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When Naveen saw Brahmini his eyes almost popped out with pleasant surprise and he stared at her without a word. When she saw his expression, she tried to cover her dress with her hands feeling a bit uncomfortable.

She wore a sleeveless royal blue ruffle dress with layers which ended up only upto her mid thighs and she looked uncomfortable in that dress. It was her first time wearing such revealing dress and she looked conscious of her look.

He observed her nervousness and said with an a.s.suring smile “You look great and hot too”. Just then her mother came out saying with a smile to Naveen “Try to come early kids” to which he nodded his head.

He handed over the cover he brought with him to her mother which contained her dresses and she whispered in his ears “I said to her about us and I think she is okay with it.” He smiled at her and her mother with nervousness.

Everyone gathered at one of the high end night clubs in the city and it looked so luxurious and exotic.

Shriya and her friends entered with their men. Yash also joined them while Rahul stayed back to take care of his pregnant wife and Preeti. Shriya wore an ivory fur coat over her shoulders with her black dress.

Almost all the men are in torn jeans and simple shirt or t- shirt with leather jackets over them, but they managed to look so hot even in their usual clothes even though they didn’t try anything to make them look extra good.

The lights were lit and with all the disco lights and the loud music the atmosphere was quiet energetic and the furniture was so flashy but only in the corners.

At one side there is a large counter for drinks and there were many chairs of different sizes and shapes for customers.

There were all kinds of alcohol and drinks, c.o.c.k tails and the bartenders and professionals were mixing different drinks in an artistic way and it was a sight for them to see their talent.

There were not many people but Shriya and her friends recognized most of the people in the crowd. They are all either celebrities or some influential people in the high social status.

Most of them turned around when they saw this group enter but they turned back to their business as if they didn’t want to disturb others or to get being disturbed by them. It’s as if they had a silent agreement over their privacy.

They sat at the counter and the men ordered drinks for everyone. They all made a toast and downed the drinks in one go and the girls choked on their drinks.

But the girls didn’t stop with one drink they had a few more drinks despite their men warning them and the hit the dance floor with full energy and men looked at their women in shock and helplessness.

They sat and watched their women and Abhi muttered “I regret my decision of this clubbing idea” and Kunal said “And I regret bringing her here”. Then they looked at Naveen who was focused on his woman who was swaying her body to the music.

Sensing their gazes on him, he said “Well I regret allowing them to drink and that girl” he grinned and said “All those men are looking at her like hawks.” Abhi and Kunal smiled at him. While these were drinking and regretting, Yash was enjoying his fruit juice.

A few people came to them and they greeted these people and they had some chit chat while Naveen kept a watch on the girls.

After a couple of hours they went to a restaurant which is just above the club. They had very little dinner. Men had to feed their women beciase of their drunken state and after the task is accomplished they sighed in great relief.

After that everyone took their woman home. Kunal took Sony to her home but she was not in a stage to walk on her own. He had to carry her bridal style and Mr. Pratap opened the door.

His face immediately fell when he saw his daughter in Kunal’s arms. Kunal greeted him with a smile but the latter gave a grave expression to him.

He saw her daughter sleeping and mumbling to herself and asked with a cold tone “What happened to her ?”

Kunal gulped with nervousness and said “She drank a little bit” and before he could complete his words the elder man grinned and asked “She drank ?” to which he nodded with nervousness.

Mr. Pratap shook his head in annoyance and said “I will take her inside. You may go.” Kunal said “I will put her in bed and then I will leave. Please uncle.”

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