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My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton! is a web novel completed by Blitz Kiva.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 48.2

“I like Kyousuke-kun, but I feel that it’s probably not a situation I can say «We’re going out» just yet.”


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“Ah, that is…”


“I won’t I won’t. Tsurugin, you have quite a daytime-drama brain there…”


“Saa-chan has big, doesn’t she…”

“Himemizu-san, I…”


“You think, or rather, she’s already serious about that Tsurugin.”



I didn’t want to say this kind of thing. I wasn’t trying to ask for forgiveness by saying this kind of thing.




“Well, I was also going to dedicate to track-and-field but then…”

“You’re still on about that…?”



There was a part of herself that was helplessly sly and lewd.

“The one I met first when wandering the wasteland together with Gen-chan was that kid. Live or die, it was such a timing, so well, I just reflexively. I come to know that it is temporary thanks to that…”

“I’m sorry…. Even though Utsurogi-kun is going out with Himemizu-san…”

Goubayashi who came running after that, performed a one-on-one fist fight with the ogre whose tempted state had been solved, in the end, Goubayashi completely knocked him down and named him Zeku.

EX Combine would consume the ‘power of blood’ stored within Kyousuke’s bones. Therefore they couldn’t carelessly combine, but Kyousuke and Rin had practiced combining several times since then. As expected, it wouldn’t get to the sweet feelings like the first time anymore, if speaking of whether that was disappointing then it was disappointing, but the combine itself they were able to execute it smoothly. Depending on the situation they could transform into EX state from the Stream Cross state as well.

Sitting down on the bed in the cabin, asked Kaoru.

Preferably, if she too was attacked by something and was cornered to an unavoidable situation, she might not have to be so troubled in this way. After using «Temptation» once, she too would be able to give up using it on Kyousuke, was that really how it would be? Or else she would regret it, thinking she should have used it on him from the start.

“I understand the feeling of wanting to use the first time for a person you like.”


A surprisingly indifferent response came back. violently shook her head.

“I’m here. Himemizu-san, please come in.”

Rin was saying that there was still room for to cut the goal tape as well.

“Well – that’s – right. But then, the evaporated water is too wasteful in that case. Well, because water is like MP to me. It’s precious resources.”


“I’m, I’m sorry!”

Zeku. It was a wild ogre that became obedient after being beaten up by Goubayashi once.

“I feel like we can make salt by sun drying normally, but…”



By putting their relationship into words as «boyfriend and girlfriend», it will become a burden to their actions. Utsurogi Kyousuke was certainly a boy who paid especially attention to such a part.




Kensaki raised a bewildered scream.

You can’t recognize that they are dating as a fact when they still haven’t put it into words such as ‘we&rsqu

o;re dating’, or ‘I like you’, was what he said.

“I will excuse myself then.”

“Well, let’s talk with Saa-chan for a bit.”

Zeku was a male. The fact that the incubus Kaoru was able to tempted him meant that Kaoru, at that point in time, had already transitioned to Phase 2.

What would happen was still unknown.


She unintentionally spouted out.

“I like to run. Rather than cutting through the goal tape, I like the time when I’m running. Maybe the current state feel just like when I’m running yet remain at a standstill just one step before the goal.”


Why did she become a succubus? Even now, she didn’t try to seriously face it. She was scared of facing it and accepting it.

A devilish woman who tempted men, absorbing their essence. A dream demon, wet dream demon. She didn’t want to think that the monster expressing her own heart would be something like that. But what about reality? She had found an excuse within herself and tried to s.n.a.t.c.h away Utsurogi Kyousuke’s heart. No, she was still thinking about even now. It would be better if the first one was with Kyousuke, was that thought of hers really pure feelings?

After linking up with Kaoru, the time when consulted with him had increased profusely. had heavily rely on Kaoru ever since the human days, but the fact that they had reincarnated as the same species of monster meant it was easier to confide species-specific trouble.




First of all, apologized to Rin.


∗Kohon∗, the headless public moral committee member cleared her throat.

“Then, as for Tsurugin, do you want to support Saa-chan?”

“What I’m bringing out is only salt…. No, painful. Salty…”





She just couldn’t feel like going to Kyousuke’s place and using «Temptation» on him anymore.






Said Kaoru.

“You’re bringing out your spirit, Rin.”



So far, Rin had never once declared that she was dating Kyousuke.

Rin said in a puzzled voice.

“Rin, even if there was anything, I was the one who instigated her. So please don’t blame Sachi too much.”



“I didn’t come to blame Saa-chan or anything?”

“It’s not like you’re a hindrance, but well, please–”

“No way … a scene of carnage!?”

Can’t you stay and support me? entertained herself with such a thought for a moment, and again knocked herself on the head. You reap what you sow. Then I have to deal with it on my own. I don’t have any right to say this and that to Kaoru-chan.

It wasn’t necessary the case that there would always be students who could use water attribute spirit magic when the time came for it. As much as possible, she had to save up water in preparation for an emergency. The amount of water directly connected to her combat ability – naturally at normal time, but even at the time of performing Extreme Cross with Kyousuke as well.


“I, like Utsurogi-kun so…”

“Excuse me for disturbing. Oh, Kaoruko-chan.”


Should she say it stands to reason? Would become serious and started dropping Kyousuke? was a succubus, tribal ability was «Temptation». If she just used that ability, it wouldn’t even be a battle as expected.

“I am the public moral committee member! Furthermore, I have dedicated my youth to the sword! I’m not planning to date any boy now!”


Did Himemizu Rin come here to do this from the start, or else the maliciousness in her was just removed as a result?


But if Rin reached the goal before her then it just couldn’t be helped.

It was Himemizu Rin. Why did Rin expressly come to this place? No way, was her attempt to tempt Kyousuke exposed?



She had to accept it. The fact that there was a part of herself wanting to use «Temptation» on Utsurogi Kyousuke.



“Yup yup.”

“I’m actually … such a helplessly sly, lewd girl…”


“Wrong. It’s Zeku-chan.”

“Rin, can I ask something taking this opportunity?”

Being told so, Rin twisted her body with all her strength.


Kensaki the Dullahan was sitting by her side with arms crossed.


“To the point of becoming a succubus, isn’t what everyone is saying. But you may have become one because you want to make Kyousuke-kun turn your way. However, such a thing is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m also interested in erotic things…”



∗Clank∗, the door opened.

“Therefore, if Saa-chan cut the goal tape during that time, it will be vexing, but I think that is something invited by my own negligence.”


Yes, Sachiko like Kyousuke as well. Therefore, Rin felt just a little indebted toward her. vaguely understood the meaning of the words «conscious».




“Doesn’t Tsurugin have a person like that?”


“No, about that, Saa-chan…”

Himemizu Rin, while watching such students from a corner of the deck, was endeavor to produce salt and fresh water.

The words she said were unexpected.

“You’re going to say something like … «You won’t take my Kyousuke-kun, you thieving cat»!?”


“Have you started going out with Utsurogi?”


If she could demonstrate Phase 2 ability, the effective target range of «Temptation» would greatly spread. Perhaps now that she was strongly aware of her inner self, «Temptation» might be effective to Kyousuke as well.


“Hou. I wonder what, Tsurugin.”



But those weren’t words that would be much comforting for knew that Rin didn’t say that to comfort her, nevertheless, those weren’t words to solve the ill feelings in her heart, and a lump remained deep inside.

“…How did it feel?”

Just before leaving, Kaoru left behind those words. felt herself became more pathetic.



Episode 48 — Maidens’ Oath

The fact that that Zeku had once been attacked by «Temptation» was surprising.


“I don’t know if I can say this, but, probably, yes.”


For a little while after the ship departed, the students, while going ∗kyaa kyaa∗ was watching the outside view on the deck. There were even students saying things such as ‘we’re crossing the sea for the first time I was born’. Quite a bit of a sightseeing cruise feeling.

“I think that may like Utsurogi as well.”

But there was no particular impatient feelings within Rin. Was it because she made light of, thinking that she would never use up to «Temptation»? Or was it because she couldn’t even imagine Kyousuke yielding to the power of «Temptation»?


“Everyone already knew that Saa-chan is ero-ero.”

“Saa-chan, you’re there? It’s Himemizu.”




Polishing his nails by himself, Okama Kaoru heard those words and looked up.

Remaining inside the room were just and Rin.


Only, the thought of feeling apologetic toward itself might be arrogance so she had never talk about that matter with her. Even though had always been thinking about Kyousuke, always been worrying about him, the one who remained closest to him now was Rin.

“How should I say this, it felt like they were staring at each other…”

“I don’t mean to say that, but…. Looking at Utsurogi and talking before departure…”

Phase 2. Hearing that word, Sachiko raised her face.

“Eh, Goubayashi-kun?”




“Re–really…. Was it noticed when looking at it? Ummu…”

“Wa–wait. Wait a bit Tsurugin. That combine is not too … unrelated, but, let’s see. Anyway, that’s not that way, okay?”

When they talked that much, ∗kon kon∗, suddenly knocking sounds came from the door.

In the meantime, recalled Kaoru’s words.

“Is that so, is that so. I’m a little relieved.”


“Especially since Sachi is meek. You will have resistance to use «Temptation» on whomever, so at least you want to get through the first time with the boy you like. Therefore, I can’t stop you.”

“Ah, you used it. Was it effective?”

“I like to run, but,”

“It’s a kid you know too.”



“I’m just a little scared.”

“So you should say it as well. Rin.”

Hearing that name,’s head turned pure white for a moment.

“Saa-chan, facing your inner self, is the first step to Phase 2 as well. Go at it vroom vroom.”


But, Kyousuke and Rin have mutual love. If they can be aware of that, no one can object that they’re already boyfriend and girlfriend, right?



Only, before that, she had to make him turn her way with her own power. Can’t be saying something like «scary». Even Rin was the same, fighting fear, albeit in a completely different form. Now that Rin was still just a step before the goal, there was still a chance.

But, facing Rin, couldn’t help but become aware of that once again.

She didn’t know if she would be forgiven if she apologized. But she couldn’t help but do it. She did such an outrageous thing such as putting her hands on other people’s boyfriend, launching «Temptation» at them. Even though she should have known it would come to this. Her self-hatred was getting bigger.

“Well…. There’s no person I like in this cla.s.s. I thought someone like Gen-chan may be fine, but … well, I’m okay like this. But you’re right, I don’t feeling like using it to drop the person I like. I may hesitate if I’m in the same situation as Sachi, it’s just that much.”

I see. Rin interrupted the salt making and pondered.


If possible, it would be best if the first boy was him.


“Things like declaring «I’m going out with Kyousuke-kun», or possibly telling Kyousuke-kun «Please go out with me» and have his okay. I somehow feel like the pleasant relationship we have now will collapse if I just put those into words. Because Kyousuke-kun will absolutely become conscious of it.”

“I will do my best.”

Therefore, connecting words.


Rin said so, all too indifferently.


“Kaoru-chan, on whom did you use the first «Temptation»?”

“At, at first, that is … but, I have suspected as much since the time you combined but…”

Said Rin.

Only, well, there were many students who sensed the atmosphere and noticed it. The prime example was Ryuzaki Kunihiro. Previously, he, with a whole face smile, had come saying «Congratulations!». He even said that «I think I can accept it if it’s Utsurogi». It was very awkward, but nothing breathing a word about that and returned such a feelings were the duties of the girl who jilted him, Rin too, said «Thank you» back with a poker face (not that she had any).


For a moment, hesitated whether or not to pretend to be out, but she finally resigned. Shaking her head, sweeping away any worldly thoughts, she called out to Rin on the other side of the door.


Those words weren’t full of confidence, neither was it bragging, only bewilderment and a wavering heart were felt.


No, If got serious normally even without using «Temptation», it still wouldn’t be a battle.


The ones to become the main labor force on the ship were the goblins Gofunkawahara brought along and the imps and sahagins accompanying Kaoruko. Especially the sahagins – similar to the Uozumi siblings – were useful in diving in the sea and getting fishes.

~ Part 2 ~

“But, But I, tried to use «Temptation» on Utsurogi-kun…”

One thing or another, now he was riding on this ship as a member of this cla.s.s. Not just Goubayashi, he was on good term with Ok.u.mura as well and was getting used to the cla.s.s where conversation was impossible for him. At the moment, he should be playing video game together with the boys of the cla.s.s.

While saying so, the amount of salt acc.u.mulated in the container had already exceeded 10 kilograms.


“Wha–what? Was that the case…!?”

“But, Kaoru-chan didn’t use it on the boy you like, right?”


She was going dedicate her youth to track-and-field, but to ‘run’, combining with Kyousuke was indispensable, ‘running’ itself was the same as Kyousuke. Before very long, well, her feelings were being dragged along and it became the mess it was now.

“I can’t quite say something like doing my best, but…. Yup, I will do my best too.”




Rin, at this late hour, said something everyone was already well aware of.

But that feeling just now withered in one go.







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“Ne~, Kaoru-chan.”

“Yes, Rin. Am I a hindrance, I wonder?”

This action that was exactly like Akai, was in fact his original.

“I don’t remember. I would probably die if I got beaten then. Well, the first time I used «Temptation» was like that, so it made me understand I can use it on monsters and I’m not that resistant to it. Perhaps I’m just paralyzed by it though.”



“What is it? Sachi.”

The case of meeting Kyousuke was bad. No, should it be said as good?


Rin brought out a little awkward voice and undulated her body.


“Eh, but…. Utsurogi-kun, likes Himemizu-san too, right…?”



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