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Yi Feng became wary. It is fortunate that Sect Master Shen was not someone who questioned things incessantly. She really acted as if she had not heard overheard the Spirit Master matter and did not ask about it again. Yi Feng thought the Sect Master of the Invincible Sect is easy to get along with. It was no wonder that the Xuan Yuan Family and Yin Family were on such good terms with her.

Even more important is that his Spirit Master’s first time out of the Myriad Beast Peak was on a spirit beast hunt with him at the Mirage Sea. Yi Feng could ensure that none of the elders from his family would believe it even if he told them. The more he thought about it, the more excited he felt. Given his Spirit Master’s skills, not only would the thirteenth-level Cloud-Bearing Beast not be his match – even the higher level beasts would submit to him. He could already imagine how the other aristocratic families and sects would envy him after he gets his own high-level spirit beast.

A moment later, his smile dropped off his face completely.

His Spirit Master had great ability in locating spirit beasts. He can sense their exact location from hundreds of miles away. Yet… why was his first instinct to hand high-level spirit beasts over to Shen Ying?

“For me?” Shen Ying glanced at the animal trembling before her and hesitated.

Bai Ze kept silent. His eyes sparkled as he looked at her. His intentions were clear.

“Thank you!” she thanked him and studied the beast. It was so afraid that it appeared about to pa.s.s out. She picked it up by its hoof and glanced at Yi Feng, “Director, do you know how to roast meat?”

“Huh?” Yi Feng was shocked. He was about to ask what she meant, but then he remembered Supremacy Lonemoon’s instructions. He shook his head, “Nope!”

“Oh!” She released the animal’s hoof and let it fall to the ground.

The Spirit Master did not get angry. He turned around and looked for another high-level spirit beast to offer to her.

This time, she did not receive it. She turned around to Yi Feng once again, “Director, do you know how to pan-fry steaks?”

“… No.”

“Oh, I don’t want it.”

A third one.

“Director, do you know how to saute meat?”

“… No.”

“Oh, I don’t want it.”

A fourth one.

“Director, do you know how to boil meat?”

“… No.”

“Oh, I don’t want it.”

A fifth one… sixth.. seventh…

Each time Shen Ying asked him if he knew how to cook meat, he said no and the Spirit Master would release the beast.

Yi Feng: “…”

Why was she asking these questions? Why did she keep asking him if he knew these different

cooking techniques? Why did the Spirit Master continue to look for spirit beasts for her each time she rejects him? Why didn’t the Spirit Master ask him if he wanted the spirit beasts? Why didn’t he leave a single one for him?

Wasn’t he the one who needed spirit beasts?


“Don’t you…” Shen Ying nudged Yi Feng, “think it’s a little dark here?”

“It’s all right.” It’s darker in my heart – it feels like death inside.

“Be careful!” Bai Ze, who had been quiet, suddenly warned.

Yi Feng had no time to react before his Spirit Master suddenly turned and ran toward them. In seconds, he appeared beside them.


He put his arm around Shen Ying and flew into the sky.

The next moment, a black wind blade with a fast dissipating aura flew toward Yi Feng’s head. Yi Feng flew backward on impact, turning several rounds in the air like a fallen leaf. He quickly mounted his flying sword and summoned a defensive array. If not for his quick reaction, he would still have been attacked by the black wind blade.

A big bruise formed on his forehead. He turned around and saw his Spirit Master still holding onto Shen Ying, who remained unharmed. Both were floating in the air about fifty feet from Yi Feng.

Yi Feng “…” His heart felt bitter.

They agreed to come here to look for spirit beasts for him. If his Spirit Master could hang on that tightly to Shen Ying why couldn’t he pull Yi Feng along as well?

Bai Ze’s calm expression suddenly fell. He glanced down at the island which was fast filling up with black wind blades.

This aura was…

He floated forward and carefully sat Shen Ying down on Yi Feng’s sword. He instructed, “Protect her!”

Yi Feng hesitated, shocked to witness such a stern expression on his Spirit Master’s face. He nodded subconsciously.

Bai Ze glanced at Shen Ying and opened his mouth as if wanting to say something. He suddenly flushed red and closed his mouth again, turning around to fly toward the island.

“Spirit Master…” Before Yi Feng could ask a question, his Spirit Master disappeared which left him staring at the black wind blades. His divine perception was unable to see through the wind blades no matter how hard he tried. He had never heard of any spirit beast that were able to summon this kind of black wind blades. He had also never sensed such an aura before. It was frighteningly… cold. “What exactly is in there?”

“It’s a person,” Shen Ying responded.

“A person?” Yi Feng was shocked. “Who? Where?”

“I’ve never seen him before. I don’t know him,” Shen Ying shook her head and pointed at the upper righthand corner of the island. “There! He’s in black.”

Yi Feng looked in the direction that Shen Ying pointed, yet there was no one.”There’s no one there. When did you see him?”

“When we came onto the island.”

“When we came…” Why didn’t you say anything then?

“I thought he was here to catch small animals as well,” she explained, as if she could read his mind. “Didn’t you see him?”

Yi Feng: “…”

His heart stilled. He was just about to ask more questions when a loud crash came from the island. They saw a bright flash. The black wind blades which filled the island seconds ago were gone.

Although the wind blades were gone, a patch of darkness still covered the island. Even the sky above them filled with dark clouds and the waves in the sea grew bigger. Bai Ze retreated out of the island and appeared in the sky not far away from them.

He glanced somberly at the island beneath him. A moment later, another loud crash sounded. A big and long figure flew out of the island. It had the body of a snake, the tail of a fish, and black horns on its head. It made a loud, piercing noise and flew straight into the sky.

“Oh, it’s become long,” Shen Ying’s eyes widened.

“This… this is…” Yi Feng stared at the figure in panic. “A flood dragon! This is a flood dragon!” He did not think the Mirage Sea of the Upper Azure World would also contain this legendary beast. Looking at its aura…

“A dragon?” Shen Ying hesitated. “Isn’t a dragon supposed to have two horns?” That was how all the stories described dragons.

“Flood dragons do not really belong to the dragon family,” Yi Feng explained nervously. “They’re just wyrms that are turning into dragons. We call them divine beasts but this is really…” No matter which angle Yi Feng took, the flood dragon did not resemble a divine beast.

The flood dragon turned several rounds in the sky, carrying a thick black Qi with it. Suddenly, it rushed down toward them. Within moments, a strong suppressive force gushed toward the group. A sharp pain a.s.saulted his chest as Yi Feng tasted something sweet in his mouth.The aura in his body suddenly dissipated and his legs gave way. He fell from the sky.

Shen Ying reacted quickly and supported him, “What’s wrong?” Why is he kneeling?

“Sect Master Shen, you… are alright?” Yi Feng could not believe his eyes. A formidable power had just hit them.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Shen Ying appeared confused.



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