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Jiang Liushi still couldn’t believe it…His sister not only had become a paranormal being, but she had also become the leader of a survivor team. Nonetheless, it was not a simple survivor team. Jiang Zhuying had fully described the situation of her team. So far that team consisted of 20 people. It sounded like a small number, but Jiang Liushi was startled as there were 4 paranormals in the team.

In the previous town, Yu Brother, with his own ability, had become the local tyrant and could do anything he wanted. What would happen when 4 paranormals got together?

What’s more, amongst those 4 paranormals, Jiang Zhuying’s ability was the strongest. According to Jiang Zhuying’s words, she was the “well-deserved boss”.

When they were young, Jiang Zhuying was the leader surrounded by dozens of children of different ages, contrary to Jiang Liushi who was more low-key.

Most girls that were bullied would tell their parents and bring them to demand an apology. However, Jiang Zhuying was the exact opposite


At that time, it was just for fun, but right now she was a real leader. Leading a group of survivors was totally different from ordering around a bunch of children. In the post-apocalyptic world, the survival of a team depended on the leader.

Jiang Liushi asked, “Ying, what is your ability?” Taking Yu as an example; his leg muscles were well-developed, so he could run very fast, which was the result of his mutation.

However, through observation, Jiang Zhuying’s figure hadn’t changed, she was as slender as before. But because of regular exercising, she looked very energetic. Nevertheless, it was definitely it was not the image of someone with a strong fighting capability.

“Did you kill those zombies?” Jiang Liushi still didn’t know about his sister’s ability. In such a short moment she had crushed all the zombies.

Facing her brother, Jiang Zhuying always acted like a child, when she heard his question she was like an adorable puppy, something that had never happened before with the other members of her team.

She then proudly laughed, and slightly waved the iron rod in her hand. Instantly an electric current was being released with “Chi Chi” sounds, through the iron rod.

Jiang Liushi was surprised by the current that was still reflected in his eyes. “This…” Jiang Liushi was really astonished.

Even though Yu Brother had mutated, actually, his speed was merely better than a world-cla.s.s sprint champion, but it had not yet reached the point where it was completely undeserved.

In the post-apocalyptic world, that zombies and mutant beasts popped up like mushrooms, paranormals’ abilities like Yu’s were enough to make sure that someone could survive.

But Jiang Zhuying’s ability could produce electric energy, it was much more important than a mere body strengthening ability.

Human activity can produce static electricity, causing the body to be charged, which at best lets a person’s finger be electrified. However, the kind of electric current that Jiang Zhuying just released was different.

“How is it? I’m awesome, aren’t I? I’ve tested the voltage of my attack.” Jiang Zhuying seldom praised herself in front of others, but with Jiang Liushi present, she was like a child who got full marks in her exams.

“How much can you release?” Jiang Liushi quickly asked.

Jiang Zhuying cleared her throat and said, “Right now, 1000V!”

“1000V!” Jiang Liushi gasped slightly.

The human body’s resistance is constantly changing. The dry skin’s resistance is so big that can reach 100kΩ, and even higher, but if the voltage rises to 1000V, the resistance will decline sharply to 1000Ω. Jiang Zhuying could attack with 1000V, so in terms of calculation, the current that flows through the human body is 1A, an exaggerated number. The power of her attack could also reach 1000W.

What does 1000W mean? Jiang Zhuying could keep releasing electricity in the power of 1000W for ten minutes, which is equal to the energy used to move 10 people who weight 60kg to the top of a 100m skysc.r.a.per.

The virus had mutated Jiang Zhuying’s normal cells into electric cells. When those cells were connected with each other, a very high voltage would be formed. Compared with Yu, Jiang Zhuying’s ability was obviously superior. Sta.r.s.eed had judged Yu’s ability energy under level 1, but Jiang Zhuying…

“Release electricity again.” Jiang Liushi said.

Jiang Zhuying mumbled, “Do you treat me as Pikachu?” Meanwhile, she released one more time.

“Didn’t you like Pikachu best when you were a kid? No wonder you’ve mutated like this.”

Jiang Zhuying curled her lip and this time she released more of her power. On the iron rod, the current flashed in blue and white, as if the rod was wrapped in a power grid. Her bright and clear eyes reflected the current, making her look like she possessed a different kind of temperament.

Jiang Liushi, felt that the released power should be enough…

As expected, just two seconds later, Sta.r.s.eed’s voice sounded, “Detect level 1 energy.”

Jiang Zhuying was level 1… The mutant boar was also level 1. But Jiang Liushi noticed that there was a small “+” following level 1. He asked Sta.r.s.eed in mind and learned this “+” sign indicated stronger energy.

In other words, Jiang Zhuying’s power was stronger than the mutant boar. And Yu, whose power was less than level 1 was supposed to be signed as 1-.

“What was your initial voltage?” “Jiang asked.

“I don’t exactly know. It’s probably a 10cm current between two fingers. “Jiang Zhuying answered.

[So she has evolved.]

“Brother, where did you get this bus? Good job. And… You knew doomsday was approaching… How did you know it?” Jiang Zhuying got closer to her brother and whispered beside his ear.

“That…”Jiang Liushi thought it was very troublesome to explain.

At the moment, two knocks sounded outside the window, and the young man came, “We must go, boss! It’s getting dark. “

Jiang Liushi looked back. Right, the light of sky had begun to dim.

“You can tell me later. We have to go,” Jiang Zhuying said, looking out of the window.


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