below.

The others were shocked and looked at the source of the commotion. They thought that the Roulians had invaded. However, they saw Mings.h.i.+ Yin approaching them on horseback.

The horse had a ruby mane and snow-white coat. Its eyes were golden. It truly looked outstanding.

“Neigh! Neigh! Neigh! Come on, I’ve not even complained about you, but you’re complaining non-stop!”

The others were shocked.

“It’s the Evil Sky Pavilion’s Mister Fourth.”

“Mister Fourth has a mount like this?”

Si Wuya regarded Mings.h.i.+ Yin on the horse with a complicated gaze. He did not know why he was here.

Mings.h.i.+ Yin stopped and leaped off the steed. “Greetings, Second Senior Brother.”

Yu Shangrong smiled faintly and said, “Why were you loitering about in the area these few days?”

“Was I? You must’ve mistaken me for somebody else, Second Senior Brother.” Mings.h.i.+ Yin scratched his head and acted as though he had no idea of what Yu Shangrong was talking about.

“You have always been at odds with Seventh Junior Brother. Now that there’s a possibility of the Other Tribes invading, both of you must look past your differences and support each other,” Yu Shangrong said.

“Got it.” Mings.h.i.+ Yin’s reply was clearly insincere. He thought to himself, ‘You’re even more at odds with Eldest Senior Brother!’

“I’m sure that defending Liang Province will prove much more difficult in my absence. If there are any troubles, ask master for help. Don’t be arrogant and underestimate your enemies,” Yu Shangrong said.

“Got it.” Contrary to his reply, Mings.h.i.+ Yin thought to himself, ‘Why do I feel this advice is much more suited for yourself?’ Naturally, he did not dare to verbalize his thoughts.

Yu Shangrong smiled faintly and said, “I’ll leave it to all of you. Farewell.”

Yu Shangrong was about to turn around and fly away when…


Ji Liang hurriedly flew in front of Yu Shangrong, blocking his path.



Ji Liang kept lowering and lifting its head as though it was nodding.

“Hey, hey, hey… Ji Liang, what’s the meaning of this? Don’t stand in Second Senior Brother’s way.” Mings.h.i.+ Yin was taken aback.

Neigh! Neigh! Neigh!

Ji Liang kept moving.

Yu Shangrong made a guess. “You want to bring me to Lou Lan?”

Ji Liang nodded.

The others were shocked as they looked at Ji Liang.

“What an incredible horse!”

“A horse with intelligence. It’s a legendary mount!”

“You’re fated to be with this horse, Mister Second. If it brings you to Lou Lan, victory will come on horseback!”

Mings.h.i.+ Yin. “???”

Every second counted on a rescue mission. Yu Shangrong had no objections to going with Ji Liang. He said, “Very well.”

Then, he leaped onto Ji Liang’s back with Yu Zhenghai in tow.

Ji Liang was extremely tame and obedient…

Mings.h.i.+ Yin. “!!!”

Yu Shangrong said, “I’m sorry, Fourth Junior Brother.”

“No, no, no, there’s no need to apologize… This horse belongs to master, after all. Just take it and use it!” Inwardly, Mings.h.i.+ Yin had already cursed Ji Liang 1,000 times over.

Yu Shangrong nodded and said no more. He rode the horse and dove toward the forest in the west. In just a blink of an eye, he vanished.


Behind a bunker north of the forest, a masked Roulian saw Ji Liang. He immediately returned to the campgrounds.

At the campgrounds.

When General Karol learned the news, he smiled. “Do you know who left Liang Province?”

“My lord… although it was far away, I’m certain it’s the Evil Sky Pavilion’s second disciple, Yu Shangrong, who left on horseback. Apart from that, he seemed to have brought a patient with him.”

“Good job,” Karol said, “Notify Lou Lan to keep an eye on that man. If the situation permits, kill him.”



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