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Read My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 41 Back To College 2

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Abhi spat out the orange juice he was drinking and looked at Shriya and then back at Manvi. Uday couldn’t hold his laugh and laughed till tears rolled down from his cheek. The expression he gave was so cute it made everyone burst out laughing. Shriya looked indifferent as if it didn’t matter, but her eyes showed a p.r.i.c.k of jealousy.

“Uhmm … She did ask me out but I rejected her, ” he said looking at Shriya.

” But I think you should have accepted her bhaiya, how long will you stay single?? At this rate you will be single even at the age of 70″, she made fun of Abhi.

“Okay, let’s stop joking. I think you should take Shri to shopping and get her some daily wear for college and also take her to mart and get her whatever she needs” Abhi changed the topic as well as a.s.signed some work to Manvi.

Manvi looked excited by this new work as she is a fashion freak and also a shopoholic.

Uday grinned and said ” I don’t think it’s a good idea. Your sister might buy all the things in the mart, you might regret your decision of asking her to go shopping.”

Manvi replied angrily “you won’t allow me to buy anything, now you are telling bhaiya, so cheap!!” she pouted angrily and said “moreover I am not buying anything for myself. It’s for Shri”.

Everyone laughed and Abhi said “You buy everything you like and make sure to get everything she needs, Here take my card and you already know the pin right”, he handed his ATM card to Manvi.

At about 4 PM they returned back home and both of them sat on the sofa. The maids brought them a cup of tea for Shri and a cup of green tea for Abhi. Abhi said to Shri “Shri, get everything you might need, don’t worry about the price. Make sure to get everything of the best quality, remember from now on whatever you wear, whatever you do represents me. I am not forcing you or discipline you.”

Shriya nodded and Abhi stood up and was about to leave when Shri called him and he turned around and she said “Abhi, earlier Manvi was saying about…… Is she the one that I heard on phone ?”.



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