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The supply station in the first district of Shenhai Island was one of the exits. Any army vehicle leaving would get sufficient supplies. And then they needed to complete a variety of tasks. When Jiang Liushi arrived at the departure site, he found a lot of people gathered there. Around thirty soldiers as well as many people, not wearing uniforms just armed with a variety of military weapons, were waiting. Approximately, two survivor squads were there. A row of troops with three teams to help would go to kill a mutant zombie? Jiang Liushi was surprised.

Shen Tao noticed Jiang Liushi’s surprise and said, “We, the army and these people, don’t only want to kill the mutant zombie, but also create a new road to Tongnan City.”

[Create a new road? Jiang Liushi was stunned.

“Shenhai Island top leaders want to clean out several nearby cities. They will begin with the smaller cities and then expand to Jingling and so on. As a result, around a radius of several hundred kilometers could all be regarded as our safety Island.

“The military wants to counterattack?” Jiang Liushi was really surprised by hearing the news.

“It is a preliminary plan and a counter-attack is not an easy thing. We now have hundreds of thousands of people in Shenhai Island, of which the soldiers are fewer than 100,000. However, the number of zombies in many cities is more than one million or even ten million. It will be difficult to counterattack, and we have to use some heavy weapons.” Shen Tao explained.

“When you say heavy weapons? Do you mean nuclear bombs!?” Jiang Liushi frowned. He had a bad feeling about nuclear bombs.

Shen Tao shook his head and explained further, “No, many scientists believe that using nuclear bombs, due to nuclear radiation, will in more mutant beasts.”

Although nuclear weapons were powerful, nuclear radiation was fatal affecting large areas for a long duration. But real nuclear bombs could directly level all things to the ground.

Jiang Liushi nodded. He couldn’t help but remember that monster in Jinling Port. If…there were such monsters in the deep areas of the cities, it would be hard to fight back.

As Jiang Liushi was thinking, suddenly a rough voice sounded, “Get off! Get off! You! Did not hear it?” A fat man with a Type 81 gun knocked Jiang Liushi’s window heavily. Jiang Liushi became angry.

“Why is he shouting!?” Jiang Zhuying threw her i-pad, jumping up from the sofa. Jiang Zhuying had a bad temper.

“Oh, the girl is cute.” That man smiled, licking his lips, but he just casually said that. Jiang Zhuying wanted to beat him to a pulp, but her brother had stood up and said, “We should get off.” Jiang Liushi noticed every team being asked to gather urgently. It was obvious that that guy wasn’t polite. Soon, everyone had gathered in the designated area. It was nearly 60 people.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi felt someone looking at him, so he turned his head and saw a burly brawny man staring at him. Jiang Liushi frowned slightly because he saw that next to that brawny man was a familiar face. He was the outside the casino.

“That’s the so-called ‘Fierce Wind Squad’?” Jiang Liushi asked Shen Tao.

“Yes,” Shen Tao nodded. Out of the three squads, the Fierce Wind Squad had most members, about ten. That brawny man saw Jiang Liushi asking, so he guessed Jiang Liushi learned about his ident.i.ty. He grinned at Jiang Liushi, revealing a gigantic smile.

[One can’t avoid one’s enemy.] Jiang Liushi thought.

At that time, two officers appeared before his team. One of them was a thirty-year-old officer with a pair of eagle-eyed sharp eyes sweeping the field.

“This is Captain Zhang Jing. His ability is very strong ability and he has completed several extremely difficult tasks. He’s deeply respected among the young Generals in the army.” Shen Tao whispered. And the other officer walking with Zhang Jing, wearing, looked like a civilian with a grim expression.

After doomsday, the measure of a person’s position wasn’t according to his rank or political influence anymore, but according to a person’s strength and ability.

“That is Chu Songming, the Deputy Captain of this mission.” Shen Tao said.

Zhang Jing had finished talking with the other two squads and was walking toward to Jiang Liushi’s team.

“Is this your helper?” Zhang Jing did not talk to Jiang Liushi but asked Shen Tao directly.

“Yes!” Shen Tao answered in a loud voice. It seemed that Zhang Jing was very strict.

“Hm…” Zhang Jing looked toward Jiang Liushi. Actually, he was judging Jiang Liushi’s team. There were only six people…Moreover, most of them were women. Jiang Zhuying was strong, but he felt Ran Xiyu was strange. Zhang Jing believed she was just an ordinary woman without fighting abilities.

According to Shen Tao’s report, they also had a very strong vehicle, where was it?

“Is that the car?” Zhang Jing asked in surprise and shook his head in disappointment.

He then talked to Jiang Liushi, “I’m Zhang Jing, this mission’s Captain action. I hope you can follow my orders during the battle. You should obey my order without hesitation!”


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