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Read My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 582 – From Now On, We’re Neighbors (2)

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Read WebNovel My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 582 – From Now On, We’re Neighbors (2)

Chapter 582: From Now On, We’re Neighbors (2)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although this number had only called her once, Xu Weilai still saved it, so when she saw it, she was quite surprised.

Big Boss usually contacted her via email, or asked Qiao Chu to contact her. Except for the time he personally called her once to apologize after she won the lawsuit and was released, she didn’t expect him to call her again.

Xu Weilai adjusted her expression and swiped her finger on the screen. Then, she put her phone to her ear and answered, “h.e.l.lo, Big Boss… Mr. Zuo.”

Calling him Big Boss in emails was, after all, just words. It wasn’t a big deal to be informal, but when it came to direct conversations, it was better for her to show some respect.

As if he was already used to her mischievous way of addressing him, when he heard her call him Mr. Zuo in a serious manner, the person on the other side paused for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Qiao Chu said that you’ve already moved in. Are you satisfied?”

The high-end apartment was located in the center of the city. The decoration was elegant and the place was s.p.a.cious. How could Xu Weilai not be satisfied? She quickly said, “The apartment is very good. Of course I’m satisfied, but…”

However, before she could finish, Mr. Zuo said, “It’s good that you’re satisfied. If you need anything else, you can tell Qiao Chu. He will get it done.”

“There’s nothing else. Mr. Zuo, you’ve already helped solved a lot of my problems. I feel really grateful towards you.”

“No need to thank me. You work for me. As the boss, I naturally have to provide you with other trivial matters. That way, you can bury yourself into tasks without any worries.”

Big boss was always considerate towards his employees. This was also the reason Z magazine was able to gather a group of elite reporters. Even if there were hostile media organizations that wanted to pay a high price to poach people, no one was tempted.

“Mr. Zuo, you are really a good boss.” Xu Weilai said from the bottom of her heart.

She praised him a lot, soMr. Zuo had become used to it. He only said nonchalantly, “Since that’s the case, I’m looking forward to the new breakthrough news you will be writing for the branch.”

Xu Weilai immediately pounded her chest and promised, “Mr. Zuo, don’t worry. I’ll do my best!”

“Okay, goodbye.”

Goodbye… ?

Just as Mr. Zuo was about to hang up, Xu Weilai suddenly remembered that she had gone tangent because her boss just now. She hadn’t even gotten down to business yet.

“Mr. Zuo, wait!” She said anxiously.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, as if her boss’s hand gesture had temporarily frozen from hanging up. Half a second later, his graceful voice sounded again, “Is there anything else?”

Xu Weilai bit her lower lip and said concisely, “Mr. Zuo, I want to ask, this new place that you asked Qiao Chu to arrange for me… it doesn’t seem to be a house temporarily found, right? I see that it’s very clean and the decorations are quite expensive. Actually, you could just find me a random place to live. Regarding this house… to be honest, I’ll be under some pressure.”

Mr. Zuo admitted frankly, “This house indeed wasn’t a temporary find. It was my childhood residence, but it had been empty for more than ten years. I only had people regularly maintain and clean it. I arranged for you to live there because the magazine branch will be set up in the nearby business area. It’s more convenient, so you don’t need to feel any psychological pressure. Just live there with peace of mind.”

Just as she expected… that was where Mr. Zuo used to live…


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