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Read My House of Horrors Chapter 190 – Don’t be Scared, I’m a Visitor

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Chapter 190: Don’t be Scared, I’m a Visitor

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The corridor suddenly became so quiet that even the sound of breathing could not be heard. The ‘ghost’ inside the box did not realize what Chen Ge had done. He was still waiting for the moment to give Chen Ge the fatal blow.

In the corner, Chen Ge was also silently counting the time. After thirty seconds, there was a creaking sound inside the box. The actor had probably gotten tired from maintaining the same pose for a long time.

In comparison, Chen Ge was more like an experienced hunter. He arched his back and slowly nudged forward. After forty seconds, the ‘ghost’ was confused because the visitor still had not shown up. He leaned his body forward to adjust his angle in the hope of spotting Chen Ge.

The silent confrontation was about to reach its climax. When only three seconds were left, Chen Ge took a step forward to block the front of the box. At the same time, the sound of the ghost’s screaming appeared inside the box. Different from Black Friday, Wedding Dress started with a crescendo!

The actor, who was focused on locating Chen Ge, was tense, and the sound of a shrill female scream appeared behind him. The actor knocked into the door, and in his panic, he seemed to accidentally trip on the prop that he was supposed to use to scare Chen Ge. He fell inside the box with a thud.

“What was that sound? What was that sound!”

The dark and cramped box became his greatest nightmare because it sounded like the female ghost was just beside him. He banged on the door madly. Chen Ge, who had predicted everything, very kindly stepped one step back to block the door from opening.

“What sound is that? Let me out!” Afraid that the blocking might expend too much of his energy, Chen Ge soon moved to the side.

The door was slammed open, and a male ghost in a patient’s garb and fake blood over his face crawled out from it. He gasped greedily for air with his arm over his chest. He collapsed in the middle of the corridor looking just like a trauma victim.

“Don’t be scared, I’m just the visitor.” Chen Ge talked into the recorder naturally. He then picked up his phone and turned off his alarm. He acted like everything was completely normal.

As his cold sweat mixed with fake blood, the man looked at Chen Ge with mixed emotions. He looked as pitiable as could be.

“Why did you fall? Are you hurt?” Chen Ge turned to look inside the box. Sitting on the floor were two specially made mannequin heads, and one of the head’s long hair had come off the mannequin. “You guys planned to use such a scary prop? So wicked.”

Chen Ge planned to go help the man, but the man crawled away from him. “Don’t touch me! Go ahead… I can stand up on my own.”

“You sure? You look so pale.”

“That’s the make-up! Just leave me be, go on!” The male ghost struggled back into the box and closed the door behind him.

“Then you be careful.” Chen Ge set the alarm alert back. This Wedding Dress sure was useful. Something hit him on the back of his head. Chen Ge turned back to look. The ‘female body’ was still swinging in the air.

He reached out to grab the body’s feet. They felt cold to his touch. There was even a name written on the body’s patient outfit—Xu Zhenzhen.

“The handiwork is not bad but still worse than the mannequins inside my Haunted House.”

After giving his comment, Chen Ge continued to move forward. He turned the corner, and the ‘female body’ in the corridor started to sway again.

Chen Ge officially entered Tian Teng Medical School. The white walls were scrawled with words that were written in dried blood. There were proclamations like ‘I don’t want to die’ and ‘Give me back my organs’.

“This Haunted House’s background sure is complicated. I suppose the aim is for the visitor to explore the place on their own and come up with the solution to reconstruct the actual origin story.”

Chen Ge stood inside the corridor. The windows on the sides were painted, but combined with lighting effects, it gave the feeling that something was running outside the window. The person who designed this place was indeed an expert. The windows on the side were a mixture of fake and real. When Chen Ge walked past the fourth window, a hand reached out to grab him. That was not all. The ceiling above him clicked, and a mannequin head that was hidden above rolled down and fell right into Chen Ge’s arms.

If this was someone else, they probably would have been screaming, but Chen Ge had never been so calm. He held the head up and felt nostalgic. “When I was four or five, I used to run all over the place with fake heads like this. Time flies.”

The actor who held Chen Ge on the other side of the window was confused.Holding a fake head and running about when he was four or five? What kind of upbringing is that?

The person silently released his grip and retreated behind the window. The light in the Haunted House slowly darkened, and there were green lights installed every few meters. The corridor grew smaller, and there were surgical rooms that started to appear on both sides.

“Surgical rooms? So soon?” Chen Ge stopped at the first room and looked around. This was something that he had learned after completing many Trial Missions. He needed to check the room for safety before entering it.

When he turned back to look, he was surprised to find the security guard. He was still wearing the ghost mask. He was helping to get the man from earlier out of the box.

“Normally, there should be a ghost chasing after the visitors, and that would increase the excitement of the experience.”

The man inside the box had his limbs turn into noodles and could not get up on his own. The security was in an awkward position; the whole scary atmosphere was lost.

“If there’s only two of them, it’ll be fine, but how come I feel that there’s a third person following?” Chen Ge made a mental note of that before waking into the autopsy room. The tables were pushed to the side of the wall, and fake blood covered the mannequins in the room. The scene looked gory.

“The j.a.panese and Western styles love this kind of design.” Chen Ge was looking for fear and terror. Gore was more of a manifestation of violence. His eyes scanned the autopsy room, and to Chen Ge’s surprise, there was no actor hiding in there, just broken mannequins.

He picked up a few of them and realized that every one of them was missing a different kind of organ. More interestingly, everyone was wearing a patient’s garb with the same name—Xu Zhenzhen.

“Is this a special request by the boss?” Chen Ge tried to go over the video he had seen in the security stop in his mind. There was no mention of this name.

“Xu Zhenzhen? Could she be the woman who was featured inside the video?”

Chen Ge exited the autopsy room. The security guard and the man inside the box had disappeared; they seemed to have left the Haunted House.


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