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320,000 viewers online, 430,000 total viewers.

The peak number of online viewers was considerably high, although the press release for “There’s A Spirit Underground” had reached 700,000 viewers. However, that was only because of the book fans Mr.Sleepy had brought along, and the lucrative prize pool, not to mention Ms.Bun’s bun army and the recommendations they brought about. After that stream, all his following content had reached 100,000+ viewers.

Do not doubt 100,000 is too little; it was considered the numbers of a big streamer on 8th station, nonetheless the drawing category.

300,000 or so viewers was a high figure even amongst the big streamers.

It wasn’t the numbers that surprised Meng Fan, but the amount of viewers. Strictly speaking, 380,000 viewers wasn’t such a surprise, but for there to be 320,000 online all at once?!

Generally speaking, the ratio of Meng Fan’s online peak count to viewer count was 1:2 or more. This ratio was already pretty good. The lower the ratio, the more it means you retain your viewers.

Today it was at 1:1.34!

What did this mean?

It means that most of the fickle netizens did not leave the channel during today’s stream!

And he’d been streaming for a while!

So many netizens had watched until the end!

Meng Fan’s drawing stream was already pretty good at retaining an audience, in addition to pick up lines, it seems his ability to maintain an audience was pretty strong!

On the other hand, it means that he could attract people with his voice.

Meng Fan was pleased that he could bring in new viewers for himself.

He decided he could converse more and sing more in future streams. Like when he streamed running and shooting previously, he undoubtedly wanted to attract more people to his stream, then he could finish the task faster as well.

Meng Fan was tired just thinking about completing this task. But seeing the +10 charm that came with the rewards for [Famous Streamer], he felt energetic and began to ponder ways to quickly receive the rewards.

After all, he had obtained this system after being reincarnated, and it’s been proved many times that he could quickly finish seemingly difficult tasks as long as he used his brain diligently.

Of course, the guidelines for tasks like [Travelling Deity] and [I am a Champion] were too tight and difficult to cheat on.

[Famous Streamer] had some rigid rules that Meng Fan thought made it hard to complete before. He thought it was enough to achieve task phase three and gain 1 million viewers, but as he became more powerful with the added attributes, it became faster to gain the experience.

As he pondered, his phone buzzed with an incoming call.

“Did you just finish streaming? Are you hungry? Want to grab some late-night food?”

The call came from Su Qing Cen’s number, but the voice on the other end was Bai Zhi.

Twenty minutes later, Meng Fan appeared outside the hotpot restaurant near the Huanglong stadium.

This hotpot restaurant had a great business. It was almost midnight, but the place was still packed, and you could see the steam rising and smell the fragrance of all kinds of spices. Meng Fan was hungry to begin with, but upon entering became even more hungry.

He knocked on a door and entered a private room.

The room was large, and so was the table, but there were only three people inside it. Su Qing Cen, Bai Zhi, and Bai Zhi’s a.s.sistant. It seemed like the dishes just arrived not long ago.

“Sister Bai, Shan Jin bro, Ms.Sun.”

Meng Fan greeted them. Meng Fan decided he didn’t have to be cautious at this kind of private meeting where they all knew each other, so he went off to adjust his sauce.

There was already some in the room, so he didn’t have to leave.

Seeing it was a yin yang pot, he mixed two bowls of sauce, one for sesame, fermented curd, sesame oil and minced chives, and the other for beef sauce, sesame sauce, chili oil, minced garlic, cilantro, and shallots.

“Sister Bai, are you here to open for Shan Jin bro again?”

Meng Fan finished mixing and sat down, dipping a few pieces of lamb in the clear soup pot. He covered it in the sauce bowl to his left. The heavy flavor of the sesame sauce and fermented bean matched the taste from the chives, and began shoving it in his mouth, Meng Fan felt the immediate bliss. His soul was comforted.

“I already appeared as a guest on Qing Cen’s first concert stop, you can’t have the same guest twice in a row.” Bai Zhi saw Meng Fan eating comfortably and put her own cooked meat in Meng Fan’s plate as well. She had seen Meng Fan several times before, and when eating in private, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say she treated him like half a little brother.

“I came to Hangzhou this time around to prepare for my own concert. Actually, it’s a meet and greet too, with about 2000 people. I can’t be compared with your Shan Jin bro’s large scale concerts hosting hundreds of thousands.”

“Sister Bai, if you continue to be like this, it’ll be hard for us to remain friends!” Su Qing Cen said. “My tour only happens once in a blue moon, but you can host yours whenever you want, can it be compared? To be honest, I envy you. You can pick the most comfortable way to interpret the music you want to perform… Besides, your concert only has 2000 live audience, but it’s in the format of a live stream, if we really counted, you’d definitely have more viewers than me!”

Although she didn’t regard Meng Fan as a normal fan, Su Qing Cen still decided to swallow the following words.

As a popular singer, even if the idol tried their best, it was still not as liberal.

Meng Fan’s ears shot up at Su Qing Cen’s words.

Without continuing the subject, Su Qing Cen turned and smiled at Meng Fan. “When Sister Bai was waiting for me during rehearsal she watched your stream and showed it to me too. I didn’t know you could sing too! Although you weren’t singing very seriously, I can tell you’re pretty good. Your vocal range is very charming.”

“That’s an understatement!” Bai Zhi smiled and continued, “In the end, you touched your Shan Jin bro’s heart!”

This made Meng Fan blush.

After eating hotpot, the two professional singers suddenly entered a mood and insisted on taking Meng Fan’s singing.

“You guys practice everyday, but you still want to go to karaoke?” Meng Fan wouldn’t’ understand.

“We’re not singing, we’re going to listen to you,” Bai Zhi responded very curtly.


He couldn’t push it and went along.

There was a KTV nearby, so it was a five-minute trip after they finished eating.

Bai Zhi took the initiative and picked a song for Meng Fan, which just happened to be the first song Meng Fan had been humming during his stream. “The rest of my Life”. Only Meng Fan had changed the lyrics during his stream.

He sang the entire song, maintaining a serious composure. He’d been nervous at first but began to loosen up eventually.

Clap clap clap.

Su Qing Cen and Bai Zhi and even her a.s.sistant began to applaud.

“See, I knew Fan was good at singing!” Bai Zhi was overjoyed, and said to Meng Fan, “Fan, do you have an interest to come to hang around at my concert? For this event, I usually ask a few guests, one of them had an emergency and couldn’t make it, so I have to find someone to subst.i.tute for them. If you can sing, then it’s gotta be you! I’m too lazy to search otherwise.”

“Sister Bai, you’re not serious right? I’ve never experienced performing on stage before, are you not afraid I’ll mess it up?”

Although Meng Fan wanted to agree after hearing the invitation, as he was already motivated after discovering it was a streamed event from Su Qing Cen. This was an elite chance! No, it was a BOSS with super experience!

Only, he still modestly asked just in case he messed it up for real.

“You don’t have stage experience, but you have streaming experience! My concert will be streamed, so it will just be an extra 2000 people for you. And you’re already such a famous streamer, you can bring some traction to my concert! If you don’t object, it’s settled!”

“Just like that?”


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