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Chapter 202: Aren’t You Tired?Translator: Fan Translation Studio

Ye Xiaoxian guessed that it was about eight o’clock in the evening. It was late enough for people to get to sleep in ancient times. But as she lay down again, she heard applause and cheers coming from outside. There seemed to be an event going on downstairs.

At this moment, she was the only person awake in the room. The others had fallen into a deep sleep and wouldn’t be awakened by even thunder. She tried to ignore the noise, but she failed. In fact, she felt quite refreshed after sleeping for a while.

If she was not mistaken, this noise was probably a treasure appraisal event. She climbed out of the bed and watched the fun in the corridor. Even an ordinary bowl in this dynasty would be an antique in modern times, let alone the treasures that would be shown tonight.

Ye Xiaoxian looked down at the hall packed with people. It was as if all the people had gathered below, except for the Xiaos. Jin Xiaoyu stood high on the stage to hold the event. It was obvious that the applause was to welcome her.

When the cheers had lasted for long enough, Jin Xiaoyu gestured for everyone to quiet down. Full of heroic spirit, she began announcing the rules of the event. No one was allowed to sell fake goods here. If one was found to be a cheater, the inn would never welcome him or her again. Although she looked flighty at ordinary times, she was more than severe on the stage with her blazing eyes.

“Now that you all know the rules, let’s start the event. After the sellers show their treasures, the buyers can bid for them. The highest bidders will win the treasures.”

Only then did Ye Xiaoxian realize this inn not only evaluated treasures but auctioned them. No wonder the dishes tasted so bad. The place was more an action site than a restaurant or a hotel.

The first seller was a big-eared obese man holding a chamber pot. All the people burst out laughing at the sight of his “treasure”.

Irritated, he roared, “Stupid fools! Do you know where we found it? We found it in a mausoleum in Zhengwu county! Can you guess whose mausoleum it is? It belongs to a prime minister two dynasties ago! Such jade quality can only be found at that time.”

Someone scoffed, “Even so, I won’t buy a chamber pot. I won’t use it to urinate or decorate my house.”

The fat man shouted angry, “Short-sighted! If you pa.s.s it on to your descendants, it will then become something priceless.”

Ye Xiaoxian smiled at his words. As a tomb robber, he knew more about the law of historical development than most people. Jin Xiaoyu let a waiter hand the pot to a knowledgeable old man who turned it up and down for a while. Finally, he nodded to show it was real. But only one man bid for the pot, and the price he offered was merely 10 silver taels.

The fat man felt disappointed at the result, but he still decided to sell it anyway. After all, a treasure could prove valuable only when it was sold.

After that, another man went on the stage with a pearl hairpin. He claimed that it was priceless because it was newly dug out from an imperial concubine’s mausoleum. Watching it from the distance, Ye Xiaoxian also felt it had superb quality, unlike those sold on the streets.

In the end, it was sold at 80 silver taels. Ye Xiaoxian sighed slightly. This place was like a black hole that swallowed money.

Just then, a man stood beside her. She turned around and found it was Li Chengru. He cast a haughty look at her. “Why don’t you go to sleep but stand here instead?”

She replied, “I want to feel the happiness that the rich feel.”

Li Chengru snorted disdainfully.

She asked, “What do you mean? You despise the rich?”

“I despise you who are scared by only 80 silver taels. It is not a ton of gold.” he said.

Ye Xiaoxian knew he was rich and might be the richest in the middle cla.s.s. But except for the royal n.o.bles, who else could have a ton of gold?

So she smiled and challenged, “Yes, you’re rich and you can afford many roast lambs.”

“You…” He seemed to be angry again.

But she continued maternally, “Our ancestors teach us not to show off our wealth. Even if you’re rich, you should keep a low profile. Don’t let the strangers know you have money, especially in this complicated place.”

His face fell. “All right, you can question my wealth. But I’m sorry that you may be scared to death when we reach Baoning city and meet the sixth prince. You’ll know who I am at that time.”

Ye Xiaoxian watched the auction with great interest at first, but she soon got tired of this. The novelty wore off quickly. It was similar to visiting a museum where one could only see the treasures without touching. Eyes would get easily tired after watching things of the same style.

She yawned and said, “I have to go to sleep now. Bye.”

“Bye,” he said.

That night, Ye Xiaoxian woke up many times. She got up very early the next morning. None of her relatives were awake. She climbed out of bed, planning to have a walk downstairs.

When she went downstairs, she saw a cook working in this inn. He greeted, “h.e.l.lo, kitchen G.o.ddess! You’re so early!”

She replied faintly, “I’m flattered.”

“If you’re free, why don’t you give us some instructions in the kitchen?” he invited.

Of course, she wouldn’t say “yes”, especially when there were few people awake. Anything could happen in the kitchen of a gangsters’ inn. But she couldn’t reject directly, or she might offend this man. So she said jokingly, “My lessons are very expensive.”

The man said sarcastically, “Just say no if you don’t want to.”

Just then, an overly sweet voice sounded from the upstairs, “Oh? How much then? Ms. Chef?”

Jin Xiaoyu had also got up. Regardless of any courtesy, she tied the ribbons of her dress as she went downstairs.

To avoid looking hidebound, Ye Xiaoxian didn’t curtsy this time. She simply greeted, “Good morning, madam.”

“I’m used to getting up early, but why are you so early, too? Aren’t you tired after a night watching treasures?” Jin Xiaoyu said softly as she threw a teasing look at Ye Xiaoxian.


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