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Read My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 454 – I’m your lawyer (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again is a web novel completed by Shan Xi.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 454 – I’m your lawyer (2)

Chapter 454: I’m your lawyer (2)

Xu Weilai was locked in a temporary prison cell, which was a small room filled with iron pillars.

She had never thought that she would come to such a place one day. She also never thought that she would still have the mood to think about such nonsense when she was in such a situation.

However, at a time like this, the more composed she needed to be. If not, she would be led by the nose.

She sat on the bed, crossed her knees, and began to think about what she should do next!

After an unknown amount of time, she heard footsteps approaching. Xu Weilai didn’t care. She didn’t even lift her eyelids until she heard the sound of a lock being opened. She raised her head lazily.

Her gaze suddenly froze.

The man’s tall and straight figure stood at the door. The second the door opened, he walked in with his long legs and came in front of her.

Xu Weilai’s eyes widened even more.

She was willing to come here because she didn’t want Gu Yu to use his power to oppress other people. If he directly came here now, wouldn’t all her efforts be in vain?

If the reporters heard any news about this, they would discredit him furiously!

As if seeing through her thoughts, Gu Yu lowered his eyes and looked at her worried eyes. The corners of his lips curled up slightly. “Don’t worry, I came in through the proper channels.”

“The proper channels? ”

“Yes. ” Gu Yu paused for a moment before opening his mouth again. “I’m your lawyer now! ”

Xu Weilai blinked and blinked again. Then, a smile appeared in her clear black and white eyes. “So it’s Lawyer Gu.”

If he didn’t say it, she would have almost forgotten that he become a lawyer for her in the past.

So, even under such circ.u.mstances, he could still be by her side.

Xu Weilai wasn’t afraid but she was still very happy that he was here.

Gu Yu sat beside her and asked her about the situation just now. Xu Weilai answered truthfully. Gu Yu’s expression was solemn, and even his gaze became darker.

The direction of the matter was not good for Xu Weilai.

He believed in her innocence, but not everyone was him.

Xu Weilai tilted her head and looked at him. She asked him, “How’s the situation outside? ”

She was referring to public opinion on the Internet. The consequences of public opinion pressure were not to be underestimated.

On Gu Yu’s way here, a.s.sistant Lin had already reported the current situation to him.

Zhou Meiqi posted a few thousand words on Weibo, describing how beautiful Gu Yu and Yun Rou’s past relations.h.i.+p was. Yun Rou left because she was pursuing her dream, and Gu Yu waited for her with love and pa.s.sion. However, he was tricked by Xu Weilai. To get to the top, this vicious woman broke up the loving couple. She even forced Gu Yu to publicly announce her at Mr. Gu Snr’s birthday banquet and ruthlessly humiliated Yun Rou. But, she still wasn’t satisfied and kidnapped Yun Rou. She even destroying her hand.

In the end, she even described Xu Weilai as an extremely terrifying woman with a twisted personality.

Gu Yu made a call at that time. Subsequently, Zhou Meiqi’s Weibo page was hacked, and this Weibo naturally ceased to exist.

Even so, Gu Yu didn’t want to say such a thing to upset Xu Weilai. Hence, without batting an eyelid, he said, “Before the truth is revealed, don’t care about what they say. ”

Xu Weilai rested his head on Gu Yu’s shoulder and chuckled, “I know it’s going to be ugly, but it’s okay. My heart is strong. I’ve been ridiculed for my entire journey to where I am today. It’s just a small matter. “


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