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Chapter 98: Annihilation!!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiu Ren’s speed of drawing drafts in the Dream Dungeon had improved tremendously. This was all because of Tapir and Lian, who had strengthened his self-consciousness.

This made Qiu Ren’s reaction speed in the Dream Dungeon increase to a certain extent.

Together with the headcanon drawing function in the Dream Dungeon… which all artists dreamed of, Qiu Ren soon came up with multiple designs of character images for the Flash and Falcon Huntress.

In order to better show the Flash and Falcon Huntress the characteristics and details of the new characters, he took them to the open field outside the villa…

“Are you ready?”

The characters Qiu Ren was giving them weren’t played by actors like in the movies. It wasn’t as if the construction of a character could be completed by asking the Flash and Falcon Huntress to run around in front of the camera, say a few lines, and add on a bunch of special effects.

Creating a character in a Dream Dungeon, especially a high-level Dream Dungeon, was to truly make this character real.

If the dream consciousness wanted to turn into this character, it must merge itself inside to become the character itself.

The Flash and Falcon Huntress… only wanted some avatars they could use to sever their negative emotions.

Their main consciousness might not be fully integrated into these characters, but their mood and ways of thinking when controlling the characters would affect their settings.

It was like the Flash and Falcon Huntress were pilots controlling giant humanoid mechs with self-consciousness.

Right now, they must first confirm if they could control these characters with their own bodies!

“Who’s first?”

Qiu Ren organized all the character design drafts he drew into two stacks and glanced back and forth between Falcon Huntress and the Flash.

“Honey first… He can’t wait already,” said Falcon Huntress.

The Flash had always been impatient. He had been sitting on pins and needles since Qiu Ren started drawing the character designs.

At first, the Flash still wanted to decline, but Qiu Ren didn’t give him a chance. He directly handed the first character he drew to the Flash.

The Flash took the character design with both hands. The various settings and details of this character stated on the draft… gradually turned his antic.i.p.ating expression into a slightly… embarra.s.sed look.

Qiu Ren asked, “It doesn’t feel right?”

“No! Mr. Qiu, you drew it very well. This character seems extremely destructive. It’s just that… it’s a bit too green?”

The first design the Flash got was the Hulk. The design plan described in detail how this character was born.

However, Qiu Ren had also expected that this character might not be able to fit the aesthetics of young people nowadays. Heroes like the Flash would feel a bit overwhelmed when they saw this character.

So, Qiu Ren didn’t make it too hard for the Flash. He presented the design plan for the second character.

At this moment, the Flash truly felt like he lacked vocabulary. The disadvantage of not going to university was well highlighted here.

He wanted to say a few words to compliment the design of the Hulk, but he couldn’t.

And yet, after seeing Qiu Ren’s design for the second character, he found that he lacked vocabulary even more. The Flash wanted to compliment Qiu Ren from the bottom of his heart this time, but all he could come up with was “handsome.”

Once the Flash picked up the second design, black slimy liquid oozed out of the surface of the paper. The slimy liquid seemed to have its own life, and all of it dropped onto the floor.

This sudden scene made the Flash take a few steps back instinctively.

He had the courage of a superhero.

However, the Joker created by Qiu Ren had lowered his courage. Furthermore, he was afraid that Qiu Ren would create a character like the Joker again.

And yet, the monster formed by slimy liquid didn’t have the ability to attack people’s minds like the Joker. It was the cla.s.sic villain, Venom, in Spiderman.

Under Qiu Ren’s construction, Venom opened its huge mouth and roared at the Flash.

It wanted to stick its tongue out to lick the Flash, but the Flash avoided this suffocating French kiss agilely.

“This character is also awesome, but…” The Flash wiped his wet hands, “It’s a bit too vicious… Mr. Qiu, if you want… I can be its source of power and use it as my avatar…”

The Flash’s personality might be somewhat foolish, but he would say something with high EQ occasionally.

What he meant was that he was willing to adopt Venom but was a bit resistant to becoming it.

Venom didn’t look like a newborn character. It was full of intelligence and vitality when it glanced around to look for prey. It also carried the kind of repressed impulse to act recklessly and a touch of weird cuteness.

Only dream characters accepted by the public could show such intelligence. Dream characters, which had just been created or weren’t popular, would give people a sense of doll-like stiffness when being seen in Dream Dungeons.

This had something to do with the constructing ability of the Dream Makers themselves.

Qiu Ren’s ability to create dreams was kind of the best among his peers. In the industry, Qiu Ren might be recognized as a first-cla.s.s Dream Maker with his extremely strong artistic skills.

However, artistic skills weren’t the only thing required when a Dream Maker created a character. When top Dream Makers constructed a character, they didn’t only build a “model” for this character. Its inner qualities, including a series of complicated things like experiences, sources of power, and personality, required a long time of repeated sculpting and tempering.

Simply put, a creator must truly create this character instead of just making a puppet.

Qiu Ren guessed that the reason why the characters he created could be so intelligent was that… these characters were already popular in his previous world.

When Qiu Ren projected them to this world, they would immediately be full of intelligence like they were given a soul.

“I still have another character. The problem is I’m not sure if you can control it. Besides, this character doesn’t have any connection with the world view of superheroes at all.” Qiu Ren took out the design of the third character.

“I certainly can!”

The Flash was confident for no reason; he was still a Level S dream consciousness.

No matter how impressive the characters Qiu Ren designed were, they were just empty without the support of any Dream Seeds.

“Don’t be so sure. But prepare for his arrival.”

Qiu Ren took out the third design draft, which burnt into ashes in Qiu Ren’s hand.

The ashes of the paper floated into the sky, dying it scarlet in a blink.

Falcon Huntress and the Flash immediately prepared to fight when they saw the great changes in Qiu Ren’s core dream.

At this moment, the hundred thousand Creation Points he got from the Central Research Inst.i.tute as his scholarship and research funding were all gone. Even so, he could only create the form of this character.

Something was indeed… coming.

The Flash sensed the suffocating smell of blood filling the surroundings. The next second, sounds that almost tore all his manic depression and negative emotions out of his body echoed in the entire core dream!

“You’ll… regret summoning me into this world! Summoner!!”

With a roar that seemed to be venting anger and madness, scarlet mist gathered and formed a body filled with an unknown aura.

The ground underneath its feet had become a battlefield littered with countless dead bodies.

This weak avatar of the Flash that didn’t have any superpower was instinctively attracted by that heavy sword in the hand of the unknown character.

The heavy sword moved like it had its own life. Blood oozed out of the dead bodies buried underground and gathered in the middle of the sword. The moment the Flash saw it, he felt like all of his negative emotions were pulled out!

There were some living soldiers among the dead bodies underneath the feet of this unknown character. When these soldiers tried to escape, they were pressed firmly on the ground by its giant claw and couldn’t move at all…

The wings covered in fresh blood on its back suddenly spread. Before it vanished, it shouted out a simple word.


The Flash swallowed and was about to say something, but the terrifying sight in front of him suddenly disappeared. It turned into scarlet light and flowed back into Qiu Ren’s hands, becoming a character design draft again.

At this moment, Qiu Ren felt the exhaustion as if his body was emptied.

This was the first time Qiu Ren had spent so many Creation Points at once to construct a character without relying on the supply from the Lords of Nightmare, even though it was just a sh.e.l.l.

“Mr. Qiu, why did that character… disappear suddenly?” the Flash asked anxiously. The Venom was still next to him, trying to lick him.

“I’ve used up all my Creation Points. I spent so many Creation Points, but its form can hold for only three seconds.” As he sat weakly on the ground, Qiu Ren said, “You’re not really thinking about controlling that character, are you?”

“I want to try!” Antic.i.p.ation and excitement appeared on the Flash’s face. Seeing how antic.i.p.ated he was, Qiu Ren truly wanted to tell him, “I only made the third character for you to have a look at. If you try to control it, it’ll not be your avatar which will be devoured but your original body.”

“I still have the fourth character design, or you can just adopt Venom.”

This was the first time Qiu Ren had experienced the pain of consuming his own Creation Points to construct characters without the support of a Lord of Nightmare!

Not only were Creation Points consumed, his energy and physical strength were also exhausted.

The sequelae gave Qiu Ren symptoms like headache and dizziness.

Seconds after Tapir sensed the changes in the core dream, she had already run out of the villa, even though Qiu Ren made a hand gesture at her while sitting on the gra.s.s, saying, “Nothing happened. Everything’s fine.”

She seemed to be very dissatisfied with Qiu Ren for rashly creating such a dangerous character. She would probably lecture Qiu Ren after Falcon Huntress and the Flash left.

“I… still want to try! Mr. Qiu, I can bear the cost of Creation Points!” What the Flash said made Falcon Huntress want to drag him away directly.

A hundred thousand Creation Points could only maintain the form of a character for a few seconds. How can you create it? Are you really going to turn your avatar into the character?!

“Are you sure? After I created it, I felt like that thing isn’t really suitable for you.” Qiu Ren’s dizziness was relieved a bit after hearing this reply.

“Please give me a chance!” the Flash said.


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