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Read My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 263 Part 1

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Chapter 263 Part 1 – No Matter What It’s Your Fault I Don’t Have Children

As soon as the door was pushed open, a faint stench came out.

Dark brown blood could be found everywhere as well as some human remains.

The elevator that was facing the door was half open, a body was stuck in the middle, the flesh and blood of the upper body had long been cleaned up.

Not far from the elevator, there were stairs.

Hei Si had just headed upstairs when a black shadow suddenly burst out from the shadows of the stairwell.

This zombie stretched out its hands, a meaningless low roar came from its mouth, and reached out with its hands to grab Hei Si.

This shadow was very fast, but Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacle was obviously faster.

It had just rushed in front of Hei Si, when it’s foot tripped and it directly fell heavily on the stairs.


A large mouthful of blood was immediately sprayed out, and a broken tooth was visible in the blood.

Without waiting for it to get back up, Hei Si had already opened its mouth and bit down on the back of its neck.

The sharp teeth immediately cut off it’s blood vessels, and when the zombie had just started to struggle, a “kacha” sound came from it’s neck.

Hei Si let out a low growl, loosened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and used it to lick the blood off from her mouth.

Ye Lian moved forward to the corpse, raised her knife-like hands, and shoved it into the corpse and dug out a gel.

“This is why I love semi-closed places the most, I can get a lot of gels this way.”

Ling Mo took the gel and said, “For example, this elevator apartment with a high occupancy rate, the number of households in this building could be quite large. Ordinary zombies that were trapped in here, could only kill each other in order to evolve. But as far as I know, only advanced zombies would take the initiative to leave here and go out to hunt. As for leaving the area…I think they would at least have to reach an even higher level, right?”

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After he finished speaking, he turned his eyes to Li Ya Ling.

Ye Lian has been with him since the beginning while Shana was with ever since she mutated, so their path of evolution was fundamentally different from regular zombies.

In the past, Li Ya Ling’s rationality hadn’t recovered much, and it was pointless to ask. Now, she can fully understand the growth pattern of ordinary zombies.

Li Ya Ling looked at Ling Mo and said, “The memory of me just turning into a zombie…I don’t have it. It was after I started to gain a little bit of reason when I had some fragmentary memories. Once I achieved the advanced level, I gained a true complete memory. The clearest thing I remember was when I was with you in the bathroom, on the bed, on the floor, on the wall….”

“You don’t need to elaborate on that…”

“Hey? Why won’t you say it? We all haven’t seen it yet.” Shana curiously came over, but was pushed back on the forehead by Ling Mo.

“After you have completely evolved, I will let you experience it for yourself, so don’t ask anymore.” Ling Mo went on to say, “Senior Sister is also right, When you were still an ordinary zombie, your brain was basically on strike. It was completely dominated by instinct. It’s normal not to have these memories. In fact, I think that not having these memories is actually a good thing…..”

“Yeah! Recenting I have been sorting through my current memories and there are many interesting memories.” Li Ya Ling suddenly said with a smile.

Ling Mo curiously looked at Li Ya Ling and asked, “Like what?”

“For example…” Li Ya Ling looked at Ling Mo up and down, which made him immediately have a bad premonition, “No matter how I think about it, it’s your fault I can’t give birth to any children.”

“Even if you can’t give birth to children, that error isn’t from me but from our racial differences!

Ling Mo’s gaze immediately moved downwards, and then his eyes flashed a strange color, “It can contract freely…as well as heal itself…Who knows whether there are any fundamental changes in the internal structure…”

“Didn’t you carefully explore it with your little friend?” Ye Lian interrupted.

“Eh…it doesn’t have that kind of function.” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said.

“So basically there are too many flaws in the human body.” Shana revealed a look of deep thought. “For us zombies, whether it’s our resilience or our physical strength, both completely surpa.s.s human beings. The only flaw that us zombies have is that our intelligence isn’t as great as humans. But once the memory and intelligence are restored, the gap in this area will disappear.

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “No, actually the biggest difference is that your thinking is very direct, but human beings are more complicated when it comes to thinking. This is also the reason that makes me most worried about you guys.”

“Is that so….” Shana frowned, and seemed to be in deep thought once again.

As they talked, Hei Si has already ran up to the second floor.

“Let’s just stay on the second floor then, you guys clean up the rooms, while Hei Si and I will take care of the zombies.

Ling Mo immediately made arrangements.

“24 Floors… Just thinking about it makes me tired….”

After handing the backpack to Ye Lian, Ling Mo took the Tang sword and prepared for battle.

Hei Si seemed to be very excited…

As long as she was alone with Ling Mo, she would become a lot more lively. As long as there were no zombies appearing in front of her, she would be spinning around Ling Mo.

It seems that she had already forgotten that she was suppose to be mad at him.

Ling Mo also stared at her and looked at her carefully several more times.

One day had pa.s.sed and it seems that the color of her fur has changed a little bit. The hair seems to have become a bit brighter, but at the same time the body also seems to have shrunk.

“Your body couldn’t possibly be inflated before could it?” Ling Mo frowned.

To be continued…


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