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Chapter 491: Ferocious Beasts And Domestic Beasts

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Fatty felt as if he was being introduced to Shen Ying for the first time, he scrutinized her from head to toe, staring in disbelief, turns out Miss Shen was this formidable?

As if having sensed his gaze, Shen Ying suddenly turned around and handed something out on her outstretched hand, asking with a serious expression, “Want some fruits?”

“Huh?” Fatty hesitated and peeped at the fruit on her hand that obviously had a bite taken out of it, why was she treating him to fruits again?

Hold on, was she mindful that this fruit had the saliva of the ferocious beast splattered on and that’s why she was giving it to him?

No no no, Miss Shen definitely wasn’t such a person, it must be because she noticed that he was shocked and wanted to give him some to calm his nerves. As for why there was only half, it must be because this was the only one left, absolutely so!

“No need, thank you Miss Shen.” Fatty shook his head.

“Oh.” Shen Ying retracted her hand in disappointment, then… threw it out in the next moment, pulled out a new one and continued to nibble!

Fatty: “…”

Feels like he’d been stabbed somewhere, it hurts.

“Where is this?” Shen Ying asked.

“Should be underwater.” Lonemoon replied, then took out a pearl, their surroundings lit up instantly. It wasn’t just the surroundings of the few of them, as far as they could see, the entire area had lit up.

Fatty then realized that they were indeed underwater, there was a bubble-like ward around the few of them. It was probably an array formation that Lonemoon had set up the moment they fell in.

It was complete deserted underwater, other than a ferocious beast that was trembling, there was nothing else. This s.p.a.ce wasn’t too big, about tens of feet long from one end to the other, they could see the ends of it at one look, it seemed like a body of water that someone had specially split the ground open to form.

Lonemoon controlled the ward and brought everyone down to the waterbed, even after looking around, they did not notice anything special.

“Master…” Fatty glanced at Lonemoon who seemed to be searching for something and could not help but ask, “When did you realize that Chan Ji was fooling us?” Seeing the calm manner of the few others earlier on, it was evident that they’d long known Chan Ji’s motive and had intentionally gotten themselves in here.

Lonemoon darted a look at him before replying, “Since the time he told us that it was the Weeping Beast being sealed in here.”

“…” Wasn’t that right at the start.

“Chan Ji acted in a benevolent manner, as if he did not want to drag us into the mess, but conferred everything regarding the sealing of Weeping Beast without holding back.” Lonemoon sneered coldly. “Said he wanted to let us leave, but told us about the sealing in so much detail, isn’t this obviously wanting to drag us down.” Even to the disciple who claimed to be bringing them down the mountain, Lonemoon had only said a few words and he brought them here. It was evident that everything had been arranged from the start, such cheap tricks of baiting, did they think he couldn’t tell?

“He repeatedly claimed that the seal had been unstable since a few months back, yet we only came to Hao Ran Court a month ago. If he really didn’t want to implicate us, why did he suggest bringing us here back then.”

Fatty’s countenance fell, indeed, knowing that the seal was about to break but still dragging them all the way here from the Southern Land, then advised them to leave, this was very illogical.

“How could it be so coincidental that one of their Soul Formation cultivator happened to fall ill and needed us to fill up the spot.” More importantly, this ferocious beast was a Weeping Beast. Ferocious beasts were indeed formidable, and because they naturally came with the aura of Chaos, only the divine race was able to counter them. Letting one out could possibly destroy a little world. But the Weeping Beast wasn’t one of them, when they were on the top, Chef had done a voice transmission telling them the Weeping Beast was only an earthly beast.

A so-called earthly beast, means that it is linked to the pulse of the earth of its habitat, earthly beasts cannot leave their habitat for life, this only means that the Weeping Beast is merely a domestic beast, unless there is a life-threatening crisis, it will not wander out at all. Others might not be clear about this, but Chef who had his heritage in the divine race had a full understanding.

In this case, their motive in intentionally mentioning about the sealing of the array formation was very obvious, it was to lure them into it.

“But… there is no animosity between Hao Ran Court and me, why are they doing this?” Fatty still could not understand.

Lonemoon glanced at him from head to toe. “What else?”

Fatty faltered and pointed to himself. “Me?”

“Is there any other Xuanzang meat here with us?”

What was Xuanzang meat?

“Bu… But they’re Buddhist cultivators?” Fatty’s eyes were wide in disbelief.

“Who knows if they really are Buddhist cultivators?” Lonemoon frowned. “They must have something else up their sleeve to trap us in there. Let’s search and see if there’s anything else other than the ferocious beast here?”

Hence the few of them did another search around, but still did not find anything special.

“Chef, did you find anything?”

Yi Qing also shook his head. “This entire place can be seen in one glance, there is nowhere abnormal.”

“That’s odd that.” Lonemoon frowned. “Why did they take great pains to trap us in here?”

“Maybe they didn’t want to do anything?” Shen Ying suddenly spoke up.

Both of them faltered and instantly came to a realization. Yeah, those people have no idea about the capabilities that he and Chef had, at best, they would think that they were Soul Formation cultivators. In normal circ.u.mstances, if they’d entered and there was a ferocious beast inside, it was most likely…

All at once three pairs of eyes look towards the beast at the bottom together.

A certain beast whose head was still stuck in the crack was startled and trembled even more.

Meow meow meow?

Lonemoon’s mouth twitched, a chain appeared with a raise of his hand, binding it around the ferocious beast and tugging forcefully, he intended to pull the Weeping Beast out. The ferocious beast who finally got out wore a look of panic as it looked up them weakly, accurately putting it, it looked up at Shen Ying and started trembling again.

“Meoow~~” With a whimper, it turned around and charged forward abruptly, stuffing its head back in again, this time it wasn’t stuck, it’s entire head had gone into the crack, leaving its body that was made up of a cloud of black Qi outside, s.h.i.+vering like it was able to fall apart.

Lonemoon: “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

Fatty: “…”

How timid was it? It’d only been given a slap.

Lonemoon could only pull it out again and conjure an earth-elemental spell to flatten out that crack in the ground. Weeping Beast had nowhere to hide and frantically turned in circles before suddenly closing its eyes and rolling over, falling to the ground with a thud and remained unmoving. Pretending as if it was dead.

The three of them: “…”

This act of feigning death, 0 points! Did it think they were blind?

Lonemoon sighed and did not bother with it anymore.

“If the aim of Chan Ji and the others was Fatty’s flesh and blood, then it doesn’t make sense for them to send him here.” Weeping Beast likes to feed on flesh and blood too, what good would it be for them if Fatty was to be eaten? Lonemoon glanced at the terrified beast. “Unless… there is something special about this Weeping Beast?”

Lonemoon suddenly thought of something and turned towards Yi Qing, saying, “Chef, try throwing a beast in your storage bag to the Weeping Beast?”

Both master and disciple instantly turned to him, sending waves of grievances to him…

Shen Ying: Those are to be eaten!

Yi Qing: Those belong to Master!

“Alright, at the worst I’ll make up with your food allowance.”


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