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Chapter 446

Deng Tian truly deserved to be Deng Ai’s father. Only such a scheming father could give birth to such a son. Jia Xu made an issue about wanting to see the search warrant but Deng Tian countered, saying that if you want to see the search warrant, they had to follow them back.

Jia Xu knew that by following them, they would be trapped regardless of whether there was any issue. Even if the barbarian was not bleeding out in the carriage, Liu Mang’s ident.i.ty would still be exposed.

“If you can’t show me the search warrant then forgive me for not staying here.” Jia Xu waved his hand, ignoring Deng Tian’s claim that the search warrant was at home.

“Sir. I am already being sincere. Are you still refusing to follow me?” Deng Tian immediately stopped Jia Xu and his men also took out their swords.

“Do you want to use force to stop this old man?” Jia Xu smiled at Deng Tian. His men also glared at Deng Tian cautiously. Deng Tian may have more people but that doesn’t mean that they would win.

“Haha. My men may not be able to defeat yours but what if I had more people?”

“Hm? Reinforcements?” Jia Xu frowned. At some point in time, more people seemed to come out from the corner where Deng Tian and his men first appeared. He then realized that Deng Tian was just stalling for time. If this continued, Jia Xu would be the one in a disadvantage.

“Sir. Are you willing to follow me now?” Deng Tian laughed as he looked at the carriage Jia Xu was originally sitting in. It would be hard to conceal the smell of blood coming from it.

“Have we caught him?” The reinforcements arrived. Now they totaled up to at least a hundred men.

If this was a battlefield in war, Jia Xu could have already ordered his men to attack. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a battlefield and it would not be good for both sides to have an armed confrontation here.

Liu Mang was afraid of exposing his ident.i.ty while Deng Tian was afraid of having severe casualties. Even though n.o.bles were known to have private soldiers that carried weapon, it was only done so secretly. They had to be peaceful on the surface. If the defenders of Xiangyang arrived and see an armed conflict, even Deng Tian would not be spared. The Huang Family would definitely use him as a scapegoat.

“If you refuse to follow me, then you just need show us that bleeding man!” Deng Tian wanted Jia Xu to give way. He knew that the barbarian was working alone, otherwise, the barbarian would not have acted alone. However, he did not know why these people here wanted to hide the barbarian.

Just as Jia Xu was about to abandon the barbarian, Kuai Ran came out and spoke. “Brother Kainan. Long time no see.”

“Hm?” Deng Tian froze. n.o.body had called him Kainan in a very long time. This was the name his family had given to him after his coming of age. It is also what his close friends called him. n.o.body called him this anymore after the Deng Family was destroyed. Most people in the Huang Family just call him by his position.

“Brother Kuai Ran?” Deng Tian’s eyes opened wide when he saw the person who called him. He then quickly cupped his fist and corrected himself. “Young Lord Kuai.”

As Deng Tian was now a servant, his status was very different from Kuai Ran. Last time, he could address Kuai Ran as a friend but now he could no longer do that.

Deng Tian gave a bitter smile. The situation had changed too quickly. One moment he was a n.o.ble family’s child. Next moment, he was a servant. Before this, he had even been having fun with Kuai Ran. Kuai Ran even envied the fact that he could study abroad and even wanted to follow.

“Brother Kainan. Don’t be like this.” Kuai Ran laughed bitterly. “Even if our statuses are different, I still think of you as a friend!”

“A friend?” Deng Tian thought for a while and then shook his head. They may have been friends then but they are no longer friends now. “My apologies, Young Lord Kuai. This Deng Tian does not dare presume your intentions!” Their statuses was different. On top of that, the Kuai Family had also partic.i.p.ated in kicking the Deng Family when they are down. This was still a sore point for Deng Tian.

“I know that what we did that time was wrong but I was not the Family head. I was powerless and cannot change their decisions. On top of that, even if the Kuai Family did not act against you, others would still do it.” Kuai Ran’s words were on point. Even the Huang Family had taken everything that belonged to the Deng Family at Jiangxia.

“Young Lord Kuai. Words are unnecessary. This one is only acting under orders. I hope Young Lord Kuai would make things easy.”

“Deng Tian. You can act this way but are you not going to think for the future of your family and your child?”

“What do you mean?” Deng Tian glared with killing intent. The Deng Family was already gone. This was why Deng Tian placed a lot of importance in his wife and child. They had become his sore spot.

“Do you still not understand? Do you want Deng Fan to become a servant for the rest of his life like you?” Kuai Ran naturally felt nervous from Deng Tian’s gaze. However, he managed to persevere as he had already experienced the barbarian’s glare earlier.

“Then what can I do?” Deng Tian laughed at himself mockingly. He had already become a servant. His child was doomed to forever be incapable of entering school. It was more likely that Deng Fan would become a servant like him for his entire life.

“If possible, I’d like to accept Deng Fan as a disciple!” Kuai Ran said, as requested by Liu Mang.



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