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Read My Fusion System: Fusing A Thousand Chickens At The Start Chapter 522 – Show Of Power

My Fusion System: Fusing A Thousand Chickens At The Start is a web novel made by Snow Over A Thousand Hills.
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Chapter 522 – Show Of Power

“Why did the ground suddenly split open? And there’s golden water flowing inside!”

It was not just Kidd. Everyone, including Erland, had puzzled looks on their faces.

Just as they were puzzled, a stream as thick as a human head shot out from the crack and crashed heavily into Kidd’s legs. His eyes instantly became bloodshot, and he let go of the youth in his hands in pain as he held his crotch and took a few steps backward.

Bang! Bang!

At the same time, the ground in the city began to crack. Many fountains as thick as a human head shot out of the ground. That scene caused panic among the Elven army in the city.

“What’s going on? Why did the ground suddenly crack? Are we under attack?”

“You humans! Behave yourselves. Don’t act rashly, and don’t think about escaping.”

The Elven soldiers raised their longbows and nocked their arrows. Arrows that flickered with light appeared instantly; the humans did not dare to move. However, that situation only lasted for a few short minutes because soon, the ground beneath the humans also collapsed, and streams of golden water flowed out like fountains.

Those golden streams quickly gathered, forming a crisscrossing river that separated the fortress city. A few black deep-sea submarines emerged from the river.

“Just in time. Fortunately, the Elven Kingdom did not ma.s.sacre the citizens. Otherwise, it would not be enough to appease their anger even if we were to kill you.”

Watson stood on a submarine, supporting a young man. That young man was the one Kidd had grabbed and threatened. At that moment, the fear in his eyes had not disappeared, and more confusion appeared in his eyes.

Besides the black, strange thing under Watson’s feet, he saw many sea folks with fishtails. All those sea folks held trident-shaped weapons in their hands, coldly looking at the Elven army around them.

“Are those the sea folks?”

“Do the sea folks also want to attack the Holy Dragon Kingdom?”

“That’s not right. Look at what the young leader said. Those sea folks are not here to attack us but to help us. But why would the sea folks help us?”

Many of the residents were puzzled. They thought the sea folks were similar to the elves. Those two races were threatening to humans. They were usually the slaves to the great n.o.blemen in the kingdom. The sea folks also hated humans. Who would have thought that they would help them?

“Shameless brat! You joined the sea folks in ambus.h.i.+ng me? How despicable! No matter who you are, I will not let you off for doing such a thing to the n.o.ble elf race. I am Kidd, the Deputy Commander of the Elven Army’s First Legion, and I will kill all of you now.”

Kidd, whose face was twisted from the pain of water hitting his crotch, walked backward and raised his sword at Watson, threatening him loudly. However, his walking posture was a bit awkward, and it was obvious that he had not fully recovered yet.

“You dare to be disrespectful to Young Master Watson? Do you want to die?”

One of the sea folks snorted coldly and controlled the pale golden water current with his trident to rush toward Kidd. In an instant, he arrived in front of Kidd. Before Kidd could react, the sea folk threw the trident in his hand; it pierced Kidd’s chest and caused a wave that stretched over 100 meters. Even the houses behind Kidd and on both sides of the street shattered, forming a huge pit.

The sea folk warrior maintained his posture like a G.o.d. There were no cries of surprise, only silence.

“He killed Kidd in one move?”

A few seconds later, a voice rang out. Erland’s beard fluttered, and his eyes widened.

As the deputy commander of his legion, Kidd was an ambitious man. However, Kidd had the strength to match his ambition, and he was only about a hundred years old. That was a relatively young age in the Elven race, he was already a peak gold-tier archer, and he also had the ability to transform into multiple magical beasts of the same level.

Even as an Elven elder with platinum-tier strength, it would not be easy for Erland to kill Kidd in one move. However, the sea folk in front of him could do so easily. He did not know how he obtained that strength. How could he not hear of his name before?

After wiping the blood on the trident, the sea folk was about to return to the water after killing Kidd. Then, Kidd, whose chest had been penetrated and his corpse floating on the surface of the water, had recovered. The blood that flowed from his chest was bound by an invisible force and returned to his chest. Even his chest was quickly repaired to its uninjured state.

“That was close. If I had not consumed water from the Spring of Life, I would have died! Such a powerful attack requires the strength of a platinum-tier elite. Only three people amongst the sea folks have such strength. Are you the leader of the sea folks, Poseidon, or the remaining two platinum-tier elites?”

Kidd was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, he asked the sea folks in front of him with interest.

The sea folk warrior rolled his eyes and looked at him as if he was an idiot. He did not say a word. The look in his eyes stung Owen.

“If you don’t want to say it, then just die. No matter who you are, even if you have the strength of a platinum-tier, I will still kill you!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Kidd’s body squirmed. Layers of fine scales emerged from the surface of his body. In just a few seconds, he transformed from an elf into a giant lizard more than ten meters long. The lizard had two blue horns on its head and a long fishtail swinging behind its back.

The lizard was called the dragon-tailed lizard. It was a powerful magical beast at the peak of gold-tier. It was a close relative of the water dragon, and dragon blood flowed in its body.

After transforming, Kidd quickly swung his tail and charged toward the direction of the sea folk warrior. With just a swing of his tail, he created a deep pit several meters deep on the ground. The tremendous power was shocking!

“The head of a platinum-tier elite sea folk must be very valuable. His Majesty might reward me for that! Even though I’m not a match for a platinum-tier elite, as long as I die a few more times, I’ll be able to exhaust him to death.’

Kidd’s lizard tail smashed heavily onto the head of the sea folk warrior. The warrior calmly stabbed with his trident. The trident was like a mountain that shot into the sky. With a force of ten thousand tons, the distorted air turned into a storm that contained lightning and surrounded the sea folk warrior.

A dark cloud that stretched for hundreds of meters floated out of the sky. With just one strike, it changed the weather in its surroundings. That was the symbol of a platinum-tier warrior.


The violent stab and Kidd’s lizard tail collided heavily with a m.u.f.fled sound, but the trident was unharmed. On the contrary, Kidd’s tail exploded in mid-air, turning into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

With a painful howl, Kidd’s lizard curled into a ball and flew toward Watson, who was standing on the dark submarine at an even faster speed.

“Not good.” The sea folk’s expression changed. He hurriedly turned around. He realized that Kidd had taken the initiative to break his tail to hit Watson.

“The brains of the sea folks’ elites are really useless. I can indeed use resurrection to torture him to death, but who would be foolish enough to fight with him? To capture a thief, we must first capture the king. They don’t even understand such a simple principle.”

Kidd’s vertical lizard eyes narrowed slightly, full of pride. The sea folks had protected Watson and were speaking for him. It was obvious that Watson was the leader. As long as they captured Watson, everything would be solved.

Since Watson was only a teenager and Kidd was quickly approaching him, he was stunned on the spot. He seemed to be scared. It was apparent that he did not have any strength. That made Kidd somewhat proud.

‘After I capture that youth, how should I torture him?’

Just as he was thinking about that, he saw the pitch-black object Watson was standing on—the surface of the golden water rippled. A water pillar as thick as a human head gushed outward and hit the lizard’s abdomen. It sent him flying.

After landing on the ground, Kidd transformed from a magical beast to an elf. He covered his legs with his hands and was sweating profusely. That water pillar hit the place where he had just been injured. At that moment, the pain in his body was not as severe as the shock in his heart. That was because he saw a sea folk family appearing from the spot where the water pillar had been shot forward. Following that, more sea folks appeared, along with more water pillars.. There were more than ten thousand of them, and every sea folk exuded an aura that was not weaker than the warrior who had just fought with him.


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