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Chapter 609: Unparalleled Beauties Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Lady Yi, it’s Lady Yi! Hahaha, I win the bet!”

“Lady Yi Chan really has the ability to dismiss all the men. She entered the fourth round after She Fei and the others, but she is the first one that completed the mission! She now has eight points and obtains the Fire Cloud Bow!”

“Shame, if Liu Xing, the dark horse, never showed up, Lady Yi should have the fourth and fifth treasures all by herself. She pa.s.sed the round but only to obtain one treasure, but this Fire Cloud Bow is, beyond doubt, a pseudo-divine artifact. There are pseudo-divine artifacts in every treasure hunt. The second best is the divine skills, and Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s is the best. Only the Fire Cloud Armor and Fire Cloud Bow are pseudo-divine artifacts.”

“Tsk, tsk. Pseudo-divine artifact! With the Fire Cloud Bow, Lady Yi Chan’s power will definitely be increased greatly. Perhaps, she has become the best right now. The treasure hunt later will be without surprise. Sure enough, Lady Yi will get all the treasures.”

On the fifth day that Jiang Yi was trapped in the Fengdu City, the white jade city plaza burst into an uproar again. Just now, Yi Chan pa.s.sed the fourth round, obtained eight points, and took the Fire Cloud Bow.

It had to be said that this Lady Yi was really mighty. Many young masters including Fei Qi felt ashamed in secret. Such unparalleled beauty could even cause every man in this world to blush with shame. At least, She Fei, Wu Ni, Tu Long, Ling Qijian, and the rest submitted to her.

They were all descendants of the Nine Thearch clans; those young masters were all older than Yi Chan, but only she alone got three treasures and held a safe lead now. The chance of her getting the top three cardinal treasures was multiplied by many folds!

Pseudo-divine artifact!

It was the most advanced level of the treasures in the world. Though the power of the pseudo-divine artifacts varied, they were way out of the league of transcending saint artifacts. No one knew the real power of Yi Chan for sure, but she had absolutely reached the Heaven Monarch Realm. After refining this Fire Cloud Bow, she would be comparable to a mid-grade Heaven Monarch.

At the Heaven Monarch Realm, Heaven Monarchs were traditionally divided into four levels. The first- to third-stage Heaven Monarchs belonged to the low-grade Heaven Monarchs, the third- to sixth-stage Heaven Monarchs belonged to the mid-grade Heaven Monarchs, and the sixth- to ninth-stage Heaven Monarchs belonged to the high-grade Heaven Monarchs. Above all of them, there were the peak-stage Heaven Monarchs.

Without a doubt…!

Though Tu Long, Wu Ni, Ling Qijian, She Fei, and the rest possessed all kinds of treasures and magical objects, their combined combat ability should be of that of a low-grade Heaven Monarch. Yi Chan was originally similar to them in strength, and now, she ascended a level because of the Fire Cloud Bow and had reached the mid-grade Heaven Monarch. The remaining three treasures would probably be taken by her.

If she could get the Fire Cloud Armor, the Heaven Evasion divine skill, and the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s; the crowd couldn’t imagine how powerful Yi Chan’s combat strength would be.

Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s was one of the most precious spirit herbs in this world. Its greatest use was to improve one’s body, cleanse the marrow, and change the veins. Even the most gifted ones with the best bodies would have impurities in their bodies, and their human body formation wouldn’t be at the perfect state. However, after refining the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s, the trapped dragon would ascend to heaven and one’s body would approximate to perfection. During cultivation, one could get twice the results with half the effort. Even the soul spirit would be cleansed so that the body would be improved and be in the most suitable state for cultivation.

Therefore, the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s was sought after and was far below demand. The appearance of any Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s would cause wars between super clans.

“Fei Tu!”

The commotions went on the city plaza. Fei Qi turned his eyes and waved at the clansman behind him. “Take my command token and go back to the imperial capital, ask King Father to a.s.semble the eighteen consecrators here.”

“Eighteen consecrators?”

Fei Tu shrank his eyes. These eighteen men were the Heaven Monarch Realm martial experts in the Pegasus Empire and had formidable power! The royal family’s consecrators were not used easily, but Fei Qi asked to summon all of them here now?

“Why do you talk so much rubbish?”

Fei Qi’s eyes turned cold, and he said, “You just need to tell the King Father, that it is the Young Master Jian’s idea. He will understand.”


Fei Tu nodded and quickly ran towards the canyon outside the city plaza. However, he was still very bewildered. Why did Fei Qi need so many martial experts? Was he going to rob of all the treasures?

Fei Qi was indeed going to rob of all the treasures!

Of course, he was not bold enough to rob Yi Chan or She Fei. The eighteen consecrators were for the grandson of Sword Thearch.

After spending a few days with the grandson of Sword Thearch, he knew the temperament of this young master very well. He was a True Astral Body that only appeared once every 100,000 years. He could cultivate at a scary speed and had reached the peak stage of the Vajra Realm at the age of seven or eight. He was adored by Sword Thearch and was doted on by many. This caused him to develop a rude, bossy, arrogant, and condescending character.

It was his first time to leave the clan alone. As soon as he began his journey, he arrogantly announced that he would get the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s. Judging from the situation now, he would never be able to do so, even with the Sword Thearch’s world-famous Soul-Hooking Flute. He was rather weak and young. There were only three treasures left, and so he was definitely not going to get his share. He would return empty-handed this time. Surely, he was upset about it and would have the idea of robbing others of their treasures.

The clans of the Nine Thearchs united as one!

Though the nine clans kept fighting with one another in private, they seldom appeared hostile on the surface. Therefore, he would never rob Yi Chan and She Fei. For the rest of the treasures, Jiang Yi had one but it was very likely that he couldn’t leave the Mystic Divine Palace alive; the other one was with Liu Xing so they would have to rob him.

Liu Xing was a descendant of an ancient clan. Fei Qi didn’t know whether he had any connection to the clans of the Nine Thearchs, but even if Liu Xing had, Fei Qi had decided to act on behalf of the grandson of Sword Thearch. If he could make this young master happy, the Fei Clan could remain the no.1 fraction under Sword Thearch. As for whether something would go wrong, Sword Thearch would always be here even if the sky fell down. Thus, what should he be afraid of?

“Haha, Young Master Liu Xing, you are very unlucky. Why do you want to stand out?”

Fei Qi sneered and involuntarily looked at the first teleportation formations on the left. He wondered what was going on with Jiang Yi. If he could get out of the third round, Qu Lao and his group could kill him conveniently and took the Everlasting Mirror. If he could give it to Sword Thearch’s grandson, he bet the young master would be even happier.

“Someone gets the fourth treasure, Fire Cloud Bow?”

Jiang Yi was in a bad state. Just now a picture emerged in his mind, and he found out that the Fire Cloud Bow was obtained by others. He felt even bitter.

The others kept breaking through rounds and obtaining treasures, but he was struggling here for five days, only to make no progress. The continuous five-day-and-five-night battle made him miserable. His essence force could last for ten more days, but his body and soul-spirit were extremely exhausted. The treacherous and arduous battle was already on for five days. Jiang Yi had to kill his way through over and over again, walk along long streets over and over again, only to find a tall black wall. Anyone would feel tired if he was put into Jiang Yi’s shoes.

Over the past five days, he didn’t know how many times he slammed down his swords, how many zombie soldiers he slaughtered, and how many times he was disappointed. He even turned a bit numb. He only knew to mechanically attack and run.

Fengdu City was a ghost town that he would never escape from. He had tried to jump out of the wall, climb over the roofs. However, every time that he was ten meters above the ground, a terrible pressure would press him down.

He thought of many solutions and was already in search of the door of life to break the third round, but he found nothing. Other than continuing to kill the dead, running forward, and trying his luck, he had no other options.

“It’s not like this. It shouldn’t be like this!”

Jiang Yi’s mind was spinning fast. He felt something was wrong from the beginning. Just as what he was thinking on the Yellow Springs Path, the Mystic Thearch set up these checkpoints not to kill the younger generations. He left the Mystic Divine Palace to create talents, not to destroy them. Therefore, there was bound to be a door of life, he just had not found it yet.

“Where is the door of life?”

He exited the state of the union of heaven and man. Glancing at the hideous corpses with his tired eyes, he suddenly shook and had a mad idea. At that moment, he stopped all the attack and was stupefied while remaining at the same place. He murmured absentmindedly, “Is the door of life for this round on those endless zombie soldiers?”


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