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Read My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 4

My Girlfriend is a Zombie is a web novel completed by Dark Litchi, 黑暗荔枝, Dark Lychee.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 4 – Help Her Undress

In the moment of trance, Ye Lian’s eyes immediately flashed with a touch of cold light, at the same time, Ling Mo also felt pain in his head. Luckily, Ling Mo returned to his consciousness, and controlled Ye Lian again.

Just a little distracted and Ye Lian almost got out of his control, that made Ling Mo felt frightened.

Normal zombie puppet could not stand before Ye Lian, and Ling Mo himself was struggling too. Besides, he did not want to hurt Ye Lian, and was not willing to be killed by her. Since he found Ye Lian, he cannot die, he must find a way to let Ye Lian return to normal.

It’s not safe to stay here; Ling Mo quickly commanded Ye Lian to walk toward his home.

In such a densely populated place, it is inevitable to run into zombies even after been extremely cautious. However, unlike previous battles, with the help of Ye Lian, zombies all went down almost without resistance.

In terms of speed, or power, Ye Lian was far more powerful than average zombies. Before, Ling Mo was worried that Ye Lian would get hurt in battles and did not want her in action, but when zombies appeared, Ye Lian transmitted strong desire of hostility that even made Ling Mo feel a burst of heat. The violence he felt in previous battles with Ye Lian was magnified to ten times stronger than the previous battles.

The instant when Ye Lian rushed out, Ling Mo clearly felt that he is now half controlling Ye Lian. When she is battling, her instincts are maximized, at Ling Mo’s level of controlling zombies, he could only maintain his connection with her, but not the way she battles.

“Never thought she is this strong….” Ling Mo suddenly felt a sense of danger, if he does not upgrade his strength, perhaps it won’t be long before that Ye Lian get out of his control. Not to mention how to help her recover, maybe he will die by her hands. Even if narrowly escaped, it will be like a needle in a haystack to try to find her again in such a big city.

Thinking of this, Ling Mo clenched his teeth, tightened his boning knife and rushed beside Ye Lian.

Now around Ye Lian, there were at least four zombies, and she was tearing one of their’s head off. These zombies would not attack Ye Lian instinctively, but when Ling Mo appeared, the other three all threw themselves at him.

First time dealing with these many zombies, Ling Mo felt very nervous. Somehow, when he held up the boning knife, the fury he felt from Ye Lian enabled a strong desire to fight.

After letting out a growl, Ling Mo rushed to the middle of the three zombies at the same time.

Zombies have great power, and they aren’t stiff like they are portrayed in the movies, but since they are monsters that rely on instincts, their attack patterns are quite simple.

When one of the zombies tried to grab Ling Mo with its hand, Ling Mo slammed sideways, while escaping the attack from this zombie, his boning knife also stabbed into the other zombie’s stomach.


Sound of the tip of the knife into the meat, but Ling Mo did not have time to look twice, and lifted his leg to kick the third zombie.

This zombie was kicked directly to Ye Lian, and before he could get up, Ye Lian emptied its head.

At this time, the zombie dodged by Ling Mo was once again up against him, and Ling Mo who just stabilized himself was in real danger again.

Haven’t pulled out the knife completely out of the other zombie, this one was already right before him with his hand full of blood. If he was caught, the chance to break out is zero.

Under the threat of death, Ling Mo did not panic; he grabbed the boning knife that was inside the other zombie’s stomach and slashed towards the attacking one, and the zombie that was bearing the knife also got dragged forward with the knife.

The two zombies crashed into each other, Ling Mo’s boning knife had already broek free after cutting across one’s stomach, and without hesitation it was forced into the other zombie’s head with a hard twist.

This all happened like lighting, when Ling Mo woke up from the fury, there were only zombies corpses left.

Only now Ling Mo realized, he had not only proved calmness, but also high synchronization between his mental processing and physical reactions. Though this may be caused by his mental and physical fitness improvement, but that feeling of rage must also made an impact.

Most importantly, looking down at the corpses below his foot, holding the b.l.o.o.d.y boning knife, Ling Mo’s body couldn’t help but tremble slightly. This is not caused by fear, but excitement….

At this moment Ye Lian has already swallowed the gels from the zombies, and her eyes became brighter and seemed more intelligent. If it weren’t for the eerie redness, she looked no different from the average survivors.

Somehow, when Ye Lian experienced changes, Ling Mo also felt a bit of change in the body.

Although very subtle, but Ling Mo did felt that his power got stronger than before, he also recovered some of the consumed strength, and most importantly, he now acquired a stronger connection with Ye Lian.

Could it be that because he is connected with Ye Lian, that when she continues to mutate, it also affect himself? Besides this, Ling Mo could not find a better explanation.

Prior to this, Ling Mo was unable to determine whether these changes were good or bad, but now after experiencing these variations, it made Ling Mo excited.

No effect on consciousness but he was able to grow stronger with Ye Lian! Ling Mo started to look forward with further mutation. But he knew very well in his heart, rushing the process won’t be good, it would be very regrettable if it brought Ye Lian any danger.

On the way home, Ling Mo found a clean dress and a pair of sandals in one of the clothing store, he planned to change Ye Lian’s blood stained cloth.

It was endurable to see the zombie puppet’s disgusting appearance, but Ye Lian is the cutest and cleanest, even after turning into a zombie, I should not let her wear something dirty like that.

But once back at home; watching the quiet Ye Lian sitting in front of him, Ling Mo did not where to start!

Whether it was to manipulate Ye Lian to undress herself, or do it himself, it would be hard to avoid seeing the body he had dreamed many times….

Previously because of insufficient qualifications, Ling Mo secretly loved Ye Lian very much, but never confessed and never even thought of how their relationship would change. After all, he is only a nerd that stays home all day, low income, and Ye Lian is the prettiest girl from X University with a lot of good suitors around.

But now, in order to change her clothes, he had to see her body……

Even though the current Ye Lian does not have any consciousness, Ling Mo felt very nervous that even his mouth dried up.

At a glance of the basin by the foot, then at dirty Ye Lian, after long hesitation, Ling Mo finally reached out his hand slowly…

With one b.u.t.tons after one undone, Ye Lian’s pale skin was slowly revealed in front of Ling Mo.

“Calm down, calm down….it will be inhuman if I take advantage of her right now….”

Facing his sweetheart, it would be lying to say that he had no urges, but looking at Ye Lian’s pair of emotionless eyes, Ling Mo felt a pinch in his heart.

When, could I make Ye Lian regain her consciousness….


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