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Read My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 734 – Have Fun Killing

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Chapter 734: Have Fun Killing

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Catch him alive! I’ll let this piece of sh*t die from one thousand kinds of torture!”

When Young Master heard Jiang Yi’s voice transmission, he burst out yelling angrily. After a brief pause, he shouted again, “Whoever catches him alive will be awarded 10 billion celestial stones!”


Young Master Hong made the exorbitant offer. All his followers were as excited as though they were high. The eyes of those over twenty men of Young Master Li were especially bright. They were previously reluctant as their Young Master did a favor for others by helping to kill Jiang Yi. They were all very energetic now, increased their speed to the maximum, and dashed towards Jiang Yi wildly.

“Ten billion celestial stones, my head is worth quite some money.”

Jiang Yi chuckled and stopped saying anything irrelevant. He tried his best flying away. It was still very close to the castle. If the fight broke out here, the martial experts in the castle would surely be alerted. If upper-tier Heaven Monarch Realm martial experts or peak-stage Heaven Monarch Realm martial experts were alarmed, he would certainly end up in cruel death.

Along the way, the people behind him kept trying to narrow the distance between them. However, he was very fast so it was unlikely that they would catch him in a short time.

After five minutes, he was already several hundred kilometers away from the castle. He looked at the faraway mountains, and the Fire Cloud Armor appeared around his body. He circulated the essence force, instantly glistening brilliant red light.

The men after him were less than 15 kilometers away. He couldn’t take any risk with so many martial experts. What if someone had special dao pattern attacks?

“Pseudo-divine artifact!”

Once the Fire Cloud Armor appeared, the men behind him lost their minds. The defensive pseudo-divine artifact was priceless. If Jiang Yi was taken down, Young Master Hong would definitely award them a fortune. Young Master Hong and Young Master Li looked at each other; the former bellowed right away, “Don’t need to catch him alive, just kill!”

The crowd might use their force with reservation and didn’t release attack to their best abilities if they needed to capture Jiang Yi alive. With any delay, some unexpected changes might happen. What if some absolute masters happened to pa.s.s by? Therefore, Young Master Hong decided to kill Jiang Yi as fast as possible to get the Fire Cloud Armor.

Chi! Chi!


From 15 kilometers away, two mid-tier Heaven Monarchs made the move. They both even realized the s.p.a.ce dao patterns. They let out a heavy palm strike respectively, causing the s.p.a.ce in front of them to fluctuate violently, like waves surging on the sea surface. The s.p.a.ce fluctuations instantly thundered towards Jiang Yi, forcing him to slow down rapidly.

“Fifteen kilometers? It’s a bit far away.”

Even though Jiang Yi’s speed was reduced sharply, he didn’t release Thunder Fire yet. As he tried his best to control his body and flew forward, he turned his head and looked at the martial artists coming towards him from behind. Eyes as cold as snow, he counted the distance silently in his mind.

Fifteen kilometers, ten kilometers… five kilometers!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chi! Chi!

Pong, Pong, Pong!

Eight mid-tier Heaven Monarchs made the first strokes. One of them even released the soul spirit attack, making the s.p.a.ce boom abruptly. However, when this sound entered Jiang Yi’s mind, it turned into slivers of strange energy, rushing to his soul spirit madly.

“Humph! How dare he release such awful soul spirit attack!”

Jiang Yi sneered. Thirty-six soul swords dancing in his soul spirit sea, wiping off the newly-come energy with ease. He looked at the other five streams of light; he didn’t rush into releasing the Thunder Fire. Instead, he waited until they were 2.5 kilometers away, and he then lit up the Fire Spirit Pearl.

Once the Thunder Fire poured out, the sky changed its color!

Electricity shone inside the azure Thunder Fire, which appeared very harrowing. Those Thunder Fires continued to rise from the Fire Spirit Pearl seamlessly and began to move at a horrible speed under the guidance of Jiang Yi’s waving hands. After that, the Thunder Fire quickly contracted and finally became an azure shield, shrouding Jiang Yi in.

“Young Master, fall back!”

The instance that the Thunder Fire appeared, all the eight Heaven Monarchs stopped flying forward, looked back, and shouted to their respective Young Masters. The terrible heat already rolled over. Although they were still several kilometers away and were not in great danger, these mid-tier Heaven Monarchs still didn’t dare take the risk.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seven streams of light bombarded Jiang Yi’s Thunder Fire Divine Shield, triggering the s.p.a.ce nearby to quaver. Many low-tier Heaven Monarchs fixed their eyes on Jiang Yi; their eyes shrank at the same time, in shock and disbelief.


When those eight Heaven Monarchs saw the shocking expression on the martial artists behind them, they quickly looked back and grew pale with fear as Jiang Yi shot towards them like a mad dragon from the distance. The shield around his body was not damaged at all—only the color faded a bit.

“Young Master, quickly fall back!”

“Everyone, disperse and attack!”

Several Heaven Monarchs shouted in a stern voice. Even though they didn’t use all their strength in the attacks just now, they put in about 80% of their maximum force, and Jiang Yi was okay?! It meant that the attacks from these upper-tier Heaven Monarchs would even be more useless. They would only die even staying here.

“Humph! They are really a bunch of lousy mid-tier Heaven Monarchs. Their attacks are far too weak.”

Jiang Yi smiled coldly. A small square cauldron appeared in his hand. He injected essence force into it, which immediately turned into a stream of black light, shooting out. As the small cauldron flew quickly, it became larger at the same time. It was several meters wide in just a blink of an eye, with symbols shining on it. Black air currents were flowing around the lower part of the cauldron. The entire cauldron was a large as a giant mountain, with an ancient and natural atmosphere.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Sky-Turning Cauldron instantly flew above the crowd before directly crashing down. When it landed, the spatial zone turned into huge waves rising up from a peaceful sea surface. The terrible presence was spread to the field around it. The spatial zone fluctuated slightly even in the castle a few hundred kilometers away.

“Another pseudo-divine artifact, and even a Spiritual Connecting cardinal treasure?!”

The eyes of Young Master Hong and the rest were no longer shining with greed. Instead, they were filled with horror. The aura of this Sky-Turning Cauldron was so distressing. Young Master Hong and Young Master Li were just low-tier Heaven Monarchs, who would never be able to survive the crash of the Sky-Turning Cauldron.

“Hang in there! Otherwise, if Young Masters die, we all have to die, too!”

A mid-tier Heaven Monarch barked in wrath. They thought Jiang Yi was just a soft touch, and never did they expect him to have so many treasures with him. Young Master Hong, as the no.1 Young Master in the Hong Clan, didn’t even have any pseudo-divine artifact, but this kid even had two?!

“Is he a Young Master of some super clan?”

An idea emerged in the minds of many people, which made them even more anxious. If he wasn’t, how could he have so many treasures? How could he dare offend Young Master Hong after he told him who he was? He not only didn’t run away but also began to fight back.

Nonetheless, the crowd decided to try their best to support the weight of the Sky-Turning Cauldron first. Otherwise, Young Master Hong and his group would definitely be smashed to death—let alone those eight mid-tier Heaven Monarchs.

Chi! Chi!

Boom! Boom!

Numerous streams of light radiated and thrust at the Sky Turning Cauldron. Over 40 men continued to attack the Sky Turning Cauldron with their best abilities. The Sky-Turning Cauldron instantly slowed down. Twp mid-tier Heaven Monarchs struck another two streams of light before grabbing Young Master Hong and Young Master Li single-handedly, flying away.



When they were just out of the region below the Sky Turning Cauldron with two Young Masters, a treacherous sneer came from the front. Soon, a blue figure appeared in the air as a devil walking from h.e.l.l. The horrible heat waves coming from the blue divine shield instantly buried the four in.

“No, no! You can’t kill us. If our clans know about what happened here, they won’t spare you…”

Young Master Hong instantly shouted in fear when he realized his divine shield was melting rapidly. Young Master Li also trembled nonstop, and let out a desperate screech.


Jiang Yi was surging with killing aura; his eyes were as fierce as the ice. He couldn’t care less about the Hong Clan or the Li Clan. Since he already offended them, he might as well have fun killing first.


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