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265. Xiao Baoshan and the Camel TeamTranslator: Fan Translation Studio

Li Xiaoyue remained silent. Why didn’t this matchmaker marry an old man if it was really that good?

Li Xiaoyue was quiet when she had dinner. At bedtime, she told the maids that she suffered from insomnia these days and wanted to sleep alone that night. The next day, when the matchmaker pushed open the door, she was so scared by what she saw that she screamed. Inside the room, the princess’s legs hung in midair, her tongue was sticking out and her eyelids had also become pale. She was already dead.

“The, the princess has hanged herself! She’s dead!”

A group of people hurried over. When the emperor of Beiqing learned about this, he flew into a rage and seriously doubted Daqi’s sincerity. As a result, he sent troops to attack Heihe city and took it within half a month.

Irritated, Li Chengkun and the state preceptor kept cursing Li Xiaoyue. They even degraded her family as commoners and put them in prison.

When the news reached Baoning city, it had been half a month. Li Chengyi and Li Chengru fell into silence. Qian Qi couldn’t help cursing Li Chengkun for being fatuous and the state preceptor for damaging national interest by suggesting peace-making with Beiqing. He regretted that he was not in the capital. If he was, he would definitely launch an attack and protect the land.

Old Mrs. Qian, a wise woman, a.n.a.lyzed the situation. “It’s because our emperor doesn’t want to fight that things become like this. If he wants, no one can stop him. The prime minister and that brave princess are the victims in this incident. This old man has been loyal to the country, but now we don’t even know whether he’s alive or dead. I hope he and his grandson are blessed and come back safe.”

Qian Qi said, “It’s said they were saved by many good men, but the others were all… He must have a hard time now. I wish he can live on for the sake of his grandson.”

Old Mrs. Qian heaved a long sigh. “If things go on like this, our country will split sooner or later. The war in the north must have put people in misery and made them angry.”

In the Tianshan tribe.

Everything was still peaceful with blue skies, white clouds, snow-covered mountains and lush gra.s.s. People were busy herding goats, raising cattle or doing something else, which made life full and happy.

The war in the north didn’t affect them at all. As usual, they did business and strengthened the camel team. After a few business trips, they had earned much money for the Sixth King. As such, Baoning city suddenly became prosperous. The lack of subsidies for refugees was also filled up. There was even a surplus.

Farsighted, Li Chengyi saw the big picture and asked Li Chengru and Qian Qi over one day. “As you know, the north is in a mess now. Beiqing has taken one city. Although we’re far from there, I think we should take precautions. What do you think?”

Li Chengru had no interest in national affairs. He simply detested Li Chengkun who was so weak, shameless and despicable to make a woman protect his interest. So he was on Li Chengyi’s side. “If that’s necessary, then do it. I’ll try my best to a.s.sist you in funding or some other aspects.”

Li Chengyi then looked at Qian Qi. “What about you, General Qian?”

Qian Qi said, “Your Highness, do you mean… strengthening our military forces? If so, I think it’s a good idea. Although the south to Daqi seems peaceful, if Hongyan attacks us again, we won’t have enough forces to fight against it. Besides, if the northern enemies move toward us, we must prepare well for that. By no means should we be bullied by them!”

He continued, “But we must do everything carefully and secretly. We can’t let spies know about our plan. Although the emperor allows us to station here, I know he’s sent many spies here to monitor us as to whether we’re raising troops.

Li Chengyi replied, “Yes, we must do it secretly. General Qian, I want to hand over the mission to you. Please build an army of elites. Quality first. As for those spies, I’ll handle them. I won’t give him any chance to bring the news to Li Chengkun.”

Qian Qi took the mission and promised he wouldn’t fail the Sixth King’s trust. Then, he added, “To build a strong army, I need someone’s help. That’s Xiao Baoshan. He can improve our efficiency greatly, but… his amnesia hasn’t healed up.”

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Baoshan had been in Tianshan tribe for two months. These days, he had been doing unskilled work like chopping firewood and feeding the horses and camels. Sometimes, he also chatted with Ye Xiaoxian. But their relations.h.i.+p had been lukewarm. Ye Xiaoxian treated him the same way as she treated others. Well, to be exact, she was polite to anyone else. But facing Xiao Baoshan, she was always bad-tempered and unfriendly no matter what he said. He was more than helpless about that.

Worried, Li Hongmei proposed that Xiao Baoshan go with the camel team once. A couple might feel nothing when they spent a great deal of time together, but when they were separated, they would miss each other very much. Anyway, it was worth a shot.

So, she said to Ye Xiaoxian, “Little Ye, Baoshan has been back for two months, but he hasn’t thought of anything. What about letting him follow the camel team to Beihui city. It’s prosperous there. Perhaps he can regain a little of his memories.”

Ye Xiaoxian didn’t oppose it. “I have no objection. He can go if he wants.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to him.” Li Hongmei thought: Let me see if you’ll miss my son in a month!

Then, she told Xiao Baoshan to follow the camel team.

She said, “Women all like capable men. If you always do these trifle things, she may look down upon you one day. Through this journey, you can not only broaden your horizons but also… Anyway, she’ll miss you when she can’t see you.”

In fact, Xiao Baoshan was also interested in the camel team and wanted to try it, so he agreed immediately.

Li Hongmei said, “I’ll tell Tarico about this. Oh yes, remember to buy a small gift for Little Ye in Beihui city and give it to her. She’ll like it.”

Then, she discretely gave him a silver tael. Xiao Baoshan nodded and promised he would finish the task.

Wong Mudan happened to look their way when Li Hongmei gave her son the money. But she pretended that she hadn’t seen it. She walked over and dragged Li Hongmei to a side. “Doesn’t Little Ye forgive Baoshan?”

“No. She says she doesn’t want a forced love. Alas! That’s not forced at all. They’re a couple, aren’t they?”

If Wong Mudan had still been that same village woman, she would certainly have cursed Ye Xiaoxian for being unreasonable and putting on airs before her husband. But after all these days, she knew how stubborn Ye Xiaoxian was. No one could stop this woman from doing what she wanted.

Wong Mudan let out a sigh. “Perhaps it’s time to be tougher. Just do as you once did to match them.”

Li Hongmei said immediately, “No, no, I can’t. If I do that, Little Ye will hate me. Baoshan also doesn’t like to be treated this way. He was once a general. If I make him do this kind of thing, he may cut the relations.h.i.+p with me.”

Wong Mudan sighed again. “Parents are parents, worrying about everything that even includes the young couple’s emotional problem. But this is not their fault. We can’t blame Little Ye. If I know Tieshu wants to marry another woman, I’ll also be angry. But we should still try to persuade Little Ye. If she pushes Baoshan away, he may marry that coquette again.”


When the camel team was ready to set off, Li Hongmei took Xiao Baoshan there and told Tarico about her arrangement. She asked Tarico to take good care of her son for he was a newcomer. Tarico didn’t show any objection. After all, she was Ye Xiaoxian’s mother-in-law, someone he respected.

He said faintly, “Okay. But we have our rules and it’s dangerous in the desert, so you must follow what I say.”

Humbly, Xiao Baoshan promised he would do as Tarico said. Then, the camel team set off. As a new member, Xiao Baoshan was arranged to sit on the last camel in the team.

Some young men could tell from Tarico’s att.i.tude that he didn’t like Xiao Baoshan, so they were also indifferent to this man. Only Wong Wen and Wong Wu were friendly to Xiao Baoshan because they knew his past. It was a blessing that he had their company, otherwise he would have felt marginalized and lonely the entire way.

For example, Tarico didn’t give Xiao Baoshan a tent at night with the excuse that he hadn’t brought enough tents. He said in an apologetic tone, “I’m so sorry. I forgot that you would join us, so I didn’t prepare yours. Could you please guard for us? If you feel cold at night, you can have a rest in our tents.”

Xiao Baoshan knew it was intentional, but he didn’t fly into a fury. Instead, he replied peacefully, “Okay.”

However, Wong Wen and Wong Wu instantly invited him to their tent. The s.p.a.ce was just right for the three of them, as long as they huddled together. The bowl was also not prepared. Tarico explained that he forgot to ask Mcginon, who was responsible for taking bowls, to get one more.

Mcginon apologized hastily, saying that he would buy one for Xiao Baoshan after they arrived at Beihui city. As such, Xiao Baoshan could only wait for Wong Wu’s bowl. After Wong Wu finished the meal, Xiao Baoshan washed the bowl and then used it for a lonely supper.


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